Girls’s embroidered terry ballerina slippers

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  • 78% cotton, 17% polyester, five% spandex
  • imported
  • synthetic sole
  • supremely tender slippers: cotton-combination plush terry ballerina house shoes for hot and cozy comfort; smooth to put on bendy suit with female satin bow detail for timeless style
  • terry lining for comfort: traditional ballerina house slippers with a highly-priced terry lining for warmth. Clean to slide on flats for on-the-move or casual existence; super for home; workplace; lounging; school; journey; interior. Ideal gift for girls of all ages
  • flexibility and support: isoflex comfort insoles conform and flex along with your ft for a comfy; custom in shape to fit your active life-style and provides stability for lengthy days in your feet
  • durable & gadget cleanable: those slippers are device cleanable and clean to clean. Crafted out of durable materials, those slippers can be cleaned to assist lower the unfold of germs and hold them feeling brand new. Wash in bloodless water and air dry
  • sizing tip: this slipper runs small; we recommend ordering the next size up for the maximum relaxed and flexible match. Available sizes small (5-6); medium (6. Five-7. Five); large (eight-9); x-big (9. 5-10. 5)
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women’s isoflex

isotoner signature isoflex ballerina slippers are an isotoner traditional. The ballerina slipper is amazing for journey and for relaxing at domestic. Enjoy both the stretchy shine of the satin or the embroidered ditsy print with the terry! Those slippers suit like a sock however have slipper cushion and luxury constructed in. Isoflex stretch comfort will conform and flex along with your toes and stays on irrespective of how active you are. Fabricated from either a stretch satin or stretch terry, the ballerina wraps your ft in general comfort.

a traditional ballerina silhouette with both indoor/outside or real suede tender bottoms. Smooth foam cushion insole custom designed for you. System cleanable.

introducing isotoner signature which offers a stylish appearance, custom consolation suit, as well as top-quality warm temperature. All isotoner signature products are product of awesome fabrics, superior cushioning and sturdy production.

product description

those supremely smooth slippers will transport you for your enjoyable satisfied region with each step. Isotoner girls’s embroidered terry ballerina slippers are made with cotton-combo terry for closing softness and breathability. Isoflex consolation insoles conform and flex together with your toes for a at ease, custom in shape to fit your lively lifestyle. These slippers additionally feature a low-profile, actual suede sole for stability and softness.


5-6, 6.5-7.5, 8-9, 9.5-10.5


Heather Grey Ribbon Bow, Heather Grey Soft Tie Bow, Periwinkle Soft Tie Bow, Petal Pink Ribbon Bow, Pink Soft Tie Bow, White Ribbon Bow, White Soft Tie Bow, Periwinkle Ribbon Bow, Pink

8 reviews for Girls’s embroidered terry ballerina slippers

  1. LC Hall

    I have spent the last two years looking for a good slipper. I’ve had flip flops (major trip hazard), wool slippers (so heavy, like wearing shoes in the house), slip-ons, slides, and fur-lined mocs. Finally, I decided to just go classic and get a ballet-type slipper. And it was a match made in heaven! These slippers provide full foot flexibility, which feels good because I can stretch and point and wiggle my toes. I like how they connect me to the floor, so I’m not tripping in them and risking injury from a fall. It’s the next best thing to the freedom of barefoot, but with enough cushioning and traction on the bottom to provide comfort and safety. I loved them so much I immediately bought another pair in a different color. My search is finally over! I found the perfect slipper for me!! Read more

  2. no name

    First of all what I received was one that clearly had been opened and returned because the plastic bag was cut along the side while the end with the sticky tape was still closed. Secondly, the sole is not the same leather like material that is on the last two pairs I bought. This seems more cardboard like. Even the logo on the bottom is not the same. Why do some pairs have the logo in all caps and some have it in all small letters? The logo is trademarked. There should be no difference. I did not try them on as they looked like they were a return but the size looks correct. Read more

  3. Diane C. Lytwyn

    I have been buying and wearing the exact same slippers in the sturdy sole in gray for years. All of a sudden, the slippers, which are the right size, are WAY too small! The shoe box, the part for the toes, is too tight, as if they short changed the right amount of materials. Of course, these are NOT made in the USA, but, the company NEEDS to make sure of quality and consistency! I don’t plan to buy any more! Terrible! Hurts my toes! Read more

  4. Amazon_Customer

    I was looking for a summer slipper that did not have a heel and had a closed toe. The Isotoner Terry Ballerina Slippers had both making this the perfect slipper for my feet. I was not disappointed as the slipper fits my feet well and I am well ground thanks to their flat sole. I also like the pretty print and ease of care. The slippers are machine washable. I have washed the slippers and hung them out to dry on the clothesline. Recommend. Read more

  5. teresa loeffler

    I was so excited to discover these slippers here in 6.5/7.5 medium, since my local stores started selling medium in only 7/8 which were too big for me. Even after seeing the sizing, I was careful and read reviews here that said the sizing was true, so I happily ordered a pair. I would have ordered three, if the other two colors had been in stock. Thanks goodness they weren’t because I got a surprise when I received the slippers. I swear they’re even smaller than the 5/6 smalls I’d been making do with from the stores. Pictured is the new slipper on the left compared to the Isotoner moisture wicking ballerina slipper on the right, which I already had and have only been wearing for a couple weeks. Both soles say Medium 6.5/7.5, but the size difference is abundantly clear. I should have sent the new pair back but I’d already clipped them off the board they came on and threw away the board. The more I think about it, the less I care about the missing board. I think I’ll see if it’s not too late to send them back after I finish this. Buyer beware, the sizing isn’t always true. Read more

  6. Chriselle V

    I’ve worn other slippers similar to Isotoner and the knockoffs just don’t compare in fit and quality. Pretty in periwinkle blue and very comfortable. Padded insole feels great and suede sole keeps me from slipping around our wood and tile floors. I wear a 7.5-8 in shoes so I ordered a size Large. I’m recovering from foot surgery and there’s enough stretch in this slipper to accommodate my still swollen right foot. Read more

  7. JG

    I will say I had issue with the bow being detached, but I fixed it. In any case, I adore these! The bottoms are leather and flexible, and that’s good for laying on the couch in my opinion. They have an adequate plush thickness, and keep my feet at a good amount of warm. Most slippers are crazy hot and these are perfect. They are terry, so it isn’t very soft, but I knew this when I ordered. Feels like a towel, in a good way. Love them haha Read more

  8. S. Wallace

    If I had paid better attention to my order, I would have gotten the correct size and been able to enjoy these pretty, soft little slippers. As it is, I goofed and was going to return them until my daughter who was visiting, saw my dilemma and relieved me of them. She’s happy! I still need slippers. 🙂 She tells me they are soft and comfy and fit her perfectly (of course they do!). She wouldn’t recommend wearing these outside since the bottom is suede and would be ruined quickly. But inside, they are great. Read more

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