Girls’s w conventional leather sneaker

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  • 100% leather-based
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • durable and light-weight fabric: those footwear function soft garment leather upper for fast aid and fashion
  • efficient foot guide: die-reduce eva midsole absorbs effect and molded foam sock liner provides responsive cushioning help which lasts many strolls and jogs
  • secure and robust design: low-reduce design gives a graceful and complex silhouette with freedom of movement and faster transition continues you moving all day lengthy
  • high-performance informal footwear: excessive abrasion rubber outsole adds durable responsiveness; perfect for each day, casual and athleisure put on
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product description

reebok women’s classic leather-based footwear by no means go out of style and style. The smooth leather upper offers you advanced comfort. Low reduce design and die-reduce eva midsole of these informal shoes provide lightweight cushioning, while molded sockliner provides consolation and sturdiness. Perfect for athleisure, and everyday put on. Reebok klassische lederschuhe für damen kommen nie aus der mode und mode. Das obermaterial aus weichem leder bietet ihnen überlegenen komfort. Niedrig geschnittenes design und gestanzte eva-zwischensohle dieser freizeitschuhe bieten leichte dämpfung, während geformte einlegesohle komfort und haltbarkeit verleiht. Best für athleisure- und alltagskleidung. حذاء ريبوك الكلاسيكي الجلدي للنساء لا يصبح قديم الطراز أو الموضة. يمنحك الجزء العلوي من الجلد الناعم راحة فائقة. يوفر التصميم المنخفض والنعل الأوسط المصنوع من مادة ايفا في هذه الأحذية الكاجوال توسيدًا خفيف الوزن، بينما تضيف البطانة المصبوبة الراحة والمتانة. مثالي للرياضة والارتداء اليومي. Os sapatos femininos clássicos de couro da reebok nunca saem de moda e da moda. O cabedal de couro macio dá a você conforto superior. O layout de corte baixo e a entressola de eva cortada desses sapatos casuais oferecem amortecimento leve, enquanto a palmilha moldada adiciona conforto e durabilidade. Perfect para atletas e uso diário. Reebok 锐步女式经典皮鞋永不过时。 柔软的皮革鞋面为您提供超凡的舒适感。 这些休闲鞋的低帮设计和模切 eva 中底提供轻质缓震,而模压鞋垫增加了舒适性和耐用性。 非常适合运动休闲和日常穿着。 리복 여성용 클래식 가죽 신발은 결코 스타일과 패션에 뒤떨어지지 않습니다. 부드러운 가죽 갑피는 탁월한 편안함을 제공합니다. 이 캐주얼 신발의 로우 컷 디자인과 다이 컷 eva 중창은 가벼운 쿠션감을 제공하며 몰드 깔창은 편안함과 내구성을 더합니다. 애슬레저와 일상복으로 이상적입니다.


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White/Gum, Black

7 reviews for Girls’s w conventional leather sneaker

  1. Daniel Abarca

    FAKE! Never buying branded shoes on Amazon again. I’m almost offended by how they didn’t even try to make these shoes look real. The soles were so crappy and loose, I could press down on them with my finger, and it would make weird squeaking noises. Soles didn’t even have Reebok printed on it. Tongue was ripped and did not have the sewn layer above the Reebok logo. To top it, shoes were uncomfortable. Read more

  2. Diana L. Olsen

    For 30 years, I have been a happy customer, wearing Reebok Classic shoes for work and work-out. Have purchased dozens of pairs over the years. They were my predominant foot wear. Comfortable and functional. However, this changed when they chose to make their shoes out of “PC” leather or PLASTIC. This material does not breathe and is not good for the body. When I contacted Reebok corporate to register my dissatisfaction with this change to inferior material, the phone agent acted like they did not know about the change and promised that corporate would be sending me a $60 credit. That was over 2 months ago-no credit arrived, not that it matters, because I would not purchase another shoe made of plastic & had to switch to New Balance, who still makes some of their shoes in leather. SHAME on Reebok for advertising that this shoe is made of “leather AND man-made material, when probably only one tiny strip is real leather, just so that they can market the upper as partial leather. SO SAD! Lost me as a customer after all these years as a loyal customer. Read more

  3. B. Marie

    I used to wear these growing up 90s/00s and those fit exact and were made from real leather. The shoe I received I noticed that this “leather” is almost like the lowest grade of leather, some strayed stitching, no reebok branding on the insole cushion, looks as if there already worn because there’s cotton balls on the inside as if they’ve been worn and these run large. I normally wear an 11 in nike so assuming these are the true classics i obviously ordered 11. These aren’t fake. I did some research and based off of the reviews on amazon, the reebok site and my own review, they changed the best qualities that made reebok classics great. With all of the crossfit sponsorships one would think they’d keep the quality in their everyday fashion sneakers. Very disappointed. I’ll just hope no one is looking too close at my feet because I still like the aesthetic of them. They just won’t be a common worn shoe so I can preserve the newness bc something tells me these will look beat up real fast. I will be exchanging for a smaller size but mainly bc this was already worn. Amazon, you all need better QA checks before sending out merch. Reebok, do better. Read more

  4. mamavee

    I should’ve listened to what the other reviewers said about these shoes. First of all they’re made in Vietnam not the U.K. They say leather upper but the Reebok’s I owned in the eighties were much softer and molded to my feet with ease (which is what the old Reebok leather used to do). I remember they felt like a glove hugging my foot. Not the case with these. They’re hard and don’t even smell like leather. The sole is hard foam, not bendable. I feel like Frankenstein when I wear them. I’ve been wearing them on long walks for three days. Today a blister appeared. They’re nice looking, that’s why they get the lonely one star. This will be my last sneaker purchase with Amazon. UPDATE, January 2019: These shoes are awful. I tried to give them a fair shot by continuing to wear them around my home, and even used a shoe stretcher. While it helped break in the overall tightness of the “leather,” I wore them yesterday and went on a four-mile walk. When I got home, I had the worst pain in the arches and heels of both feet. So disappointed. I did what I should have done before buying these shoes: I went to a brick and mortar store and was properly fitted for a walking shoe. These are going to Goodwill. Hopefully someone will find them useful. Wish I could give zero stars and get me money back. Absolutely would not recommend these Reebok shoes. Read more

  5. Nancy Reed

    I had these when I was 30 years old. Then I went with the trendier newer material more “fun” high quality expensive sneakers. I am active so I will spend what it takes for good footwear. Now I am 60 with a business where I am walking all of the time. After trying endless high end brands and pretty color sneakers I got a pair of these because I needed 1 white pair. Now, I have 4 more pairs of these. They are the most comfortable soft but supportive sneakers I can find. I need the much support but these are supportive while also being soft and breathing. I have my pretty nikes and addidas’s and duomax’s and others sitting in met closet that I wear once in while if I will not be moving much and it matches my outfit but 90% of my days that require sneakers are spent in these. I guess there is a reason they are one of the few sneakers that have been around barely changed for over 30 years. Read more

  6. Alicia Amis

    I am so glad I bought these! They are so comfortable and super cute with everything. I pair them with jeans or leggings and they’re so fashionable and chic. They are a little on the stiff side but very comfortable to stand in all day. I work on my feet and stand up to 10 hours a day and the shoes are no problem at all. In fact they’re more comfortable than running shoes or other shoes I’ve tried to wear at work. And they are leather so they do get softer and they’re super easy to clean. They run true to size. I am an 8 1/2 and that’s exactly what I got and they fit perfectly. So glad I bought them! I love them! Read more

  7. lexlun

    Completely fake Reebok shoes. Super obvious that they are knockoffs. 1) The insole has no Reebok logo, 2) the tongues of the shoes looks different than what is pictured, 3) the sizing is way off – I ordered size 7 and it felt and looked like a size 6, and 4) doesn’t feel like leather. If you zoom in to look at the product photos, you’ll see the details that don’t match (even the stitching). I also compared the actual shoes with the photos from Reebok’s website. Extremely disappointed that Amazon would allow a seller to trick people into buying knockoffs and advertising as the real brand. Read more

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