Guys’s reminiscence foam sandal, velcro adjustable recreation slide, length 7 to twelve

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  • sizes: medium/ 7-8 (men’s size 7-eight), massive /nine-10 (mens length length nine-10), x-huge / eleven-12 (mens length 11-12), xxl / thirteen-14 (mens size 13-14 huge and tall)
  • reminiscence foam: full memory foam footbed provides deep cushioning for complete foot comfort.
  • nothing between your ft: step-in, or slip-on slide creation is straightforward-on, clean-off.
  • adjustable: completely-adjustable velcro strap to personalize your best suit -perfect sandal for men
  • cushioned comfort: smooth, cushioned sandal footbed gives all-day comfort.
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izod guys’s step in slides


7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13


Black, Black/Red, Navy

8 reviews for Guys’s reminiscence foam sandal, velcro adjustable recreation slide, length 7 to twelve

  1. Marthy

    I am a female with wide feet and sometimes women’s slides are too narrow for me. Other men’s slides I’ve bought in the past have fit well with no issues, so I decided to try this Izod slide. It did not work for me. The pros and cons I’m listing below apply to both women and men who are considering buying them. Pros: The slides are well-made. The foot bed is thick and offers good support (you won’t be feeling pebbles under your feet when you wear them). The Velcro tabs hold tight. The strap is wide and very comfortable, with plenty of room for adjustment. Cons: The foot bed is firm and is contoured for the toes and arches. The contouring made my feet hurt! Also: My feet are wide and I’m used to buying shoes that turn out to be too narrow even when they’re marked wide or extra-extra-wide. However, I could not adjust the velcro straps on these slides tightly enough to keep them from sliding around on my feet when I walked more than a few feet. Unfortunately, I’m having to return them. Read more

  2. Bobby M

    These aren’t comfortable. I’m not sure what they’re lined with. They claim to be foam soles, but it’s either inconsistent material or like no sandal foam I’ve ever had. The base is not supportive where it needs to be, and they added ridges (for toes?) in the least convenient locations. Which leads me to believe the sizing on these might be screwy, as I can’t tell if the ridges are where toes are supposed to go, or the ball of the foot…it didn’t comfortably sit at either. The strap is also rather rough, and caused blisters relatively quickly. I didn’t really notice how uncomfortable they were at first–I just thought new sandal break-in period. Then I purchased a pair of Under Armor foam sole sandals and the difference is night and day. The UAs were comfortable immediately, the foam contoured as I would expect, the straps were lined with something soft and not blister forming, and any ridges the foam had were either correctly placed or not stiff enough to detract from the fit of the soles. Without the comparison I wouldn’t have realized it wasn’t an initial problem, but more of a quality problem. I wouldn’t consider IZOD at this point without trying them out first in a comparison test. If you have no other choices, however, these are sandals and they will mostly stay on your feet, and they didn’t disintegrate immediately. So…fair to middling at best. Read more

  3. Stacy Anna

    Bought both my son and husband a pair. They absolutely love them and highly recommend!! The support is amazing and the bottoms allow water to flow through so it minimizes slip risks for them while using the pool. Buy them! Read more

  4. Kindle Customer – Jay

    I brought these for a trip out South West. They started falling apart the first week of wearing them, the top cover of the padding pulled out of the stitching in both the front and back. Very disappointed in the IZOD brand. Pure crap. Read more

  5. Middle Tennessean

    This slide is made of good quality materials and good workmanship. It fits well and is quite comfortable. Mine are Size XL (11/12). The foam padding it this slide’s main good point. It makes for a comfortable experience. Only one problem with the product lies with 7 dimples on the outsole. I have hardwood floors, and the small dimples on the outsole create mini-suction cup effects, and the slides “pop” with every step as I walk through the house. It’s not too loud, but it is annoying and a little loud early in the morning “popping” every time i take a step when others are sleeping. I may make small cuts or sipes off of the dimples to allow air to escape and see if that eliminates the suction cup popping. Who would knew about this minor design flaw? Read more

  6. Jeff Hauser

    I thought these would be nice to keep by the back door to wear when taking the dogs outside. They work ok, but you have to make the size a little smaller than first expected due to the memory foam compressing after you walk a few yards in them. The seams in the memory foam to the sole on one shoe has already flattened and I hope they do not allow the bond to separate. I actually don’t wear these much and they stay at the back door. It is not like I wear them all day long in the sand and surf. The size I purchased was the 13, not the 9/10 listed at the top of the review, but I don’t get the option to edit that information. Read more

  7. megan tunks

    Complete waste of time. The XL size clearly says 13 on website and when I got the sandals and I new they werent size 13 just looking at them. They even had a 11-12 sticker on them. As a tall man with wide feet it’s hard enough to find clothes and shoes that fit when they are labeled correctly. Will not order from them again. Read more

  8. Ray Ray & Heather

    Barely had them a month and they’ve already ripped on top Read more

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