Guys’s move run constant-overall performance walking & walking shoe sneaker

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  • 100% synthetic
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures approximately mid-top from arch
  • skechers gorun consistent is a properly-cushioned lace up runner and instructor best for a spread of workouts inside and outside of the fitness center. The responsive ultra pass cushioning midsole and a easy leather-based and mesh cloth top offer an incredibly responsive exercise shoe. Perfect for interval walking, taking walks, treadmill and workouts.
  • top: easy athletic leather-based higher with artificial and mesh cloth detail. Relaxed light-weight and nicely ventilated higher design. Synthetic toe and heel overlays, mesh cloth panels. Lace up front with padded collar and tongue. Revealed element with s brand.
  • midsole cushion: extremely pass midsole fabric can provide consolation and response. Parametric midsole production for assist and balance.
  • insole cushion: air cooled goga mat insole presents surprise absorption and guide. Outsole: mid-foot strike region promotes performance in every stride.
  • weight: eight 3/4 oz.. Per shoe in a men’s length 9.

product description

skechers gorun consistent – fleet rush is a nicely-cushioned lace up runner and teacher perfect for a ramification of workout routines in and out of the fitness center. The responsive ultra mild cushioning midsole and mesh cloth top provide an exceptionally responsive workout shoe. Best for c programming language walking, walking, treadmill and workouts. The employer’s achievement stems from it’s excessive excellent, varied, and low-priced product line that meets customers’ diverse way of life wishes. Considering it is inception in 1992, the skechers various product offering has grown from software style boots to include seven skechers brands and five uniquely branded style traces for ladies and men. Skechers is an award-prevailing global chief in lifestyle footwear offering footwear that attraction to fashion-savvy guys, ladies and children everywhere. The logo’s styles include the modern progressive athletic, informal and fashion sneakers in addition to sandals and boots—with many collections providing skechers air-cooled memory foam insoles for delivered consolation. Plus, skechers gives various slip-resistant work footwear for women and men, in addition to cool, fun, playful and lighted patterns that boys and ladies love. Constantly ahead of the style curve, skechers has made its sport, casual and dress casual shoes essential to each closet. Skechers gorun constant – fleet rush는 쿠션감이 좋은 레이스업 러너이자 트레이너로 헬스장 안팎의 다양한 운동에 적합합니다. 반응성이 뛰어난 울트라 라이트 쿠션 중창과 메시 원단 갑피는 믿을 수 없을 정도로 반응성이 뛰어난 운동화를 제공합니다. 인터벌 러닝, 걷기, 러닝머신 및 운동에 이상적입니다. 회사의 성공은 소비자의 다양한 라이프 스타일 요구를 충족하는 고품질의 다양화되고 합리적인 가격의 제품 라인에서 비롯됩니다. 1992년 설립된 이래, 스케쳐스의 다양한 제품은 유틸리티 스타일 부츠에서 7개의 스케쳐스 브랜드와 five개의 독특한 브랜드 패션 라인으로 성장했습니다. 스케쳐스는 수상 경력에 빛나는 라이프스타일 신발 분야의 글로벌 리더로 트렌드에 민감한 남성, 여성 및 어린이에게 매력적인 신발을 제공합니다. 브랜드 스타일에는 혁신적인 최신 애슬레틱, 캐주얼 및 패션 스니커즈뿐만 아니라 샌들과 부츠가 포함되어 있습니다. 스케쳐스 에어쿨 메모리 폼 안창이 특징인 많은 컬렉션과 편안함을 더했습니다. 또한 스케쳐스는 남성과 여성을 위한 다양한 미끄럼 방지 작업화뿐만 아니라 소년과 소녀가 좋아하는 시원하고 재미있고 장난기 넘치는 가벼운 스타일을 제공합니다. 항상 패션 곡선을 앞서가는 스케쳐스는 스포츠, 캐주얼 및 드레스 캐주얼 슈즈를 모든 옷장에 꼭 필요한 제품입니다.


7, 7 X-Wide, 7.5, 7.5 X-Wide, 8, 8 X-Wide, 8.5, 8.5 X-Wide, 9, 9 X-Wide, 9.5, 9.5 X-Wide, 10, 10 X-Wide, 10.5, 10.5 X-Wide, 11, 11 X-Wide, 11.5, 11.5 X-Wide, 12, 12 X-Wide, 12.5, 12.5 X-Wide, 13, 13 X-Wide, 14, 14 X-Wide, 15, 15 X-Wide, 16 X-Wide


Black/Charcoal, Black/Grey, Black/Orange, Brown, Charcoal/Blue, Grey/Navy, Navy/Red, Black/Black/White, Black/Blue, Blue/Orange, Navy/Navy/Red, Grey/Grey/Blue, White/Grey, Navy/Orange, Red, Yellow, Black/White

8 reviews for Guys’s move run constant-overall performance walking & walking shoe sneaker

  1. Scott Hirleman

    I wear these shoes to go on two walks a day with my dog and then for doing some light physical therapy. One of the shoes, the sole has half the grippy bits worn off in two months! Our walk is usually 3-4 blocks of jogging (if that) and then at most a mile of walking. So in 60 days, that is a max of 120 miles and it’s probably much closer to 80. They are almost ready for the trash in two months. Also, the foam of one of the shoes is wearing out on the heel. Overall, these are comfy but man is the lack of quality showing. If it rains, my stairs have no traction, these are dangerous. And my wall sits, my feet slip out almost a full foot in 90 seconds. I don’t recommend these unless your only concern is comfort Read more

  2. D. R. Hoag

    I stand all day and do a lot of walking at work. I know these are running shoes, but I needed something that was lightweight, breath well, and offered good support. These shoes fit the bill. I’ve just returned to work after having been laid off (Coronavirus) for two months. Two days in and no blisters, and no foot pain other than the typical ache associated with being on your feet all day. I’m very happy with my purchase and will probably buy again if they’re still available when these are worn out. These shoes were in my size and fit as expected. I tie them with a runner’s knot to keep my feet from sliding around in them to prevent blisters. I also used Dr. Scholl’s for work in my previous pair of shoes, but I did not need third party insolse for these. Read more

  3. Ted Hessler

    I have a hard time finding sneakers to fit my 13EEEE feet that is made extra difficult as I have very high instep too. These fit comfortably. the cushion in the soles are a bit softer than previous NB sneakers but these sneakers fit me better than the New Balance sneakers that cost 3 times as much. I will buy more Sketchers in the future, Read more

  4. Cole 2 Newcastle

    I bought a pair in black color from JCPenney and loved them, but they had a limited color selection, so I came to Amazon for a brown pair. Amazon was actually higher in price, surprisingly. These are very comfortable on long walks and for bicycling. As I age, I’ve had some plantar fasciitis and a little neuropathy, and these are the best off-the-shelf shoes I’ve found for those conditions. The toe box is wide enough that they don’t squeeze those piggies like some shoes do. And…I think they look good. Now, they are very light weight, which MIGHT indicate that they won’t last long. But this is pure speculation on my part. They actually seem well-constructed and besides, they are so comfortable that I plan to replace them with the same shoes as long as they are available. Read more

  5. Nova

    The soles on the shoes are higher on the outer edges. When you take a step, the right or left side touch the ground first then the rest of the sole. This causes extra strain on the knees and ankles. I started having knee pains after a brief jog wearing these shoes. Read more

  6. Phillip S. Larsen

    I have bought several pair of these. They last me around 3-4 weeks, and then I have to throw them away. The problem is the insoles wear out…even though on the outside of the box is says “Long lasting insoles”. Since everything else is fine with the shoes, I called Skechers and asked if I called by more of their insoles. They said they would not sell the to me. It is just strange to throw away a perfectly good pair of shoes for something that they said would last but doesn’t. Read more

  7. Jose L. Gamboa

    I got a pair and they lasted less than 5 months, I usually walk 25 miles a week. They were very comfortable, but one of the lace loops broke, the second from bottom up of the rigth one. Really nice looking and good if you are not going to use them as often as I did. But in general, I expected better quality from this brand. Read more

  8. The Data Master

    As the title says, I purchased 2 pairs of these. The first pair fit pretty well and was extremely comfortable to wear both around the home and out on jogs. I ordered a second pair so that I would have a pair to wear for everyday use and another one that would get used more for trail running. 2 different levels of wear and tear. The first thing I noticed with the second pair when they arrived was that it was missing the 2 holes at the top for added tightness. I have read many reviews of shoes coming like this and most people just poke a hole in them. The second thing I noticed was that the laces were totally different than the first pair. They were circular instead of flat. The third thing I noticed was that these shoes were already tied. I have purchased a lot of shoes\sneakers online before and these were the first pair that were tied when I received them. I wore them for 2 days and my ankles were killing me afterwards. I ended up returning the second pair. I honestly believe this is a seller issue more-so than a product issue, but it is getting very unappealing buying products from this site and getting totally different versions each time. Also note, I purchased each pair about 1 week in-between each other so it isn’t even possible that Sketchers changed the style over a certain period of time. See the photo for detailed evidence of what I am talking about. Read more

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