Guys’s barefoot sneakers extensive in shape arch aid zero drop sole

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  • rubber sole
  • extensive fit, like first magnificence to your toes.
  • built-in arch assist ensures all-day comfort.
  • knit higher in a minimalist sneaker is going nicely with nearly any outfit.
  • zero-drop, non-elevated sole for proper posture and balance.
  • a much broader than common toe field to permit the forefoot to spread.
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product description

the knit barefoot sneaker is an workout in true minimalist style, goes-with-the entirety style and all-day consolation, it is one of the the ones undying fundamentals every closet needs. Supremely flexible and light-weight 0 drop sole allows unrestricted & herbal motion of the foot. With durability and ergonomic suit out sole that in addition increased agility, energy, and sensory feedback barefoot excels in.

combined with a much wider than common toe box which allows the toes to wiggle freely for a pure sense and comfort even for the duration of all-day use.

the only offers arch aid ergonomic layout reinforces herbal balance and frame posture and maximum safety against pressure points.

low-to-the-floor for stability and agility. A non-elevated (zero-drop) heel for herbal alignment which supports a correct posture.

minimalist fashionable shoes with lace up closure is simpler to regulate for your specific desires to ensure a customized match.

non-marking rubber outsole with said lugs for super traction and grip.

offers a removable, foam-cushioned insole with delivered arch aid for all-day consolation.


8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12, 12.5, 13


All Black/Knit, Dark Grey/Knit, White Gum/Knit, Light Grey/Knit, Purple/Knit, Yellow/Knit, All Black/Dark Blue, Dark Blue

7 reviews for Guys’s barefoot sneakers extensive in shape arch aid zero drop sole

  1. Fletch

    I just received these shoes, and frankly, I didn’t expect much. Yes, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, but you know how that goes. Reviews are subjective, and although I use them to help me decide what to buy, I make my own evaluation of the product after I get it. Well, harsh critic that I am (check my reviews), I can say, honestly, that these are fantastic. The most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my feet. How can that be though? I mean, I’m in my late 50’s, and have worn over my lifetime more shoes than I could possibly count. Maybe I forgot a pair that were this comfortable in my past? That’s possible, but I’ll say this: as far back as I can remember, I can’t recall another pair of shoes feeling as good as these. They aren’t for everything, of course. They’re not for hiking. Not for gym work (you need protection for your feet in case anything drops – unless you are the kind of person who throws caution to the wind), they aren’t for REAL running. You still need your running shoes. For daily wear, however, they’re great. You might even be able to get away with them in the office, as they aren’t an unattractive shoe. Simple canvas, and not an overt style. I did change the laces to stretch laces, making them effectively slip-ons, and that was even better. You will not waste your money giving these a try. At least I didn’t. I’m back here about to buy a second pair. Read more

  2. Ty Miller

    I didn’t expect a lot because I didn’t pay a lot. The shoes arrived vaccum sealed in a plastic wrap, instead of the standard box, which may help the mfr. keep costs down, but is a little unorthodox for a first impression. Once you get them on though…pure satisfaction. The fit is nearly perfect, with just a touch of “hug” feel in the mid to forefoot. The zero drop heel is a comfort if you are accustomed to minimalist footwear, but the style of the shoe doesn’t scream, ‘LOOK AT ME…I WEAR MINIMALIST SHOES” like some of the other options in this price range that incorporate needless “toes” on the outsole. For the money, this is a great, no fuss shoe. I don’t know how long they will last, but I think if I get 6 months of regular use out of these, I’m already ahead of the game. Read more

  3. Jeremy Reed

    Over all I like the shoe. I ordered a size 13, they fit but I think I will be ordering a 14 next time. I am used to wearing Five Fingers so the arch support is a bit odd in a minimalist shoe. I did get rid off the insoles which makes it better, but it is not a barefoot shoe. The grip is great on all sorts of surfaces and they are light and flexible with a generous toe box. If you are looking for a first minimalist shoe then these are great. At the price they are hard to beat and I will be ordering a couple different colors. The only thing I would change would be to do away with the arch support. Read more

  4. P. Cook

    These shoes are a great deal and super comfortable. I purchased these shoes after after having amazing success with Whirin’s Cross-trainers over a year ago. (The cross-trainers still look near new despite wearing them near daily for over a year and regularly putting them through the laundry.) As a minimalist shoe, they fit very well. I can feel the texture of the road through the sole and walk all day without stressing my knees. I can’t say the same for my other sneakers. I am definitely looking at getting a second pair. Read more

  5. ReN

    My first pair of zero drop/barefoot shoes and my feet are singing thanks on the daily. My toes are finally sitting comfy rather than squished. I walk a few miles at the park on the reg and these are my go to now. They hold up really well, I’ve given them a beating and they still look new (besides the mud on the soles) The texture/look is even nicer in person, doesn’t look cheap imo Foot doesn’t slip (mine often did with other brands). Fits spot on – I’m a 10 in knit runners from Adidas and Nike, a 10W in ASOS sneakers and I was a 10 here. Do note, I bought both versions and the canvass one I returned. The same size felt a bit too loose around the ankle, bUt it still didn’t slip off. Just didn’t feel right like these. **UPDATE** Weeks of only wearing these Whitin and they are still holding up. My feet got a bit sore at some points because I wasn’t used to zero drop, but I don’t see it being the fault of quality. I bought these in grey and the tongue seam was lower, it ended up rubbing on my toe bone and I returned them. I also bought a pair of Vivobarefoot and I would say, comparatively, you’re getting a good deal with these Whitin. The Vivo do have a bit of a better feel along the bottom of the foot but they’re also a hundred bucks more so they should. The shape is slightly different too, but in that case I think the Whitin actually provide more room. Honestly, if I didn’t want a plain white sneaker or need a leather one for rainy days, I’d just stick with the Whitin. Read more

  6. Kaotik

    Well im using them for driving and mointain biking. These shoes give me the ability to have a better feel for the car clutch pedal and the bicycle pedals. Ultimitally feeling the the responses of them alow for better judgment when using them. Read more

  7. Donna

    I needed shoes to wear for daily beach walks that would be as comfortable as sneakers but dry quickly. So far so good. They don’t have much arch support, so I double up on the socks. But that’s just me. I can’t wear shoes without socks, and my socks do get damp, but I only wear them for an hour or so, so that’s OK. I also like the elastic laces. I don’t expect that these shoes will last forever or even more than one season, but for the price I think they’re a pretty good buy. Read more

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