Guys’s rb4041 sublite cushion protection toe athletic work industrial & creation shoe

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  • a hundred% mesh
  • rubber sole
  • full-foot flex grooves for advanced mobility and flex with each step
  • low-cut layout for a swish, athletic look and easy ankle mobility
  • memorytech massage footbed adapts to the contours of your foot and presents instantaneous cushioning
  • sublite foam midsole for light-weight cushioning and soft support
  • alloy toe reduces weight at the same time as retaining impact safety (meets or exceeds astm f2413)
  • greater extensive toe, no uncovered steel on higher, extraordinarily lightweight and bendy
  • astm f2413, alloy toe, xtr brand alloy toe cap, slip resistant, electric chance protection
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product description

sublite cushion work achieves maximum lightness and versatility in a work shoe. With deep flex grooves, the sublite foam midsole reduces weight and lets in for more variety of movement. Rubber pads provide traction at heel strike and forefoot takeoff even as minimizing weight. Mesh uppers allow for remaining breathability and moisture transfer for all day cooling consolation. A memorytech rubdown footbed adapts to the unique contours of your foot. Shoes kind: athletic work shoe toe type: alloy top fabric: microfiber and mesh color: black lining: moisture wicking nylon mesh insole: memorytech rubdown removable cushion footbed outsole: sublite eva cushion midsole with rubber heel and forefoot pads unique functions: greater wide toe, no uncovered steel on top, extraordinarily light-weight and flexible features: astm f2413, alloy toe, xtr® logo alloy toe cap, slip resistant, electrical danger protection – complete-foot flex grooves for improved mobility and flex with every step – low-cut design for a swish, athletic appearance and easy ankle mobility – memorytech massage footbed adapts to the contours of your foot and affords instantaneous cushioning – sublite foam midsole for light-weight cushioning and tender aid – alloy toe reduces weight whilst preserving impact safety (meets or exceeds astm f2413) – industry leading light-weight consolation at about 350 grams per shoe


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6 reviews for Guys’s rb4041 sublite cushion protection toe athletic work industrial & creation shoe

  1. Amazon Customer

    *********SEE UPDATE********* Tested for 6 months in an engineering environment. Hurt my feet for a week breaking them in and getting my feet used to a new pair of shoes. They wear extremely well. They aren’t hot. Not heavy either. Once broken in they are very comfortable. No one believed that my shoes were steel toe until I clicked the toe against metal. They look very practical. Everyone was interested in them. They aren’t cheap but if your in maintenance or engineering (specifically hotel or property maintenance) these are excellent. Best shoes I found after a decade in the industry. Walking at least 3 miles a day, average of 5 miles a day and a max of 7 miles a day. Hotel engineering is no joke. Neither are these shoes. On your feet all day in a demanding environment with everyone running you around as if your not human? Get these shoes. Want to kick your director of engineering or GM in the nads? Get these shoes and stay safe while doing it! Insoles are still intact after 6 months. And I’m 5’8 280lbs. These shoes are incredible. Best purchase I’ve made in months. ***********UPDATE********** Picture added. Still my go to. On my 3rd pair. Nothing withstands the demands of my career for long (obviously). The life of these shoes are adequate. Comfort and health are kept in check which is priority. No complaints. Read more

  2. wonderer

    The search has finally ended. I have wide feet and they sweat a lot. I am also in my shoes for 12-14hrs a day lots of walking mostly on concrete floors and climbing stairs and ladders. Day 3 with shoes The GOOD Virtually no time needed to break in Comfortable even the first day I ordered a half size bigger and plenty of room in the front for my toes to move The shoes breath so my feet aren’t drenched in sweat The BAD Aluminum toe so they won’t pass a metal detector Climbing ladders is a little tuff unlike boots with a solid shank the shoes bend a bit OVERALL very good safety shoe very happy with Read more

  3. DaveP

    On the plus side, these are great looking shoes and are extremely light (I weighed them…13 oz. each). The toe box is very roomy, no squinched up toes or rubbing. I always buy a half size larger than usual in safety toed shoes, and these are slightly on the large side, so you might get by with your regular size due to the wide toe box. On the down side, they may be the most uncomfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, extremely stiff, like walking around with a 2 X 4 strapped to each foot, and after six weeks of wear, they’re still just as stiff as they were on the first day. The insoles were pretty much used up after about two weeks, which made for an even harsher feel. I’ve put some thick foam insoles in, and that helps a little, but they’re still very uncomfortable. (I wear them for about eleven hours a day, six days a week.) If they felt as good as they look, these shoes would be a winner, but they don’t, so I won’t make this mistake again. I’ll try to hang with them for another few months and then go back to the Reebok Men’s Sublite RB4005. They’re the most comfortable safety shoes I’ve ever worn, a little pricier but well worth the difference, and I should have stayed with them. Read more

  4. Coastal Transportation

    Let’s start with the pros! Quality workmanship. They don’t skid on oily surfaces. The alloy toe is strong and will save your toes. Breathable so your feet won’t stink or develop fungus. The problem with my arch and some shoes may not fit me best. I ended up adding a pad to make it fit better. Since my 3rd day wearing them. somewhat my feet get tired quicker and the bottom hurts even when I take off the shoes. I will wait for few weeks and hopefully my feet get adjusted. The bummer is a cheap sears steel toe is more comfortable to my type of feet. I love the brand though. Update: After few weeks, my feet adjusted well. They are so light and my feet don’t feel tired anymore. I would buy them again but because of my arch, I will buy quality gel insoles. Update 05/20. They offered at a sale on Amazon for half the price, so I bought them again and kept them in the closet till the original ones are worn. The ones on sale felt so light. Checking the SKU, they look identical but not the same SKU. Well they were on sale for a reason. They worn out really quick and they hurt my feet even with quality insoles. They went into garbage. Read more

  5. R. Cushman

    These are good shoes so far but several flaws really downgrade them for me. The laces are made of nylon or other slick surface material that come untied constantly. In my job I walk a lot and these laces come untied every three to twelve minutes. Having to stop and tie my shoes fifty times or more a day is madding. You would think at this point in shoe technology laces that provide enough friction to not come untied four times a hour would be a solved problem but Reebok shoe lace technology seems to be stuck in the 1950s. Yes I did try double tying but they still came loose. These laces are incapable of holding a knot. I have thrown away the laces that came with these shoes and bought regular cloth laces that I might have to retie once a day every other day at work. For me this easily fixed problem is worth one and a half stars off. Another half star is deducted for the insoles. They are thin and have a gimmicky bumps on them that together do nothing. I bought some aftermarket insoles that work much better. Overall buying better laces and insoles makes these shoes great but both of these problems should not have needed fixing in the first place. Read more

  6. Timothy Devine

    Second day I wore them one of the pieces on the bottom started flapping loose. Not my idea of a 5 star product 🙁 Read more

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