Girls’s game 2 (le) athletic strolling shoe

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mbt’s classic recreation 2 collection! An appropriate athletic-styled taking walks shoe for normal sports in addition to serious exercising. The specific multi-layered sole and masai sensor emulates the feeling of taking walks on sand.


5-5.5, 7.5, 10-10.5, 11-11.5


Black, White

8 reviews for Girls’s game 2 (le) athletic strolling shoe

  1. Athina

    I bought my first pair of MBT Sport at a specialty shoe store in 2008. I paid over $300.00’s for them. It was a leap of faith that paid off. I have arthritis in my right foot due to an injury, and was having pain issues with my left as well. I spend 8 1/2 hours a day walking on uneven concrete floors. My life revolved around steps. How many to the bathroom, how many to my car, etc. Nights were awful, the pain disrupted my sleep. Advil became my best friend. When I put on that 1st pair of MBT’s, they were unlike anything I’ve ever worn before. I felt bouncy, and off balance, but when I walked there was no pain!! That 1st pair lasted almost 2 years. My second as well. Then the company went out of business. I went online and bought every pair i could find. I i tried other shoes as well, but nothing else compared to the MBT’s. My closet is full of expensive mistakes. ( I was ecstatic when I heard that the company had been bought and the shoes were back in production). Two months ago, I pulled out my last pair of MBTs, but something was not right. Every other pair I’d owned was black or white, this pair was grey. The fit was off, the toe box was too tight, they just weren’t comfortable, and my feet were killing me. My new ones arrived today, I ordered the black ones, and i ordered 1 size up. As soon as I put them on, that familiar bounce was there, they fit though I would still like a tiny bit more room in the toe box, but most important, i can walk comfortably. The shoes are 5 stars, but I took one off because when I opened the package the shoes fell out of the box, and there was only a wrinkled piece of tissue over the top of the shoes. There was no literature or DVD (included with every other pair I’ve ever purchased). They were packaged badly. I strongly suspect that I got a pair someone else returned. However the shoes looked perfect, do not appear to have been worn, and I was able to certify them on Certilogo. I would, and have, recommended these shoes to anyone who works long hours on their feet, or who has painful feet. Read more

  2. L. Rogers

    I’ve loved my MBTs for more than 11 years, My old ones wore out, and I selected these, Love them! It’s nice to walk pain free from Achilles Tendonitis and lower back pain again! For those of you not used to a shoe that is meant to have some heel slip, it may take a bit to get used to walking in them, but they are worth it in the long run! Read more

  3. Avid Reader67

    I ordered these (expensive) shoes and tried to wear them for an evening in my home. The whole time they just felt “tight.” I am a pretty stable size 7.5M but with rare occasions, I can be a loose size 8. I then checked the shoe box, it read US size 7-7.5. No wonder they were tight. For that reason they were returned. Disappointment. Read more


    They simply don’t fit the way the originals did – and I’ve worn out two pair of the real MBTs. The first pair was purchased in 2008 and was great, as was the second pair. But these are just … wrong. I could feel lumps under the insole – turned out to be chunks of glue which I managed to remove. It helped a small bit. I’ve tried different types of socks but nothing seems to help. I do have some other original MBTs and they are just fine. I’ve had them all resoled at least once. No problems. These were my all-day, every-day shoes but I can’t stand them any more. I’ve had them only two months but they’re going… probably in the garbage. Read more

  5. Anonymous

    Did not come in an original MBT shoe box or have the original MBT tags on the shoes. Actual shoe size did not correspond to posted size chart. Read more

  6. Liz

    These mbt’s are very different than the ones I previously owned & they should rename them and get it over with so there is no confusion. They are shorter and much narrower, so the comfort is gone. I even ordered larger size. Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    I had MBTs before but my local foot solutions doesn’t carry them anymore. I tried other brands but wanted to come back to the MBTs. They are great for plantar faciitis. However, I ordered the same size but the right one seems to be a little tight at the toes. I took out the pad to make it fit better and its ok, but there was some adhesive that I had to scrap off because it was bugging me. Next time I might go up one more size. I just have to take the right one off at the end of the day because my big toe hurts. Interesting since my left foot has generally always been the bigger foot. Can’t use my orthotics but with these shoes, I don’t need them. Read more

  8. Tamara Bader

    I was very nervous buying this pair of MBTs since they are not the original ones and I had to get them on-line. But, I was very relieved that they fit perfectly and I can wear my thick socks! I have them a 4 star rating instead of a 5, simply because I can tell they aren’t the equal quality of the original ones. Over all, they still are great shoes and feel like my old MBTs! I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts. I have only had the shoes a few days and haven’t worked a shift yet; so that will be the true test!! But, so far so good!!!! I have been wearing nothing but MBTs since 2007. Looks like I am going to be able to continue wearing them!!! Read more

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