0C1A4S4DI0X503 Girls’s kaci ii slip-on clog

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  • one hundred% leather
  • rubber sole
  • top rate leather: kaci ii is made with environmentally desired top rate leather that uses less chemical compounds; oiled nubuck higher affords a touch water resistance to your day-to-day use
  • designed for comfort: leather-lined eva foam footbed it really is secure irrespective of what you’re doing; breathable mesh lining facilitates you hold your cool
  • aid in every step: the compression-molded eva midsole is supportive and cushioning; non-marking rubber outsole offers you extra grip with out leaving a hint
  • consciously built: every product has an impact and we are operating difficult to lighten it; keen is committed to secure, sustainable substances and production
  • a fresh look: your cross-to favored, now with an updated appearance; secure, flexible and brilliant adorable oxford that you may reach for time and time again
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a go-to favored for comfort and flexibility with a purifier, up to date look. Nicely-crafted with complete-grain, environmentally preferred leather and the all-day cushioning kaci slip-on fanatics adore. Eager merchandise are consciously created using a natural, pesticide-free probiotic-based totally technology known as eco anti-smell for breaking down scent in sweat, p. C-free water repellent (in applicable styles) and leather sourced from leather operating group (lwg)-licensed tanneries. Eager makes footwear to make a difference. From the products it makes, to the moves the it takes, keen inspires people to live and work huge every day. As a logo born for life outdoor, keen has a duty to protect and conserve the locations wherein every body stay, play and work.


5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 10.5, 11, 12


Castor Grey/Raven, Dark Earth/Canteen, Winetasting/Steel Grey, Black/Black

8 reviews for 0C1A4S4DI0X503 Girls’s kaci ii slip-on clog

  1. TLSilva

    Comfortable, fits as expected, water repellent as I wore them in the rain and my socks were dry, and provide enough support for my flat feet to not be sore at the end of a 10hr shift. I LOVE my Keen shoes, I now own 2 pair.Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I bought these to replace original Kaci slip one. The Kaci 2 look very similar but fit very different. The leather is very hard and inside material very hard plastic like and not pretty like my old ones. I can’t slip the kaci2 on without using my hands to pull and wiggle my foot in. I’m hoping they will soften up over time but for now they are rubbing the wrong way.Read more

  3. Horsemom39

    I have 4 pairs of KEEN kaci shoes all the same size and this pair ordered from AMAZON is no where close to the states size. Very disappointed. DO NOT ORDER THESE SHOES, THEY WILL NOT FIT. These have to be a knock off of a keen product. I purchased the same shoes directly from Keen a couple months ago and they are perfect, fit well, no break in time and my feet are happy. So much for the bargain price…..they are not the same shoe- BEWARE.Photos are of the “Amazon Keen” on the left and the true Keen on the right. The stiching on the back is not centered on the Amazon keen, the actual foot opening is significantly narrower, the leather is stiffer if it even is leather. Once again avoid this product sold by Amazon it is not a true Keen product.Read more

  4. Harris

    This is my second time ordering this shoe. The first pair finally wore out after a few years. My only complaint is that this pair is a lot stiffer and tighter around the opening, making them very difficult to put on. My first pair was a little difficult at first, but nothing like this. Once you get them, however, they are extremely comfortable. Great support, and a roomy toe box. If you have a way to stretch that opening or can deal with it until they break in, then I recommend.Updated: After wearing these shoes just a couple months, the decorative band on top broke. The leather was obviously too thin. That didn’t happen on my last pair. Very sad.Read more

  5. Michael and Jane Hennes

    And for the most part, they still are.I have had at least one pair of these since the first Kaci became available (before the internet was a main stream thing, if you can believe that!). They have always been stylish, comfortable and reliable.The Kaci 2 was a nice upgrade from the original, though I was never 100% sold on the weird split in the side of the decorative band that goes over the top of the foot. It has a damaged look over the elastic that is aslightly off putting to me. Over the years, I have owned the Kaci 2 in every style available and at least three colors. I still have them and wear them today, always in a 6.5 for normal wear and a 7 for thick socks.I originally ordered two colors of this Kaci 3 in my normal 6.5 and found to my surprise that for the first time in years, I could not wear them right out of the box. In fact, I couldn’t even get my foot into them! There is an obvious change from the original Kaci and the Kaci 2 that makes the Kaci 3 quite a shock to the long time buyer. The opening is much smaller and the actual footbed is a half size smaller than the past models What used to be a 6.5 in the the Kaci and Kaci 2 is now actually a 7 in the Kaci 3. Since I have received both pairs, I can confirm that it’s not just a fluke with one.Additionally, there is a change in the heel that makes it narrower, more pointed, than the Kaci 2. I’m not sure the reasoning for this, but for people who are looking for the room in the back of the shoe (the primary reason I originally chose this style) you might be disappointed.I disagree with other posts that suggest these are counterfeit. I see the same quality in the stitching, the same fine leather and and the same attention to detail I always have. I just think that this redesign made them so different it was a major shock to the long time wearer.So, in summary, if you have had the Kaci in the past, be prepared to order at least a half size up from your standard size and know that you may still need a shoe horn. Once you have it on, though, the fit on the foot is still the same old reliable Kaci. The fit over the top of the foot is a bit different, but I believe it will stretch and settle in. If you have never worn a Kaci before, but are thinking you would like to try them out, you may want to order a couple different sizes and send back the ones that aren’t right.In conclusion, These are still my favorite shoe even with the huge shock of the fit. I will always stand by the craftsmanship and the style of them. They are super comfy and I always get a ton of compliments on them. I recommend them to everyone who asks about them and still will.I would only ask, Keen, what was the purpose for such a dramatic change? Surely, it could not have been a consumer suggestion that led to narrowing the heel, closing the opening and dropping the size. Based on the comments I see here, you might lose some very loyal customers and not pick up a few new onesover these dramatic changes.(Pictures are a brief comparison between the old Kaci 2 and the new Kaci Keen, just to try and show the differences. Kaci 2 (size 6.5) is on the left and the new Kaci 3 (size 7) is on the right.)Read more

  6. wdwind1

    I have a pair of Kaci II oxfords that fit perfectly, a little tight to get on, but will certainly loosen. This slip on version was a bit tight to slip on, but I have a very low instep so anyone with normal to high instep would find it a very tight fit. I bought a 1/2 size larger due to the indication it runs small. I believe it runs true to size, it is just difficult to slide into. I certainly couldn’t wear thick socks even if I got the proper size. I like the look, they just don’t fit me right. I’ll stick with the oxfords.Read more

  7. Danniall Williams

    I have been wearing keens for years, so i ordered these! They were soo tiht, it was a struggle getting my whole hand inside of them..let alone a foot! After a shoe horn, foot stretcher, and some magical powers..I got them on! Once they are on, they are great! I had assumed they would stretch out enough,,but again..its like pushing a watermelon thru a garden hose;(Read more

  8. cr

    I have several pairs of shoes of this type. This is my first pair of Keen’s. The insoles fit perfectly. I love the fact that they are tighter in the heel. I do use a shoe horn to put them on since I do not want to break down the heel or stretch them out. I have some foot problems that requires me to be able to spread my toes and have the narrow heels. I have not had to put memory foam insoles in the shoes. My other shoes require memory foam. I am a happy Keen wearer.Read more

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