Guys’s flex benefit sr

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  • 50% mesh/50% leather-based
  • imported
  • synthetic sole
  • relax suit
  • reminiscence foam
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메시 옥스포드

skechers is an award-prevailing global chief in the life-style footwear enterprise that designs, develops, and markets way of life shoes that appeals to fashion-savvy men, ladies and children. The company’s fulfillment stems from it is excessive nice, varied, and low cost product line that meets purchasers’ various life-style wishes. Considering the fact that it’s inception in 1992, the skechers numerous product imparting has grown from utility fashion boots to consist of seven skechers brands and 5 uniquely branded style lines for males and females.


8, 8.5, 10 Wide, 10.5 Wide, 11, 11.5, 15



8 reviews for Guys’s flex benefit sr

  1. Steve Baumbach

    The shoe is quite comfortable to wear. I had been impressed with the wear on my toddler’s Sketchers, and had been unimpressed with my New Balance shoes of late, so I tried these out. While immediately impressed by how comfortable they are, less than two months of wearing them and I am getting “tread delamination.” The treads of the shoe started to come off of the main shoe. I will try gluing them and continuing to wear them, but don’t expect to get much mileage out of them. I only wear the shoes to work, which is predominantly an office environment with limited walking and only moderate exposure to the outside or concrete. Read more

  2. Michael H

    I have waited tables for the last 6 years and have used a good number of slip resistant shoes. This is for sure one of my favorite ones I have used. Enough so that after my first pair were falling apart I went and ordered the same ones again. I have a hard time finding work shoes I find comfortable. I prefer something with mesh that breathes and is lite. Many of the shoes on the market are bulky, have no ventilation, and look “goofy” for lack of a better term. That makes these shoes a winner for me. My last pair went for about 13 months before in really bad shape. Which is better than allot of other cheaper shoes i have used. My failure points are similar to allot of those posted here but didn’t happen in a short period of time like some others. My biggest gripe with the shoes are the memory foam bottom. They are not removable so if you want to run an insole this will complicate that. The pad is also very thin and gets smushed down after a few days. To where you don’t really even feel like it’s there anymore. Last pair i just waited till it really flattened out and threw in a thin gel insole. Would be nice if they just made them removable though. Read more

  3. Dan

    These shoes fit great and felt great. I couldn’t have asked for a better work shoe but wait, read on. I work in an indoor environment where I am on my feet most of the day. After the first month they were showing external wear, fraying around all the seams. After two months the non-skid soles of both shoes was coming off. I’m incredibly disappointed with the Sketchers products. They’re not an inexpensive shoe and to get two months of service from this product is disappointing. Read more

  4. Tim Meyer

    So, they are not a bad shoe. But being a big guy (6’5″ 250 lbs) I wreck havoc on shoes and my feet. So, i have pretty high expecttions of the things tied to said feet 10 hours a day. These are relatively comfortable, and far better then the last ones, but are fraying at the edges after only a couple months. They are overall not hirrible, but not wonderful. Read more

  5. D Haught

    This is my third pair of these shoes for work and though the first two were really comfortable for being on my feet all day it sure seems like they changed something about these shoes because this pair is misery. The insole has no support to speak of and my feet hurt by mid day. Will not be buying these again. Read more

  6. Brandon Korsen

    I have worked in kitchens for almost a decade now, and that means I’ve gone through my fair share of non-slips! There is always such a delicate balance with these shoes too: •How effective are they? •How durable are they? •How comfortable are they? I can happily say that for all three criteria, these are holding up great! They are my day-to-day work shoes and I am very happy with that. I never feel in danger of slipping, or losing traction. Having tested it with some “worst case scenario” spills just for my own knowledge I’m impressed. All parts of the shoe are holding strong, from the laces to the soles, which is a part of work shoes that I consistently find lacking. Most non-slips will begin tearing at the seams in a few weeks, but this pair is still sealed completely shut! These shoes are comfortable, and I can stand in them for quite some time, but over a week I can definitely feel a buildup of soreness in my heel which is where I see more of the support from the shoe. All that said, the shoe holds strong as one of my favorite pairs of non-slips ever. Read more

  7. lubedude77

    Best darn shoes I’ve had for work in a very long time. They are lightweight, comfortable, and a cloud to walk on. I’m on my feet all day as a Lube Tech and these are oil and slip resistant better than any other shoes of the same features. I’ve been through many pairs believe me and so far these are the best. I don’t know how long they will last, but if they last 3 months for how I use them, I will be happy. Read more

  8. Beto sayes

    Muy buen zapato en mi trabajo camino por mas de 9 horas y la verdad son zapatos muy comodos para caminar ciento que me ayudan mucho y la verdad me duran bastante para el uso que les doy vale la pena comprarlos sii. Porque para ser tenis de trabajo que le duren mas de 6 meses dese por muy bien servido y a mi me han durado mucho mas casi el año aun que creo que si pueden mejor en los materiales que se usan en la parte de adentro del zapato pero salen muy buenos Read more

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