Guys’s balance x strap sneaker

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  • one hundred% leather-based and artificial
  • imported
  • synthetic sole
  • shaft measures about low-pinnacle from arch
  • double insoles – with the propet ev (more volume) insole device, custom designed healthy and luxury is easy
  • features a footbed that may be eliminated to deal with custom orthotics
  • adjustable hook and loop strap closure
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product description

this shoe has a mesh upper with brushed-nylon lining and padded collar and tongue. The pu insole has a gel heel pad and cushioning ridges for maximum comfort. The eva midsole is arch-assisting, and the outsole is rubber for long lasting wear and traction.

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Light Grey, Black, Navy

8 reviews for Guys’s balance x strap sneaker

  1. REDBuckaroo

    Bought this as a house shoe, I have peripheral neuropathy and need something that provides support but does not ruin my wife’s new hardwood floors. Thankfully, I found these or I would have been locked out of the house. I have purchased several different shoes over the years and there were always issues; no side support, fit too tight in the toe, made marks on the floor (dark sole) etc. These are great, they provide enough side support, have a wide enough toe box, do not mark up my wife’s floor. Also, very easy to put on and take off – the velcro strap :). The best feature for me is the adjustability, When my feet hurt, I loosen the strap, when I am moving around I tighten the strap. Also, I wear an orthotic which provides arch support, at first my feet were loose in the shoe. I had removed the “two” inserts that came with the shoe. After replacing the flat insert it gave my feet just enough volume to make them perfect. Guess you could say I am delighted to own these shoes and highly recommend. Read more

  2. Carmelo Jr.

    Snug around where the tounge is sewn into the shoe, if it was a little bit wider in that area they would be perfect. I suffer from venous insufficiency in a lot of swelling in my legs and feet and I figured these shoes would help out a lot I have yet to wear them throughout the day that sitting here with them on they are tight around the tops of my feet where the tongue meets the shoe plenty of room in the toe area and feels okay around the ankles and heel needs to be just a hair bit wider and that area where the tongue meets the shoe and it would be perfect. Read more

  3. Em Ay

    Had to exchange for larger size. My husband has PD & these shoes with Velcro straps fit his need perfectly. Tie shoes where becoming difficult for him. He loves them. They feel good on his foot. Because there is only one strap, it doesn’t show style of shoe so much & avoids bringing attention to his need for straps. Shoes are well made & have good support, especially on heal. Highly recommend these shoes for anyone who can no longer or have difficulty tieing shoes. Shoe is also very stylish. Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I purchased these shoes for my elderly father 6 weeks ago and they seemed perfect initially. Then just a few days ago we noticed deep creases on his toes at night when we took his shoes off. When we inspected the inside of the shoes we found it’s not smooth (as we imagined from viewing the outside). The fabric is gathered in the toe area where the shoe rounds off and this is exactly where the impressions are located on his feet. I don’t understand why this developed after several weeks of wear and no change in socks, but it’s an expensive pair of shoes to only wear for this short period of time. I’m on the hunt for a new pair and looking specifically for a pair with no seams/lumps on the upper foot. Read more

  5. Ryan H

    As the headline implies, while these shoes are not very “stylish” or trendy, they actually don’t look bad at all when wearing them. In fact, they’re pretty subtle and not the worst looking. Most importantly, however… and the reason I got these shoes, is they fit WELL. Unfortunately I’ve recently been dealing with some swelling in my feet, so I sought shoes that are made for just this. I ordered my exact size but in “X-Wide,” and I was pleasantly surprised that these offer the perfect fit. They’re not too loose but not at all tight. The adjustable straps let me put them on with just enough pressure that I don’t need to worry about them falling off, even if I am jogging. They’re also surprisingly comfortable and breathable: I was pleasantly surprised with the padding, softness and breathability. If you’re like me and you sometimes get swelling in your feet, I highly recommend these. I have mild to moderate swelling and X-Wide was perfect for me. However, if you have moderate to major swelling, you might want to go with XX-Wide to be safe. 5 out of 5. Read more

  6. Aria

    The shoes fell apart after just a few uses but after I left the review the company reached out to me and sent me a brand new pair. These have withstood the test of time and very heavy use! Couldn’t ask for a better pair of shoes, nor a more durable pair. They are so easy to put on and take off. My son is handicapped and can easily get them off which in other shoes has been a struggle. Thanks so much for making a great pair of shoes, well worth the purchase price! Read more

  7. lee reinsmith

    They get you with the low price but, to get the best buy you need to order at least one size larger and wider to fit. They double the price for those shoes!!! Read more

  8. Miles River

    I was unaware of this brand till I saw it at Amazon. Tried it and another brand under the Prime Wardrobe program. It was very comfortable so I bought the pair. I walk 3 miles per day. The fit and comfort are superior. The Velcro is easy to use. Well worth the price. Prime Wardrobe makes it a very pleasant buying experience. Read more

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