Girls’s barefoot path going for walks footwear extensive toe fieldzero drop

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  • rubber sole
  • rubber outsoles provide the most desirable stability of traction and sturdiness, with a responsive feel on unpredictable terrain. Round lug patterns offer grip at some stage in motion
  • removable insoles assist the ft’s arches and no longer cause too much stress and transfer weight over the ball of the feet.
  • thicker topline wrapped flawlessly around toes, which make shoes no longer fall off at some point of exercising
  • reflective strip on heel counter,make certain safty in the course of exercise at night
  • the reason of minimalist shoes is to provide our toes maximum quantity of freedom to transport and function as though we are on foot barefoot.
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joomra barefoot shoes are perfect for education and fitness whether in or out of the gymnasium, with particularly designed soles that provide grip for the duration of lateral movement and mountain climbing. The weight is mild compared to standard running shoes, the footwear is designed to match the exact form of your foot,which like wearing a glove to your foot


5.5-6, 6.5-7, 7.5-8, 8.5, 9-9.5, 10, 10.5-11


Black, Black/Gum, Orange, A_black/Knit, B_allblack, B_pink/Camouflage, Purple, B_black/Grey, Black/Red, Pink, A_light Blue Knit, A_red Knit, A_pink Grey Knit, A_purple Knit, A_rose Red/Knit

7 reviews for Girls’s barefoot path going for walks footwear extensive toe fieldzero drop

  1. Jessi

    I got my regular shoe size and they fit perfectly. I got these primarily for hiking. I went on a few different trails over the past weekend, everything from flat, well worn trails to hilly, swampy trails; I think my boyfriend got tired of me saying how much I love my new shoes. They are very lightweight, they didn’t slip off while trudging through some muck, and they were still very comfortable when my feet got soaked. Also, they washed easily and are back to looking good as new! I definitely prefer these over my old hiking shoes that cost 5x as much! Read more

  2. Sarah Gallagher

    I really like these! I’ve never owned a pair shoes like this so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but they definitely exceeded what expectations I did have. I’m normally a size 9 however considering they are wide sizes I ordered a size 8.5 and they fit perfectly! I wore them to the gym a couple times and they held up great no ankle chaffing or pinching of the toes. Keep in mind these are minimalists shoes so they are not going to have a lot of support which is to be expected. The only thing I have a tiny problem with is the fact that you can see the glue where the toes are. However it to me all I care about is functionality so this is a very small error in my opinion. Not worth taking a star off. For the price I don’t think you can find anything better ! Great shoes, cute and unique! Read more

  3. Sandra

    Everyone’s main concern is size, comfort, and quality, and I will tell you that I’m actually very surprised! When I buy shoes at Payless, I’m an 8.5, but when I buy shoes at Ross I’m a 9, so I’m pretty sceptical about the shoes sizes, especially when I saw 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, etc. I took a guess and bought a 9.5, and it fits perfectly! There’s a small gap in front of my toes but it makes up for it when I run. Now about quality and comfort. I have wide feet, I love being barefoot, and I hate heavy shoes, and these shoes fit and adjust to your foot width and are very light, they pretty much make you feel barefoot but with extra backup for terrain. I’m actually very happy the bottom doesn’t feel foamy. I would like to add that these are my first pair of shoes ever purchased through Amazon. Read more

  4. Natalie Johnson

    I’ve been looking for a pair of minimal trail running shoes for a while & shopped around A LOT before finally finding these – and I’m so glad I waited! I looked at many expensive, high-end brands ranging anywhere from $65-135 a pair, and was always hesitant to purchase due to poor reviews saying the shoes often fit too narrow, were uncomfortable after long periods, or wore down after just a few months – or all three! These are GREAT. The price is fantastic, awesome traction, I love the variety of colors offered, and the wider toe makes them comfy without the need to break them in first. Many people wear minimal shoes without socks, but I’ve been wearing these with a pair of thin, low socks so I don’t have to worry about stinky feet & the results & comfort have been amazing. I’ve been practically living in these since they arrived and honestly can’t remember a time I wanted to wear trail shoes with my everyday clothes too. Would totally purchase again. Read more

  5. Brittany Ishmael

    So far I am very happy with this product, I will write an update the longer I wear them. They are the first minimalist shoe I have ever bought and I am surprised on how comfortable they are! I have had them on for hours now just to break them in and honestly they don’t even need it. I like how the insoles are removable since they do have an arch support in them. I like how snug but also roomy they are for my feet and since its cold here I have had no issue yet with my feet getting to cold. They can be worn with or without socks and I personally like socks with them. Thank you for some amazing shoes! !!!!!!UPDATE!!!!!! It is now may 20th of 2019 and they are still going strong! Easy to clean for me if they get wet or muddy and overall there just an awesome shoe. Would get another pair if I could! **UPDATE** October 26th, 2020 My husband has bought a pair and wears them to work at amazon lol Ironically. They have held up very well and I am extremely happy we bought more. Mine are still just as amazing as when I bought them about almost 3 years ago. Read more

  6. Kindle Customer

    I have never worn a ‘minimalist’ shoe before but decided to give these a try. They came today and I am shocked at how incredibly comfortable they are right out of the packaging! Very lightweight and flexible with plenty of room to wiggle your toes. I immediately ordered a second pair in another color!! I did go up a half size on the second order just to add a wee bit more toe room. Highly recommend these to anyone interested in having happy feet! Update: I have received my second order which is a half size larger. It doesn’t seem to be all that much longer, but is a wee bit wider in the toe area. I’m thrilled with both pair and don’t see myself choosing one size over the other to wear. Love both colors! Read more

  7. RC

    This winter, I’ve been jogging while barefoot inside my house, but noticed I was having ankle pain at night. I didn’t want to wear typical sneakers indoors, so I thought I’d look for “barefoot” sneakers to only wear indoors. I’ve never worn minimalist sneakers before and wasn’t sure what to expect; but happily, were comfortable right out of the box! I immediately jogged for 30 minutes with them, and they stayed comfortable throughout—no chafing or blisters or discomfort. Most importantly, I have had no post-running ankle pain! They offer enough cushioning and support to make a difference. They even have a little arch support, which I appreciate. I plan to get another pair in a different color to wear outdoors this spring (so one indoor pair for use in home/gym and another to take on dirt trails). It’s a surprisingly great little sneaker at such a reasonable price point. Read more

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