Girls’s 813 v1 lace-up walking shoe

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  • 100% leather-based and textile
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • live on consistent ground: these comfy new balance walking footwear are crafted with a rollbar balance put up machine that allows control rear-foot motion for enhanced support with every step
  • foot pleasant: step out in comfort with cushioned strolling footwear designed to maintain you transferring. The 813 may be eligible for medicare repayment with medicare/hcpcs code a5500
  • stroll certainly: the 813 grownup taking walks shoe from new stability features taking walks strike route technology in the outsole to assist stabilize and manual the foot thru a natural taking walks gait cycle
  • constructed for lasting comfort: experience the comfort and durability of robust and fashionable walking footwear, providing supple leather uppers and resilient rubber soles that stand up to regular put on-and-tear
  • cushioned consolation: this walking shoe for adults capabilities a light-weight foam midsole and tender comfort collar for supportive cushioning that suits your energetic way of life.

product description

revel in a clean and steady trip with each stride, way to the movement-control generation of the new stability 813 taking walks footwear. Those comfy strolling footwear are built with a rollbar stability post machine that facilitates control rear-foot motion for more advantageous guide whilst you stroll. Designed to promote a right stride, this adult walking shoe is ready with walking strike direction era in the outsole that helps to stabilize and manual your toes via a natural on foot gait cycle so you can maintain moving in consolation. A light-weight foam midsole and tender comfort collar provide additional cushioning and support with each step. To help make certain your toes appearance as proper as they sense, these new balance walking shoes function supple leather uppers with traditional new balance branding and a secure closure. Resilient rubber soles whole the sturdy and elegant bundle, supplying durability for everyday wear on an expansion of surfaces. Whether for walking, operating or collaborating in mild workouts, those cushioned taking walks footwear provide supportive comfort that could assist protect your ft. Choose types of the 813 can be eligible for medicare repayment with medicare/hcpcs code a5500.


5, 5 Wide, 5 X-Wide, 5.5, 5.5 Narrow, 5.5 Wide, 6, 6 Wide, 6 X-Wide, 6 XX-Wide, 6.5, 6.5 Narrow, 6.5 Wide, 6.5 X-Wide, 6.5 XX-Wide, 7, 7 Narrow, 7 Wide, 7 X-Wide, 7 XX-Wide, 7.5, 7.5 Narrow, 7.5 Wide, 7.5 X-Wide, 7.5 XX-Wide, 8, 8 Narrow, 8 Wide, 8 X-Wide, 8 XX-Wide, 8.5, 8.5 Narrow, 8.5 Wide, 8.5 X-Wide, 8.5 XX-Wide, 9, 9 Narrow, 9 Wide, 9 X-Wide, 9 XX-Wide, 9.5, 9.5 Narrow, 9.5 Wide, 9.5 X-Wide, 9.5 XX-Wide, 10, 10 Narrow, 10 Wide, 10 X-Wide, 10 XX-Wide, 10.5, 10.5 Narrow, 10.5 Wide, 10.5 X-Wide, 10.5 XX-Wide, 11, 11 Narrow, 11 Wide, 11 X-Wide, 11 XX-Wide, 11.5, 11.5 Wide, 12, 12 Narrow, 12 Wide, 12 X-Wide, 12 XX-Wide, 12.5 X-Wide, 13, 13 Narrow, 13 Wide, 13 X-Wide, 13 XX-Wide


Black, White, Wind Chime/Oral Grey/Lead

7 reviews for Girls’s 813 v1 lace-up walking shoe

  1. Kim P.

    I have had successful experience with New Balance 800 Series in the 4 E width until now. They are a nice shoe if you aren’t required to use medical AFO’s. I tried the shoe on with the insole removed as I have done in the the 810 and 811 as the space is needed for the braces. Once the shoe is on when I tried to tie them there was large gap on each side of the tongue clearly showing the foot/socks. This model of the shoe has been narrowed and material especially on the tongue reduced. This is a shoe that has been recommended by medical personnel and professional shoe fitters. I had purchased this same shoe in white last summer but in the size I have always worn, i decided to go up a size hoping this would help as the problem I noted earlier was why they were sent back. New Balance needs to go back to the earlier model of the shoe as I am sure others are having the same problems if they are required to wear leg braces. It is a shame because New Balance was a great value and better looking than the orthopedic shoes in the casual/athletic area. Now I will be spending almost double the price for athletic shoes that don’t look as nice. I am sure that the shoes would be fine for individuals that don’t require added inserts or braces as they are a quality product but think twice before purchasing if you need the added foot support items. Please bring back the earlier versions. Read more

  2. Washington State

    The first impression is how cheap the shoes look in person. They are leather, and yet, somehow manage to look like cheap imitation pleather. They also have a simplistic build that looks more like cost-cutting than elegant or stylish. The fit is simply unacceptable. They are far too tight. Compared with my New Balance 1540v2 in 9.5 4E, these shoes (same size) feel shorter in length and far slimmer in width. I would say nearly half inch slimmer in the toe box, despite being labeled the same size and width. Contributing to this is both a shoe sole that is narrower than the 1540v2 and a toe box featuring walls that slant inwards, as opposed to the 1540v2 which are fairly straight up and down giving it far more room. The real mystery is how one single company can produce these two shoes, label them the same size, and make the 813 far smaller externally and internally. A male family member has been finding similar issues with New Balance shoes. He wears a 4E width. But for some reason all the male New Balance shoes, in 4E width, now come with soles that are no wider than a medium width shoe and they just put a slightly larger upper on it. He’s tried 5-10 different models at least and his big toe goes over the inside edge about a half inch. He also tried some of their retro 80’s style shoes and the wide sizes were actually narrower than similar styled Kangaroo shoes in medium width. Perhaps New Balance is not the brand it once was. They used to be a champion of ensuring that people received the width of shoes they need. And were one of the few that would make wider shoes in many striking and colorful designs. But it seems like it might be time to just move on from them and start trying to find another brand. Read more

  3. Thomas E. Lawson

    I have been wearing New Balance shoes for years. I started with the 811, then 812 and now 813 The thing I like about them is they always fit the same and never need breaking in. I just put on a new pair and wear them without ever getting raw or sore places on my feet. I also like the roll bar in the shoes as it helps my walking gait. I’ve also discovered NB 928’s that I like as much as my 813’s. Read more

  4. deloris ashcraft

    New Balance Women’s WW813 Walking Lace Shoe, White, 11 B US I really like the shoe. I have special orthotics that I have to wear in my shoes. These shoes work great. Also, there is no seam across the small toe, which usually rubbed against my small toes and made the shoe very uncomfortable. The only complaint I have is the tongue of the right shoe is short causing it to slide to the right side of the shoe and causes pain across the top of my foot where the strings lay across the edge of the tongue. The left shoe tongue is puffier at the time keeping it in place better. The right tongue does not have the puffieness. Read more

  5. Sharon Knutsen

    Purchased these shoes because the women’s walker 812 shoe was no longer available. I found the toe box in the 813 not as deep as the 812 and as a result was not able to wear them. It seems New Balance has changed the last for these walking shoes. I returned the shoes and will have to look for a different brand to accommodate my feet. Bing back the WW811! Read more

  6. J. A. Black

    The WW813 New Balance Walking Shoe had no support. I felt like the interior of the shoe was made of cardboard. The quality and fit of American clothing and shoes was carelessly left to the to Chinese factories to produce without supervision. Brand names have no integrity. There is nothing of fine quality anymore. The top of the line starts at mediocre. Read more

  7. Margaret A. Meeuwen

    Because of COVID 19, and being the age I am, I don’t want to go anywhere to try on shoes which I normally have to do because I am hard to fit. I do have a wider front of my foot with arthritic changes and I have a narrow heel.So I need a bigger toe box especially for my left foot. I have arch problems so I have to be able to fit my orthotics in the shoe. I get New Balance footwear because they seem to be the best for my situation. So, I got this pair, an 8 wide size to make sure the front was wide enough. Unfortunately, the 8 wide was too wide. I should have gone with an 8 regular. I have been able to walk OK in them, tightening the laces, but because they are too wide, i have a a bit less support than I’d like and my heel keeps slipping in them. When this COVID mess clears up I probably will go to a store and try shoes on and buy a different pair. For now I will keep these until I can do that. I had to get a new pair because my former NB walkers I used a lot for 6 years, the sole in the front came off. They are leather and I’ll probably get them fixed but I couldn’t find that particular shoe on Amazon or the NB site. Read more

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