Boys shoes infant footwear boots boys going for walks shoes tennis footwear little huge boys footwear lightweight sport youngsters footwear size 6 infant-length 6 massive youngster

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  • phylon sole
  • recommendations for shoe length: we advise you operate our sizing guide to make sure right fitment. Pick out size as in step with boy’s foot length. Every pair of the children boys footwear have been strictly inspected on manufacturing, you may not be disappointed with the durability, guide and pleasant the boy sneaker supplied.
  • breathable vamp:little boys tennis shose built with breathable mesh to keep toes cool and dry during the recent months. White stripes on vamp are manufactured from very thin nylon fabric to beautify breathability.
  • light-weight sole : stylish sole is constructed for surprise reduction and slip-resistance. Phylon material makes going for walks footwear light-weight and twistable, and offers ideal cushioning perfermance. The men footwear additionally have wonderful grip in moist and dry conditions.
  • notable smooth slip on style:the covered no-tie laces permits boys to without difficulty slip on these shoes with little attempt.
  • first-rate secure: bendy mesh vamp, breathable insole and cushioned outsole constructed the boys shoes extraordinarily comfortable. They do assist reduce foot fatigue to support each day walking,strolling or having fitness center class in school. And that they may be brief dry if get the shoes wet while having a few outside activites.

product description

they’re must-have fashion athletic kids footwear, they truly can maintain as much as a boy’s play behaviors ,anything take them as youngsters strolling shoes, youngsters tennis shoes or children college shoes.

the boys sneaker particularly made for primary faculty boys who love outdoor sport, stylishlife and outstanding first-rate.

approximately length:

infant length 8. 5 for foot period 15. 2cm / infant size nine. 5 for foot period 15. 9cm / little boys length 10 for foot duration 16. 6cm / little boys length 11 for foot duration 17. 3cm / little boys length 12 for foot length 18cm / little boys length 12. Five for foot length 18. 7cm / little boys length thirteen. Five for foot period 19. 3cm / little kids size 1 for foot length 19. 9cm / little boys length 2 for foot length 20. 6cm / large boys size 2. Five for foot duration 21. 3cm / big boys length 3. 5 for foot duration 22cm,massive boys length four. 5 for foot period 22. 7cm,huge boys length 5 for foot duration 23. 3cm,huge boys size 6 for foot length 23. 9cm (p. S. Foot period=heel to toe)


5.5 Toddler, 8 Toddler, 8.5 Toddler, 9.5 Toddler, 1 Little Kid, 2 Little Kid, 3 Little Kid, 10 Little Kid, 11 Little Kid, 11.5 Little Kid, 12 Little Kid, 12.5 Little Kid, 13.5 Little Kid, 3 Big Kid, 3.5 Big Kid, 4.5 Big Kid, 5 Big Kid, 6 Big Kid, 6.5 Big Kid, 7.5 Big Kid, 8 Big Kid, 9 Big Kid


Black, Black/Red, Blue, Blue-yellow, Brown, Blue-green

8 reviews for Boys shoes infant footwear boots boys going for walks shoes tennis footwear little huge boys footwear lightweight sport youngsters footwear size 6 infant-length 6 massive youngster

  1. BBe2

    My 7-year-old son had outgrown every single pair of shoes that he owned overnight. He refused 9 different pairs of new shoes all different brands, shapes, sizes, and prices (all ordered from Amazon with free returns thank god). He’s rather picky, actually he’s INSANELY picky. I thought he would hate these because they came up so high in the back but he loves that part because they are very easy for him to pull on. They weigh almost nothing, don’t squeeze his feet anywhere, pull on; have no laces or velcro, and stay on. If you have a kid who is hard on his shoes, I wouldn’t recommend these (at least for outdoor use) because he or she will probably destroy them the first day. WARNING – the soles are very slippery for some reason so make sure you scuff them up well or buy stick on anti-slip shoe pads and tread lightly – with caution in the beginning. I bought a second pair for him for Christmas. I couldn’t believe how excited he got. Read more

  2. anner paldor

    We are completely dissatisfied with these shoes. We bought them in October 2020, and three months later they started to get teared up. The attached photos are from now (4.5 months after we got them), but you can see that they’re in a very advanced degree of wear and it started to tear up way earlier than reasonable. My son is active but not irregularly, and additionally he’s not going to school and also in several occasions he wears boots. So his use of the shoes is moderate or even lower than average, which makes their accelerated wear even more concerning. They fit well, they look nice and they are comfortable, but due to the extremely low durability I strongly recommend avoiding this low quality product. For comparison, we got his twin brother different shoes at the same time, and his brother’s shoes are still in great condition. Read more

  3. Cristina S.

    These shoes are great for my active boy! Love that he can slip them on easily. Sizing was true to size, regular width. They have a great sporty look! Read more

  4. Dana Dee Cee

    These shoes are well worth the money. They are sturdy, well-built and fit very good. My grandson loves them! They have lasted longer than any other shoe I bought recently. He where is the toes out quick because he rides a scooter but these have held up. Read more

  5. Alexandra Frydman

    With my son’s quick growing feet, I am always searching for sturdy but reasonably priced shoes. I ordered a size up and they have room in the toe but are made to fit the rest of the foot. My son turns his ankles and these are like high tops and provide great support. They look cool with airy heel. Definitely would buy again. Read more

  6. Lindsey

    One of the shoe insoles is a lot smaller than the other. My son complained that his toes felt weird, ended up being because his toes were hanging off the top of the insole. It’s like they used one for a much smaller shoe by accident. Disappointed. Read more

  7. Lindsey Erby

    Great quality, nice zipper, easy on/off and Velcro at the top to keep the zipper from slipping down. Can leave tied semi-loose and still get off and on easily thanks to the zipper. Seems comfy to me, little guy seems to like em! Read more

  8. Alla A.

    My son love them so far. But the first time we put them on the zipper broke. I can’t return them now because my son insisted on wearing them. Read more

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