Guys’s alaska as unisex conventional slippers

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  • one hundred% fabric
  • made within the usa or imported
  • artificial sole
  • heel measures approximately zero. Five”
  • light-weight, gentle, breathable, cozy yet strong
  • 100% boiled virgin wool top
  • wool felt insole lining
  • latex molded arch guide
  • double felted outsole marked with rubber dots
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  • is the insole removable for washing ?
  • query: is the insole removable for laundry ? Solution: the insole is not elimination. After multiple years of wearing each day for a while i update the slippers. I usually put on them out (or through). I trust the liner is boiled wool as nicely however my toes do now not sweat in them. They’re so relaxed. By marion on january 1, 2015 did not get solutions. See greater solutions (6) crumble all solutions

  • the description says womens. In my cart it says guys’s ?
  • question: the description says womens. In my cart it says men’s ? Solution: i have the same query. I positioned a women’s nine in my buying cart, however the cart says men’s nine. That’s now not the equal component. I wear a european 40, however that’s now not an to be had choice. This is a glitch. By way of 6redbuddhas on april 14, 2021 failed to get answers. See more solutions (four) collapse all answers

  • can you hand wash these in the event that they get grimy?
  • query: are you able to hand wash those if they get grimy? Answer: yes, or on a mild washing device cycle, in bloodless water.. Permit it air dry. You would possibly need to stuff them with paper to get again its shape. Via birkenstock depot vendor on november 30, 2016 didn’t get solutions. See extra answers (four) crumble all answers

  • are those slippers made in germany?
  • question: are these slippers made in germany? Answer: they crumble within four months of everyday indoor use, so it does not actually be counted wherein they’re made (china maybe). They suck and they’re luxurious for slippers. I emailed pics and installed proceedings two times to the corporation and in no way heard a aspect. Don’t buy them!!! By joseph p. On april 1, 2018 didn’t get solutions. See greater answers (2) disintegrate all answers


    5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15


    Natural, Black, Grey

    7 reviews for Guys’s alaska as unisex conventional slippers

    1. Amazon Customer

      Item arrived well packaged, in perfect condition and as expected. My husband surprised me with these to replace an older pair that I wore every day, all year long, for years. They are comfortable and supportive. I don’t remember what foot pain caused me to do some research and buy these. I considered buying another pair of expensive tennis shoes to wear only indoors but decided to try these. They may be more expensive than the slippers from departments stores, but I would be willing to spend more for supportive athletic shoes to relieve foot pain. I chose to try these because the slipper style makes them easier to put on and take off. My feet feel great and I don’t want to live without them. They are cozy in winter without being hot in the summer. Can fit thick socks in winter, but just as comfortable with no socks in summer. I usually wear women’s size 7.5 but the 8’s are perfect for me. No complaints at all. Highly recommend! Read more

    2. Dr. Physiology

      We have multiple sets of Haflinger slippers for inside our home. We love them. They are really the most comfortable slipper around. I was very disappointed in this pair for my wife as they didn’t even last 6 months without the sole beginning to come undone on one of the slippers. I did try to contact Haflinger directly. They were polite but would not stand behind the craftsmanship after the 6 month period of time. This was extremely frustrating. With multiple pairs in our home, I feel as if I have a pretty good idea of how long they will last. This pair’s wear history is not similar to our other pairs. It leads me to believe that the stitching was defective on this pair. Judge for yourself (image attached) by viewing the right slipper on my wife’s foot. The left slipper of this pair is just fine, also suggesting something was defective on one slipper. I do wish Haflinger would have provided better customer service and not hide behind the 6 month “cut off” of their warranty on craftsmanship, especially for a long time customer. This pair of slippers are about 9 months old. I also was hoping that Amazon would provide some help with this, but their site claims the product is not longer “returnable”. So, in summary, the reason for the 1 star is for customer service issues. We love these slippers and they are super comfortable. However, they are pretty expensive slippers for 9 months of wear. Also, make sure to inspect them carefully prior to the 6 month warranty deadline so that you can send them back and get a new pair. BTW our other slippers are just fine with no defects. Read more

    3. Lauren M

      Decent slippers but I have only had them for 5 months of normal use and the sole is detaching from the shoe! I was hoping they would last a while given the price, but it turns out the quality wasn’t what I paid for! Read more

    4. L. R. Fenstermaker

      I just thought I’d write a review after my first pair of slippers bit the dust. It’s only been nine months, but I knew there were issues with longevity based on all the other reviews. And I work at home, so I was literally wearing them during all waking hours. I was hoping they’d last a little longer though, thus the four-star review instead of a five-star review. Still, they got me through a really bad case of plantar fasciitis, and I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone suffering from foot problems. I think you have to look at them as more of a temporary solution to a problem. For example, you wouldn’t complain if a band-aid didn’t hold up after using it for several months. Of course, these are much expensive than a band-aid, but for me, it was definitely worth $60 for nine months of relatively pain-free feet. Going forward though, I decided to switch over to the Haflinger Storm Flat with the hope that they’ll last a bit longer. And I have a spare pair of the AS slippers in the closet for any future flare-ups. One last thing – I decided to hand wash these in the future. I think the washing machine might have contributed to their fast decline. There was often felt coming off and stitching coming undone after a machine wash, especially toward the end. Read more

    5. Jackie M.

      I bought these for my mom for Christmas. They are somewhat ugly, but I bought them based on other reviews about comfort and the fact that they don’t make your feet sweat (causing stinky slippers that can never be washed). I actually tried them on when I got my order and they seemed really hard-soled. My mother didn’t look too happy when she unwrapped them. She definitely is not one to hide her feelings. She called me about 2 months later raving about how great they are and how much she loves them. She says they are the most comfortable slippers she has ever had and that her feet never get too hot or sweaty (yay for other peoples reviews!). I asked about the hard soles and she said that they seemed like they would be uncomfortable at first, but she never had a “breaking in period where they were uncomfortable”. Read more

    6. AM

      I was thrilled when I put these on and they were just right. I was looking for something to sleepily just step into in the morning. I usually get an 8-8.5 depending on the shoe but have been moving to a slightly larger size. I picked the 9 thinking that in winter I might wear socks and would appreciate the extra room. I happily slip them on almost every day without socks and they are warm and comfortable and not too large, kind of a sock substitute. They are a bit generously wide but it’s not a problem, again would be perfect with winter socks. I only slipped once when there was some polish overflow on the floor. I like the rich grey color and am glad I picked the neutral. Read more

    7. Bartolo

      I’m starting in on my fourth pair of these and really like them. They don’t last more than 2 years for me but fit like mittens for the feet, very comfortable. The soft soles don’t damage my antique carpets, unlike some hard-soled equivalents. But beware: the conversion table provided here of U.S. to European sizes is INACCURATE. The rule of thumb is that European sizes are the U.S. size + 33. When I used this table I got the U.S. equivalent of size 9, not 11, and had to return them. You can check with a Zappos table or one from the internet if you’re skeptical. The company should adjust this one. Read more

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