Girls’s space dyed andrea slip on clog slipper with moisture wicking for indoor/outside comfort and arch aid

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  • 100% artificial
  • rubber sole
  • top class knit clog slipper in slip-on, open lower back layout with indoor & outdoor assist
  • gentle knit residence slipper can provide timeless fashion and heat, whilst the smartdri, moisture-wicking lining continues feet comfy and dry
  • long lasting rubber outsole provides indoor/outside wear and skid-resistant traction
  • flexible slipper transitions from couch to store to bedroom and is perfect for women of all ages and existence.
  • care: machine wash cool water; dry flat away from heat
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isotoner creates merchandise that revolutionize comfort and make fashion easy. Against depriving ourselves of lifestyles’s richest studies, but small, isotoner has got down to exchange the attitude from dwelling for the future in hurried duties to absolutely playing the existing, through striving to make time wearable.

isotoner women’s andrea space knit slide slippers

step into ultimate steeply-priced softness and luxury with isotoner ladies’s space knit andrea clog slippers. Breathable, moisture-wicking smartdri maintains ft cool, dry, and equipped for whatever. The a laugh area-dyed print takes this secure flat clog slipper from house and domestic to everywhere you pass. The flexible indoor and out of doors sole gives weather resistant and non-slip feature for comfortable footed walks.

  • breathable lining: wicks away moisture retaining ft cool, dry, and secure
  • durable soles: non-skid for indoor/outside put on.
  • gadget wash cool water, dry flat faraway from heat.
  • rubber indoor/out of doors sole affords sturdiness and anti-skid traction whilst allowing you to step quietly round your bedroom, residence, or hotel. Clean to slide on and cross!

    our ultra-secure clog house shoe is covered with a cozy smooth knit moisture wicking lining that offers your tired ft with a cozy and dry comfort with each step you’re taking

    informal and elegant appearance with a two tone design and a pass pattern. Easy slip-on house slippers which can be ideal for all ages and lifestyles

    product description

    step into final pricey softness and comfort with isotoner ladies’s area knit andrea clog slippers. Breathable, moisture-wicking smartdri continues feet cool, dry, and ready for whatever. The fun area-dyed print takes this relaxed flat clog slipper from house and domestic to anywhere you cross. The flexible indoor and outdoor sole gives weather resistant and non-slip characteristic for comfy footed walks. Isotoner 여성용 스페이스 니트 안드레아 클로그 슬리퍼로 궁극의 고급스러운 부드러움과 편안함을 느껴보세요. 통기성, 수분 흡수 smartdri는 발을 시원하고 건조하게 유지하고 모든 것을 준비합니다. 재미있는 스페이스 다이 프린트는 집과 집에서 어디에서나 이 편안한 플랫 클로그 슬리퍼를 가져옵니다. 다용도 실내 및 실외 밑창은 내후성 및 미끄럼 방지 기능을 제공하여 발을 안전하게 걸을 수 있습니다.


    6.5-7, 7.5-8, 8.5-9, 9.5-10


    Black, Vividly Violet

    8 reviews for Girls’s space dyed andrea slip on clog slipper with moisture wicking for indoor/outside comfort and arch aid

    1. Sarah

      I had ordered a pair of Muk Luks bootie slippers and was sooooo disappointed by the way they fit that I returned them and ordered these. Not only are these half the price, but they fit a LOT better. The Muk Luks were so flat inside and had zero arch support, which in turn caused my knees to roll inward and my feet pronated. The Isotoners have a softer memory foam feel, although not super thick. There’s a little more arch support, but still not enough for my high arches (better than nothing though!!). I got these in size 7.5-8 and typically wear an 8 in shoes (although my left foot is a standard 7, and my right foot is an 8). Normally I wear slippers with bare feet, and these fit perfectly that way. With thicker socks (like Bombas, as seen in my picture) they’re a little more snug. I’d say these slippers run VERY narrow- more than other Isotoner slippers I’ve worn in the past (I have another pair with more of a lip on the heel, and lined with faux fur). It’s a tight squeeze for my toes and I don’t have wide feet…. so if you do, these might not work. My heels also hit right at the outside edge. The best part about these is the rugged sole! My feet have stayed dry while wearing them outside (taking the garbage out, grabbing the mail, having a morning coffee, etc). I even wore them to the grocery store on accident! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I would say if you’re between sizes or have wider feet, definitely size up a whole size (not just half). They’re easier to make smaller with big, thick socks. But, for the price ($15.60 at time of review) these work great and are nice and snuggly warm! We’ll see how long they last with indoor/light outdoor use….. but if they only last one season I won’t be sad since they weren’t too expensive. UPDATE: so I’ve been wearing these for a couple months now, and they’re still in great shape. They have stretched out and gotten wider, probably from daily wear. I’ve even thrown them in the washing machine, and dried them or laid them flat. They wash really well either way. One issue with wearing any kind of slipper though, especially with bare feet, is that they can get pretty stinky. It’s embarrassing when I take these off and my feet are rancid! Being able to wash them easily has been a godsend! Hope this was helpful!! Thanks for reading! 😉 Read more

    2. KakoButterfly

      These isotoner house slippers are true to size, very roomy and comfortable foot support. I don’t know why there are bad reviews for these house shoes. I’m glad I had taken the chance because I’m a happy satisfied customer. I even order several pairs for my family members and they like them very much too. Very stylish unique up to date look. My Isotoner house slippers do not leave black marks on my tiled floors or carpet, as indicated by other customers. I will definitely recommend these shoes and even reorder again. Read more

    3. Jen

      Nothing special about them besides being able to walk outside with them. I have hardwood floors and they stick and squeek every time i walk. Drives me nuts! Read more

    4. Marnie72

      This slipper leaves black marks on my ceramic tile, especially when the floor is wet. I work from home and I wear slippers all day for support on the tile. When I wash the floor or spot clean and I accidentally step on the wet floor, I have black footprints all over the place. I would never buy this brand again even though they are fairly comfortable. I put throw rugs down before walking into rooms with carpeting; what a pain in the neck! Unfortunately I cannot return because I thought this would go away after wearing for a few week. Very disappointed. Read more

    5. Amy C. Le Blanc

      I love these slippers. they are so comfortable, but have enough structure so that I don’t slip or have trouble walking. They can be worn outside for minimal trips–to the mailbox, etc. They also drop not make my feet sweat, which is great for August in New Orleans. Read more

    6. Grammagill

      Bought these because my other pair wore out. Others were in white, these are black. The black inside and out run off the slippers. They left black on our carpet, and tile, and also turned my white socks I had on black. Threw out the package so can’t return. Read more

    7. Amazon Customer

      I absolutely love the look of these slippers, but I’m very disappointed with how the feel. I walked in them for about 5 minutes and my feet were sweating. I still wear them, for the looks, but I wish they were more airy like described Read more

    8. M. Sherwood

      I have worn the ballet flat slippers in this brand for years in my normal shoe size which had always fit perfectly. These slip ons in the same size are huge. They feel like they should be for men with wide feet.. If it weren’t for Covid I would have returned. Can’t keep them on with or without socks. Length seems correct. Will wash and add to the donation box. Waste of money, unless you have really wide enlarged feet. They are warm. They might be good for someone who doesn’t need to walk. Read more

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