Guys’s darwyn xband slide sandal

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  • a hundred% leather-based
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • pu outsole affords long lasting surprise absorption to assist reduce foot fatigue.
  • leather-based higher is simple to easy and hold to increase product life.
  • stitch down construction presents a extensive base of aid for balance.
  • mesh linings wick moisture and enhance breathability

from the producer

advanced for comfort. Designed for style. Powering your each day.

rockport has been powering your busy days on account that 1971 while we made dress footwear honestly at ease, by using adding recreation technology into the layout – the first actual agency to do so. Today we continue to push limitations to give you the quality mixture of comfort and style.

we recognise lifestyles can keep you changing gears, even inside the span of someday. With our shoes’ tech-based engineering, you’ll preserve the tempo – after which some. Due to the fact a lifestyles on the cross doesn’t strength itself.

even our body’s natural energy wishes a boost every now and then, so we’ve perfected the footwear that maintain you transferring. Explore all the energetic and informal shoes rockport has to offer.

we create classic styles reinterpreted for nowadays’s existence in movement. It’s a clean angle on a traditional cloth wardrobe, so that you may be assured regardless of in which your day takes you.

life is unpredictable and needs a full range of movement. We layout footwear with innovation and generation to keep pace with folks that are constantly-on and don’t sluggish down.

our shoes is made to remaining and made to carry out. Rockport feels flawlessly worn in, from day one, so you can put your nice foot forward each day.

product description

from pool events to outdoor bbqs, the darwyn series is good for all of summer sports. Each of these no-fuss sandals boasts a stitch-down creation and a wide base for plenty of support and balance. Durable pu outsoles help reduce foot fatigue at the same time as trutech cushioning at the heel ensures a assured, smooth stride all season long.


6.5 Wide, 7, 7 Wide, 7.5, 7.5 Wide, 8, 8 Wide, 8.5, 8.5 Wide, 9, 9 Wide, 9.5, 9.5 Wide, 10, 10 Wide, 10.5, 10.5 Wide, 11, 11 Wide, 11.5, 11.5 Wide, 12, 12 Wide, 13, 13 Wide, 14, 14 Wide, 15, 15 Wide


Black Lea Ii, Brown Ii Leather, Coach Brown

7 reviews for Guys’s darwyn xband slide sandal


    These things are actually almost perfect for me. They replace Vionics-brand slides I have been wearing, my final pair of the three pairs of this now discontinued item I bought now having given up the ghost. I specifically bought these and those because of the bold/broad cross band design. I like this design because I know from years of past experience that this design is excellent for all day, do anything, wear. (I know this because I literally climbed a mountain in Asia while wearing an foam rubber pair of this design years ago when I wore this style for everything, obviously). It is surprisingly difficult to find a pair like this that has the cross band design that doesn’t also look like a pair of clown shoes emblazoned with trademark paraphernalia. Yes, this pair does have the Rockport symbol on its strap but it is mercifully small and unobtrusive. So, on style and design, this pair is right on point. The only other things one needs worry about is fit and wear. I admit to having reservations about the puffy, nylon foot bed. My fear was/is in two parts: A) the puffy bed would be slippery and not well-suited to long and hard use, including running or jogging. I am happy to report that I have made multiple extended walks amounting to miles of foot padding and these do work well for this application. They do not, however, run well causing one to have to scrunch one’s toes to keep them in place. Having said that, I realize that most people do not buy these to go running in so I will table that complaint. B) I feared the slick nylon footbed would become sweaty and smelly from retained foot fluid and accumulated foot grime; many other slides and slippers having a rubbery or nylon foot bed that works as a solid surface. I am happy to report that these slides don’t cause one to generate excessive foot sweat and they have remained remarkably fresh looking even as I use them more and more. I am very, very pleased with this pair of sandals and will definitely buy another pair when these wear out. Plus I recommend them to every one. Read more

  2. Kevin Butler

    These sandals are exceedingly comfortable. Unlike most sandals of this type, I have no problem wearing these for short walks (mile or so) instead of just using them to shuffle around the yard or get the mail. The cushioning really makes these more comfortable than several pairs of my shoes. The straps hold the sandal well to my foot also. The only real downside here is the fit of the sandal. I got a size larger than normal and the fit was still very tight. When I received them, I thought I would have to return them. My toes were not close to the front of the sandal due to the tightness of the straps. However, wearing them a bit has allowed the straps to adjust and they are very comfortable to wear. Read more

  3. Ashten

    Litterally just opened the box, and one sandal looks used, has toe prints and grass and the other sandal looks new? What the heck?? Read more

  4. Cruizer

    Received these and was anxious to try them on. Initial thought, after slipping them on, was wow! Are these comfortable and they are. the padding, the straps, everything made these sandals perfect. Just what I was looking for. I decided to wear them around the house for the day and quickly noticed some rubbing pressure building up on the inside of each heal. Adjusted the sandals and the issue was resolved for a moment then the rubbing returned and my heel was beginning to get sore. I removed the sandals to examine them closer in the area where the lower strap, strap that passes under the top strap, was attached to the foot bed in the rear. Discovered some stitching there that seemed just a smidge abrasive. Tried to smooth the area a bit and try the sandals again. No good. After a few minutes the rubbing on the heel continued. There was no way I would be able to wear these for five minutes let alone all day. Too bad too. They are extremely comfortable on your feet as long as you are not walking. If the stitching were buried in the foot bed material, or something softer were used to attach the strap then these would be super. While researching these sandals before purchase, I read a review where the reviewer mentioned the same scenario. I thought it had to be the way he was wearing the sandals. Nope. So I sent these back and will now busy myself in finding another pair. Read more

  5. Terry L. Clevinger

    I have 2 pairs of these; one to wear barefoot in the summer, and one to wear with socks in the winter. Both have the same problem. The straps on the right shoe, (not the left), angle the foot so that the heel is hanging off on the inside rear of the sandal. No matter what I do, after a few steps, my foot on the right side is coming off of the shoe on the inside. I’m basically walking out of the shoe on the right side. I’ve worn sandals for years, but have never seen this problem. By the time that I realized the problem, it was too late to send them back. I would not buy them again, nor would I recommend them. Read more

  6. David Russell Hill

    I ended up buying two of these. Returning both. One set bigger than the other. For some reason these do not conform with my feet. With each pair my inside heels would be hanging off the side of the sandal about ½ inch. This is strange because I have an old set of Rockports very similar to these. My heel stays within the confines of the shoe with those. Read more

  7. Lance

    I’m coming from a Sandal that was all Leather with a rubber sole, unfortunately it’s no longer made and it’s replacement is currently unavailable. This is not leather lined but the material is very comfortable. I was surprised at first as the grip was slippery on the floor. That seems to be going away and the bottom is scuffing up and gaining grip. Not sure how long this type of sole will last so I held back 1 star for now. Read more

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