Girls’s fluffy plush slide-on sandal house slippers with memory foam

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  • a hundred% polyester
  • synthetic sole
  • simple sizing: available in length small (us 6-6. 5), medium (us 7-7. Five), and huge (us 8-8. 5). If in among sizes, we endorse selecting a length up.
  • reminiscence foam: thick reminiscence foam cushion add support and luxury for all day wear.
  • anti slip sole: the textured backside grips to the floor stopping you from sliding or slipping.
  • style: thong slip on style manufactured from smooth, at ease and lush off white fabric. Thick cloud-like cushion presents closing consolation.
  • device cleanable: do your slippers get dirty quickly? No trouble. Genuinely throw your slippers within the washer to easy, and they’ll look as excellent as new. Choose slippers which can be always clean with less hassle.

product description

elegant yet comfy and comfortable. These slippers by using jessica simpson make a incredible present or present for your mom, daughter, and sister or for yourself! Surround your toes in this plush, fluffy and relaxed slide on thong. Ideal for sporting indoors around the house or after a pleasing massage at the spa. Thick padding provide your feet with ultimate consolation. A gripped floral sample backside gives you with anti-slip wear. Without problems slide on those ladies’s slippers and enjoy on foot around in comfort! 스타일리시하면서도 편안하고 아늑합니다. Jessica simpson의 이 슬리퍼는 어머니, 딸, 자매나 자신을 위한 훌륭한 선물이나 선물입니다! 푹신하고 푹신하며 아늑한 슬라이드온 끈 팬티를 신고 발을 감싸보세요. 실내 또는 스파에서 멋진 마사지 후에 착용하기에 적합합니다. 두꺼운 패딩은 발에 최고의 편안함을 제공합니다. 그립감 있는 꽃 패턴 바닥은 미끄럼 방지 착용을 제공합니다. 이 여성용 슬리퍼를 쉽게 신고 편안하게 걸을 수 있습니다!


Small, Medium, Large


Black Fluff, Black Rosette, Burgundy, Fuchsia Fluff, Fuchsia Rosette, Grey, Ivory Fluff, Ivory Rosette, Leopard, Pink Fluff, Pink Rosette

8 reviews for Girls’s fluffy plush slide-on sandal house slippers with memory foam

  1. MaryPat

    Having just had major Stomach Cancer Surgery my legs & feet were swollen badly w/Edema – nothing fit & socks hurt 😨. I was browsing thru slippers & wanting something not so plain & not flimsy!? Well OMG I recv’d my Jessica Simpson 💖slippers today & they not only feel heavenly on the soles of my feet – they fit comfortably on the top of my still swollen feet. I am in total love & forever grateful 💖😇💖 Read more

  2. NekaB.

    There are so many mixed reviews, so I decided to order them and try them for myself. The slippers were a huge disappointment once I opened them. I ordered the black slippers and they looked linty and worn already! The color was already fading as well. To top it off, the packaging was even bad too!! What a waste of time and money. I will be returning theses ASAP! Read more

  3. susan higuchi

    zero stars should be a thing. Slippers arrived yesterday, very thin sole, but that’s fine for summer, put them on, left foot great, right foot, foot went one way slipper went the other, ok so maybe I can stretch them with wear, checked under the puff ball and the puff ball was attached to far to the right and it was pulling the slipper to fit weird, my solution take the puff ball off, but it’s not stitched on, it is hot glued on and not just with a tiny bit but a massive blob of hot glue. When I finally got the puff ball off it was the only thing holding the toe piece to the strap, so I had to sew that on…..they still fit a little weird but what ya gonna do…save your money and go to Walmart their $5 slippers are better and at least they aren’t hot glued Read more

  4. EC

    I am a slipper wearer. I do not walk barefooted at all!!! I am constantly looking for quality “summer” slippers. These are NOT them. No cushion, very thin, cheap material that looks matted & ratty after a couple of days of wearing, and poor quality. I have purchased many of items for the Jessica Simpson line, these are the worst quality ones yet…. but all of her items seem to be falling off in quality, especially her purses too! Read more

  5. Elizabeth

    Really liked these slippers, was hesitant at first because I read comments about the quality being cheap and not fitting really right, but they are great. They were a little tight at first but they loosen up a bit after the first couple of wears. They are pretty flat but I just use them for inside my house so they’re just fine for that. Quality is alright, did notice the material starts to thin out a bit, but they still look cute. Did expect better quality for them being Jessica Simpson slippers, not sure if I’d buy again… but definitely love them how they look and for however long they’ll last. Read more

  6. book lover

    First, quality: Right out of the box these look like ragged out ten year old slippers. Second, lint magnet: I got black. Bwah ha ha, jokes on me. They attract and pick up what seems to be every single bit of dust, lint, dog hair available on the floor. Do you have floors that do not ever have one speck of dust on them? If so, they might be fine. I have a clean house. Hell, a friend dropped a piece of food on my kitchen floor and picked it up and ate it the other day. I have clean floors. But these things looked like a dust mop after just a couple of wearings. Thirdly, and most importantly, washability: Do you like to wash and dry your slippers every now and then? Well the good news is that they won’t look any worse than that ragged out ten year old appearance they have when brand spanking new. The bad news is that afterwards you will spend a good half hour or so on your knees with a scrubbie and a sponge, getting the black rubbery marks out of the inside of your dryer. You can smudge the marks with a finger so I’m thinking they will transfer to the next load of clothes. There wasn’t one square inch of the inside of the dryer that didn’t have some sort of black rubbery residue. Conclusion: I have an absolute hatred for these slippers and have thrown the nasty things in the trash. They were a false economy. Going to buy some high quality sheepskin ones and feel fairly smug about spending six times as much as this garbage cost. Read more

  7. nursechicks

    These are very soft and cozy. They do run slightly large, so I’m glad I didn’t get the large. I wear an 8 and ordered a medium. They arrived within 2 days. Read more

  8. Kimberly Anne

    Super cute slippers. I bought these to take the hospital with me when I deliver my baby girl so I wanted something pink and very feminine. They are very cute and serve the purpose well. They have cute pink puff at the top just like the picture and they have grips on the bottom so I won’t slip. Only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because they run small. I had to return the small for a medium but they were very quick at the exchange. I usually wear a size 7 in shoes. Read more

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