0C19XI6Q5E6772 Tubbs snowshoes panoramic

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  • boa closure machine
  • the dynamicfit binding creates a specific healthy with optimized manipulate
  • fit-step frame gives biomechanical benefits, lowering musculoskeletal effect on hip, knee and ankle joints by using 10%
  • activelift heel lift reduces calf fatigue and achilles tendon pressure
  • the carbon metal cobra toe crampon offers steady touch in variable snow conditions
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product description

the panoramic delivers choicest flotation in clean snow, while the snowshoe’s dynamicfit binding with boa closure system, gives an uncompromised precision in shape. The panoramic’s cobra traction grips icy, variable terrain effectively, so you can constantly attain the first-class view on the trail.


30, 36




Panoramic 30, Panoramic 36

5 reviews for 0C19XI6Q5E6772 Tubbs snowshoes panoramic

  1. K. Farro

    I bought a pare for my wife who absolutely loves this and I have the Men version. Just got back from a hike in Sierras. Suddenly started snowing so much, so I got lost for almost 4 hours I had to find my way back and these snowshoes went all over the trains without any issues and very comfortable and saved my live too. Thank YouRead more

  2. James M. Russell

    The bindings took some getting used to but now that I’m set with that, I love these. I’m just a recreational user but I find these so much better than my old snowshoes. I don’t get clumps of snow & ice building up underneath and the pivot with my boot is nice. I’m a little leery of the rubber bindings but we’ll see how they hold up. All in all, I really like themRead more

  3. colorado

    Use on a Colorado elk hunt in December of 2019. Excellent snow shoes that performed as advertised.2 miles in deep snow each way. The return included pulling a lead with 200+ pounds in it.Read more

  4. Lacey E Spiess

    Packaging was a little sketchy but the product seems great! Cant wait to try them.Read more

  5. Koolpop

    Wow,right out of box first on shoes in 40yrs. Great fit,secure to foot, easy and effortless. 3miles and no issues. Looks like many more happy miles ahead.Read more

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