0C1A504CNZE579 Guys’s 6″ pit boss metal toe business work boot

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  • one hundred% leather
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures about 5. Five” from arch
  • heel measures about 1. 5″
  • live to your ft: our pit boss is everything a metal toe boot ought to be: safe, tough & relaxed. These leather-based work boots meet ansi safety requirements and characteristic slip-, oil- and abrasion resistant outsoles for traction & padded top collars for comfort.
  • protection and luxury: seasoned 24/7 consolation suspension era is a completely unique comfort gadget that meets the most rigorous work website needs — 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. It facilitates reduce foot fatigue, guide the arch and cushion each step.
  • a source of satisfaction: we know you take pride to your work, so our gentle-toed footwear and boots and metallic-toe boots and shoes are designed to offer you with improved activity performance day in and time out. Wear them at paintings nicely as at home with comfort & fashion.
  • nice workwear: timberland pro assesses the unmet wishes of folks that paintings in the maximum stressful environments after which develops answers that supply closing comfort, durability & protection—all day lengthy—from paintings boots & shoes to anti-fatigue insoles.
  • rugged nubuck leather with breathable and moisture-wicking lining , constructed with goodyear welt production for a durable mechanical bond

product description

the pit boss is the whole thing a piece boot should be: safe, tough and certainly at ease. First of all, the metal toe production meets ansi safety standards and gives a roomier toe box than other boots. This means no foot ache even after lengthy hours of hard paintings. You’ve got also move an unsurpassed traction-grip for working on moist or slippery surfaces and digital risk protection to preserve you safe from open circuits. On the comfort the front, a removable sock liner proves blisters do not must pass hand-in-hand with difficult paintings. And in the end, these boots are not something in the event that they aren’t tough. Cross ahead, just try and wear them out.

timberland set new industry requirements for craftsmanship, durability and protection whilst it introduced an authentic, water resistant leather boot in 1973. A worldwide chief in design, engineering and advertising of top rate footwear, timberland values customers who cherish the outside and their time in it. Timberland has been an industry chief within the use of both sustainable and recycled materials in its footwear, as well as its footwear packaging. The timberland enterprise believes in company duty and supports severa civic and social initiatives for the duration of the year.


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Brown, Wheat, Black, Black Oiled Full-grain Leather

6 reviews for 0C1A504CNZE579 Guys’s 6″ pit boss metal toe business work boot

  1. Adam C Robinson

    I bought these boots for work because I am required to wear steel toe shoes in industrial area. I usually buy the 6″ Direct Attach Pro Steel Toe timberlands, but they are $50 more than these so I thought I would give these a shot…Turns out…I HATE THESE! They are okay on fit, but they have something inside the heel wrap that constantly scrapes the back of my ankle. It is very annoying and sometimes even hurts. When I first put them on and wore them around the house to see if they were okay, they felt fine, but the more I wear them to work, the more my ankle hurts.Read more

  2. charles corley

    I work for Fedex so a good boot is very important to me. I have been wearing Timberland boots for years. I usually get about one year out of them before replacing them. I had two foot injuries at work about nine months apart. It was clear that I needed steel toe safety boots. Since I have had good luck with Timberlands in the past , I ordered Timberland Pro Steel Toe Boots. After about six hours on the first day, I couldn’t stand it no longer. I had blisters on both ankles and the back of my foot. The seam in the back of the boot was poorly sewn. There was also a piece of what felt like hard plastic that ran along inside the lining where it rubbed against my ankles. Every step was very painful. I had to stop on my lunch break at a local sporting goods that also sold work boots. I purchased a different brand for instand relief. I now have to send theses boots back to Amazon for a refund. I read the reviews which mostly looked good. But there are some reviews with the same problems that I have with mine. I guess I got a bad pair.Read more

  3. EJen

    I work at a trash burning plant, our boots get covered in ash daily. The ash dries most boots out making them too tight, stiff and eventually crack. Many boots don’t last 6 months. I’ve tried several other quality boots over the last 13 years and none of them hold up for even half as long as these. Almost everyone at my job uses only these boots and I tell all new employees not to waste their time with anything else. They are also unbelievably comfortable, right out of the box. No break in needed. I have never had a lace hook break off either, even with Kevlar laces. Other boots I use with Kevlar laces (because they hold up to the ash) the hooks eventually break off. These boots also have a nice tread that holds up very well, and that don’t trap ash or mud like so many other boots. These boots also have support in the middle of the sole which means that the sole will not put pressure on the arch of your foot when walking up ladders.I have a wide foot, size 13 4e. I buy size 13 normal width for these boots and never get chafed by the sides of the steel toe like many other boots I have tried.This boot is also a great all around work boot, I have a pair that I wear at home that is several years old with no significant wear on it.Read more

  4. D. P. Murray

    UPDATE: JULY 2020Just bought these boots again for the third time. This time they lasted about 14months.Treads are mostly gone, this time they got holes in the bend of the boot and toe, toe is typical for me. Reason i had to finally get new ones was the middle of the sole broke and made it painful to walk. Once again, very happy customer for a third time, lasted longer than any other boot I’ve owned.Update: bought these for a second time September 2017 because I’ve never had boots that lasted as long as these. I just bought my third pair because the ones I bought in 2017 finally wore out…19 months later (see most recent picture) the only they wore out is bacause like 3 months into where them I sliced both toes at work, but they stayed in together till just recently! Love these bootsBought the boot on my foot back om August 14th, 2015.. I have finally worn through the sole of the foot. I have cur these boots with razor blades and saws and grinders.. By accident obviously. Never ripped or come unthreaded. I’ve had Dewalt, among other brands and they never last a year. These boots lasted over two years, and I’m still going to wear them around the yard.. But I want thicker soles again for work consider to do carpentry.. Lots of nails. I wear these boots 6 days a week and even sometimes on Sunday.. I am super pressed.Read more

  5. matthew

    This is my 5th pair of these boots, I Buy a new pair about every year. These pit boss timb pro’s are my money makers. They are simply a rugged and comforitable long lasting bad a$$ work boot. I work in an industrial environment always indoors working on concrete, Always soaked in hydraulic/gear oil on a regular basis they still hold up like champions, haven’t had a blowout yet. I refuse to buy another boot. These things are the blue collar hard working mans bread and butter.Read more

  6. luvmysheltie

    I’ve had problems with these boots from day 1. I read through a lot of reviews and it seems the pair I got has all the typical problems I read about.First, there’s a seam behind the heel where 2 pieces of leather and joined. This seam is very stiff and cut into my heel, mostly on my right foot but the left was bad as well. So after a few days of hoping they’d break in I decided to stretch them myself and I stuffed the toe and squeezed in a thick allen wrench to put pressure on the heel, got the leather wet and let it sit over night, 3 days of doing this nightly and I could finally tolerate these boots.The steel toe feels cramped and is too short, leaving my pinky toe completely unprotected. (this isn’t a reason for star loss as they’re advertised as 6inch, just a personal complaint.)2 months almost to the day after receiving these boots and I’m lacing my boots up for work this morning and the fourth eye (the exterior loop before the quick lace eyes at the top) popped right out. Upon inspection I noticed the rivet seems poorly formed.So now I get to return them in the mail and wait however long for new ones to arrive just to dig into my heels again after finally breaking them in.I won’t be buying anything from this company again, I bought the boots for around $90, now they’re $120 and definitely not worth the price.Read more

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