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  • vibram rubber sole
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  • do they come with the z coil insoles with exclusive arch heights?
  • no. The primary z-coil shoe has a medium arch built into the orthotic and a non-adjustable removable insole. But, if you want to custom modify on your arch — add the z-fit custom arch insole. This insole comes with 8 parts (2 insoles and 6 arches (low, medium & high)). Right here is the hyperlink: https://www. Amazon. Com/z-coil-womens-z-fit-custom-insole/dp/b00ncc5nyq/ref=sr_1_1? Ie=utf8&qid=1547758974&sr=eight-1&keywords=zfit+arches+for+women the z-healthy is an exquisite product and will paintings for any shoe product. By using helping your arch you may boom consolation and reduce foot fatigue. Team z-coil 800-268-6239 see less

  • sizingi bought a size 10 that is what i exploit in all other shoes and they are to huge. Display i order a size smaller?
  • query: sizingi purchased a length 10 that’s what i take advantage of in all other footwear and they are to huge. Show i order a size smaller? Answer: they are authentic to size. Via suzanne tesina on may additionally 29, 2020 collapse all answers

  • so do those footwear run small?
  • thank you for the query! As different solutions have clarified, they run a touch huge however proper to length, and are wider than “normal” tennis shoes. Christie additionally correctly mentioned our extra inserts that we encompass with each pair, which you can upload to help make up approximately 1/2 size. Our advice is usually to spherical up, after which use the extra inserts if you need. When you have any questions or would like to speak about sizing, please feel unfastened to call us at 1-800-268-6239. We stay up for assisting you! See much less

  • does it help keep the pressure off
  • question: does it help keep the strain off answer: love my shoes. Took more than one weeks to regulate. But i’ve had no issues with toes or precise. Yeas ker is pressure off by way of cheryl flores on january 18, 2018 failed to get solutions. See extra solutions (2) disintegrate all answers


    5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


    Black, Pink, Sky/Blue, White

    8 reviews for Freedom girls’s open coil

    1. Suzanne Tesina

      Got these shoes about a week ago and I just couldn’t be happier! Put them on right out of the box, didn’t get them adjusted, but they seemed to fit fine. The next day, I put on the inserts to make them a bit smaller and give a little more padding. Immediately, I felt the difference – my Achilles’ tendons didn’t hurt so much! Within a week, I was walking almost pain free, and can now jog again. My pain was so severe I couldn’t walk down steps without assistance. These shoes have done the paces, I have two dogs and we walk about five miles a day on some pretty steep hills, and I can now keep up without problems or pain. I tend to slam down pretty hard on my heels when I walk, these shoes absorb the shock. Just can’t say enough good about these shoes, I am a new active person again! Read more

    2. Underwater Attack Cat

      I have a lot of heel and arch pain. I’ve tried everything except injections and surgery. I also stand at my work for 12 hours, mostly in one stationary spot. By the end of my shift, my feet hurt so bad I can barely stand and once I sit down getting back up is incredibly painful. SO, I broke down and spent the money for these weird looking shoes. They actually work. It’s not 100% pain relief but I would say 99%, because my feet still end up feeling a bit of pain in the eleventh hour of a shift, but on average day to day my feet are mostly pain free. I definitely don’t regret the purchase. Read more

    3. Karen E. Lay

      My neighbor thinks these shoes look cool. I am not sure but they are definitely different. What is important is that they feel really good on and they fit great. I have not gone all day with them yet but I know they will be great. I learned about Z-coil in an assembly plant. I was there working on a launch when I saw one of the line workers wearing them. They were so unusual I asked him about them. He told me standing all day on his feet he would get home and almost be cripple. Now after buying these shoes — no more problems. I will update as I get more wear on them but so far I love them. Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      They are a tiny bit too big (size 8 – I wear 7 1/2) but comfortable, oh my gosh! I have allowed some of my family and friends to try them on and I did not have to convince them to want a pair. They are great!!! I would love to have a pair of sandals as soon as I can afford them. It looks a bit funny to wear my sneakers and socks to church on Sunday. I wore them Sunday past for the comfort because once I put them on in the morning, I don’t want to take them off, even for a nap on the couch. They are addictive. So if anyone has a pair of black sandals size 7 that they do not wear anymore, please let me know. I’m serious!!! Read more

    5. Marciaoto

      My back is thankful. Wonderfull product. I have a friend who has 15 pair of Z-Coils and she let me borrow a pair for a few days to see if they would work for me as I have had total knee replacement on both knees and wanted to make sure they wouldn’t hurt my knees. My problem now is my lower back thus the purchase and I am thrilled to say my back is already at least 50% better after just a couple of days and no problem with knees at all. I highly recommend these shoes and the Z-Coil customer service is terrific. Don’t be afraid to give them a try your body will thank you. Read more

    6. VBRN50

      These shoes are expensive, and they are weird looking. That being said, if you are having trouble with your feet, especially with plantar fasciitis, I think they are great. These were recommended to me by a nurse friend of mine. She swears by them. I was having a lot of heal pain when I walked, and it was worse when I stopped walking. These shoes have cured that. I did have to adjust the heels because I pronate my feet. But it’s easy to do, and I found a helpful video on YouTube which shows you exactly how to do it. Read more

    7. Trina

      The width, toebox and arch support are all perfect. I suffer from low back pain, and have a slightly torn achilles tendon and bone spurs of the left heal. I was wearing an orthopedic boot on my left foot and leg. It kept me unbalanced and also aggrevated my lower back. I was in constant pain. I had seen nurses wearing Z-coils and each and the reviews were all so positive and encouraging. As a result, I decided to purchase a pair and all I can say is that I am so glad I did. After wearing Z-coil for about a week and a half consistently, My back pain and achilles tendon pain is nearly zero on a scale of 1-10. These shoes gave me my life back. I love them and will buy more pairs Z-coils in the near future. I love my Zs. Read more

    8. Lucy RN

      I have been wearing Z-Coil shoes for over 20 years I love them. I’m a nurse & on my feet most of my shift, my feet, legs & back feel so much better when I wear my Z-coils. They last many years, my 1st pair lasted about 20 years. They may cost a lot but the way I feel & the fact that they last longer than any other shoe makes them a bargin! Read more

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