Guys’s dress footwear moder slip on monk strap shoe for formal party event

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  • made with bendy grain calfskin
  • water dyed pigskin lining has right breathily and versatility.
  • the hand-painted shade offer more artistic feel.
  • anti-slip pattern of sole is at ease for long term to walk freely.
  • barely raised 23゜ shoes toe for suits ft and greater comfy to put on that base on ergonomics

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8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13


Brown, Black

8 reviews for Guys’s dress footwear moder slip on monk strap shoe for formal party event

  1. Ida L. Kjonaas

    Thw ahoes look great. Read more

  2. Ankamah Enoch Antrack

    Thron up Read more

  3. Robert Strecker

    This shoe stands out in my collection because it combines a feature I am familiar with (the monk strap), with a textured design I have not seen in this way before. In relation to that main texture, I have seen it used on small areas of a dress shoe before but not the entire shoe minus the area covered by the monk strap. I find this design approach interesting in that the main design looks like straps of leather sewn into each other in a basket weave sort of way. This is an illusion of course, as it is really just stitched to make it look woven. This effect works great and gives the shoe a lot of character. With the monk strap in the middle and the buckles that are eye catching this shoe has a lot of visual features that make it stand out. The other super neat thing about this design is the painted style that gives it a distinct look. This painted look has the end -toes area – of the shoe with a darker brown while as you travel up towards the middle the brown becomes lighter. This fading into a lighter color makes it look like it was spayed with an air paint gun. This painted look makes this shoe seem like a unique work of foot art. The bottom has a smooth look but still has anti slip protection. I tried to slid on a super polished hotel lobby floor and could not get it to do it. This is a good sign that this shoe will not cause the wearer to slip on regular glossy floors. As for ice I can’t comment on that. The inner lining is very comfortable. I am wearing this shoe right now at work and feel there is a good deal on inner padding for a dress shoe. This comfortable feeling shoe allows for extended standing if required. In conclusion I am very happy with this shoe by the Alipasinm brand which is a company I am quickly becoming to not only trust but look forward to their most recent catalogue additions. Read more

  4. Zero

    I wear 10.5 Medium and received these Alipasinm shoes in 10.5. They fit just right with no room to spare but also no binding or pain. They will wear in to fit my foot in no time. They smell like real leather and feel like real leather. They are packaged well with each shoe individually protected in a cloth bag and stuffed with paper to maintain the shape. The shoes I received are black throughout which is my standard dress shoe. It’s easy to fix any issues with black shoe polish. They come with a dull sheen to them that looks very nice. The soles are hard and thin which is what I expect for dress shoes. I tend to be on carpet when I’m wearing these and find myself appreciating the softer walking surfaces. There’s no satisfying clack clock sound when walking since the rubber offers a grip and a muting effect on the heel. These are very nice looking fashion shoes that fit correctly and are well made. They are worthy of five stars for the fit and finish alone but the terrific style is worth a mention here. Read more

  5. Rich

    Sharp-looking shoes for the price. The sole is rubber and glued on (with strangely artificial-looking stitches to feign a sewn sole) and the leather is airbrushed in color to achieve its patina. Based on the build, I didn’t think I’d end up liking these shoes, but they’ve actually worn pretty well over the last six month. The insole is comfortable and the shell is stained deep enough to resist most surface scratches. Like Italian shoes (or Kenneth Cole New York), it has an elongated toe and is a little snug across the metatarsals. The arch support is solid, even for a high arch like mine. And they look dashing with a blue suit. Read more

  6. Vine Concise Reviewer

    I’m giving this 5 stars because of quality of leather (exterior and lining), sole, and stitching/gluing workmanship. However, unless you’re a flamboyant fellow from the Disco Era and matching this with purple bell bottoms and pink fluffy top, I don’t see this going great with too many modern-ware (at least not in 2021 N. America). But that’s subjective taste and to each their own. Read more

  7. Remiyyah

    These ALIPASINM dress shoes are low profile and luxurious straight out of box. The detailing is precise and the outside texture feels just as good as it looks. I love the slip-on factor of these shoes and how they’re ergonomically designed to fit on the feet. With that being said, they are more than comfortable on the feet and the bottom sole is anti-slip, although it doesn’t appear to be by the eyes. I can’t wait to wear them to events and make a loud fashionable statement! Read more

  8. Cassandra Strand

    Men seem to have very few options in dress shoes and they all tend to look alike. This pair of dress shoes however has a unique and interesting design. The textured look created through stitching but convincingly looking like woven leather paired with the monk strap is an interesting and eye-catching design. The shoes are comfortable (according to my husband) and fit exactly as we expected based on the sizing. The quality of the shoes is really nice and I believe worth the price. Read more

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