0C19UN650WK542 Ice snow traction cleats crampons anti-slip snow footwear cleats walking on snow and ice winter taking walks boots cleats for guys girls trekking, strolling

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select shaddock ice cleats, while in need of a light-weight, competitively priced iciness walking tool.

with shaddock walk traction ice cleats, you may have the self assurance to walk in ice and snow conditions whilst nevertheless wearing your regular footwear.

  • shaddock ice cleats can reduce your winter slips and falls.
  • extremely easy to use and may be put on or taken off in seconds.
  • the ice cleats are compact and lightweight winter walking device.
  • snow traction cleats are long lasting – built of excessive grade rubber, so that they withstand scuffing/cracking/breaking
  • ice cleats stretch out to fit over most shoes
  • anti-slip snow footwear ice boots cleats

  • snow traction cleats are crafted from rubber capable of stretch out a ways sufficient to cover most sizes of shoes
  • smooth put on and lightweight, all-day traction solution
  • package deal consists of a pair of ice cleats and a storage bag, smooth to carry
  • anti slip snow ice cleats

  • fabric: metallic & rubber
  • low temp elasticity for stretch
  • ice & snow traction cleats can stretch out a long way sufficient to cowl most sizes of footwear
  • growth traction, assist you work and walk more secure
  • best for dust, outside, ice & snow conditions
  • thermo plastic elastomer presents a bendy, light-weight, can be your all-day traction answer

    hold traction thru your everyday stride, aggressive cleats and treads save you slips and falls on ice, snow, and wet pavement.

    extraordinarily easy to use and may be placed on or taken off in seconds, store your time to exit in iciness


    Small (3.5-5men/5.5-7women), Medium (5.5-7men/7-8.5women), Large (7.5-10men/9-11women), X-Large (10.5-13men/11.5-14women)


    24 Steel Crampons, 28 Steel Crampons

    8 reviews for 0C19UN650WK542 Ice snow traction cleats crampons anti-slip snow footwear cleats walking on snow and ice winter taking walks boots cleats for guys girls trekking, strolling

    1. Matt

      I’m only giving this a 4 star rating due to the fact that I ordered the size Large for my size 10 boots. However, the boots I wanted to use them on were my Lacrosse knee boots. The large barely fit and after a couple steps, both cleats came off. I’m sure they’ll fit better on my Danner boots as those are also size 10, but overall smaller in size. So if you’re looking for these to go over knee boots and you’re at or near the max size for the cleat, I’d go up to the next size. The brief time I was able to walk with them on, they felt great as we were ice fishing in WI on a lake with minimal-no snow. I loved they also have cleats in the heal. Makes you feel more comfortable in those conditions.Read more

    2. wild-rose

      I have used other ice grippers for many years. The kind with 6-8 individual spikes, they work well but these ones are fantastic! The multitude of spikes give you lots of gripping power and they are a metal plate instead of individual spikes so they don’t break off one at a time. The rubber bands are very soft and pliable so they are really easy to put on and take off. I feel so much more stable with these on my boots!!Read more

    3. Amanda Viscariello

      I normally don’t review products, but this one made me so angry I had to. I deliver packages and walk a lot of long icy driveways and wanted something to give me a little grip while doing so. I decided to get these with the reviews I saw and man do I regret wasting my money! They fell off every stop, EVERY STOP! I can’t express the anger I had all day with these not being able to just stay on my feet. Once they get wet, forget about it they barley can go back on. 10/10 don’t even waste time looking at these. It’s a shame because the short distance I did have them on they gripped the ice well, but not being able to keep them on ruins the whole thing.Read more

    4. Kathy G

      while using our snowblower in our driveway last week one of the cleats came off one winter boot.. Didn’t notice at the time and ended up running over it with the snowblower. It did not hold tight on my boot. I wear a size 13 boot and the size cleats I bought included that size boot.Read more

    5. kkuyl

      These boot cleats are awesome!!!! I thought the teeth on the bottom were individual but they are all connected on one plate in between the rubber which securely keeps them in place. The teeth haven’t bent either!! Buy these ones not the other brands at the store, these are legit!!! They grip to my shoes really well too!Read more

    6. Brielle

      Went hiking after a fresh snow storm and was sliding all over the place, even having my legs come over from under me and falling on my butt multiple times. Not fun. Fast forward to the guys arriving and bang, no more slipping. Went hiking again in the exact same conditions and it was like night and day. Absolutely no slipping and they look great too! Definitely buying more for friends and family!Read more

    7. Velma B. Lindner

      My husband loves these. They fit over his winter boots nicely and make it safe for him to do his winter chores. He is going to by another pair for me.Read more

    8. Jamie

      Crap!Bought these for my 64 year old active mother so she wouldn’t fall on the snow and ice.Both pieces broke after wearing them only a couple times.Read more

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