0C19SCOUSWL749 Two strap p. C. Grounding footwear footwear enhance sports overall performance lessen irritation enhance sleep first-class


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  • made in australia: with over 7 years of non-stop research and improvement, the all new earthing strap has been developed with australian olympians and elite sports activities athletes. Completely researched, advanced and manufactured in australia. Prj20 is the very contemporary era to be offered from earthling three. 0. Superior carrying, earthing and grounding strap from all new materials.
  • hassle: your frame certainly produces strength to feature. Any excess electric power that the frame does no longer use is sent to the earth whilst you are barefoot (known as grounding or earthing). Commonplace footwear prevents grounding or earthing due to the fact it’s miles insulating. This growing nice charge for your frame. If not dealt with, it could result in irritation, terrible sports activities overall performance, longer recuperation instances, accelerated muscle discomfort and fatigue, accelerated strain hormones and horrific sleep.
  • answer: the prj20(tm) strap solves the trouble through ensuring the wearer is constantly grounded when wearing any shoe. Prj20 makes use of the latest nano particle technology which permits it to self-heal from put on. A higher opportunity to grounding footwear, grounding socks or grounding earthing mats due to the fact this grounding and earthing strap stays for your shoe all day long. Ground and earth the shoes of your desire! You received’t even recognize it’s miles there.
  • grounding and earthing benefits: grounding and earthing permits you to stop effective charge increase and makes sure your frame can certainly preserve infection below manage and reduce stress hormones. This will reduce continual pain, reduce muscle pain, lower sports activities restoration times, sell muscle recuperation and improve the nice of your sleep.
  • brief and smooth to place on money again guarantee: use this grounding/ earthing strap on any work or sports activities shoe. The grounding strap is carried out to the outside and inside of your shoe the use of the adhesive backing at the strap. Floor any shoe in beneath 25 seconds! Gets rid of with out destructive your shoe. In case you aren’t glad simply get in touch in your cash again. Straps in this percent.

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  1. Dane

    Placebo is great and a fair technique, giving as much as 50% benefit. However, any visualization, hypnosis etc. works with placebo and are all very valuable if they are believed.Talking about electricity and grounding as the basis for the product we need to know:1) Conductivity of this material? If I attach a wire to one side of this material and put the strap between a battery and a bulb, will the bulb turn on? Copper is conductive, used as a grounding rod and will turn on. If it’s less effective than copper – and particularly if the bulb won’t even turn on, suggesting zero connectivity, why not use copper tape instead? A science-based product must tell the specs or it’s working simply by placebo – which is fine if it’s sold as a lucky charm, since placebo works wonders.2) Grounding rods are run by copper wire 3′ into the ground. A grounding rod – even a copper rod – laying on a concrete sidewalk, driveway or asphalt would not ground anything. Similarly, if I put socks on a light bulb and screwed the bulb in with a sock on it, the bulb would likely be dim or not turn on at all. I saw mention by the seller that “socks are not a problem.” The trouble is, no test results are being given on these and that’s what’s important:* Test results with socks.* Test results without socks.* Conductivity test of the material.* Conductivity of typical shoes (many shoes are made of fake leather and rubber soles and some earthing products are also rubber)* Test wearing shoes on carpet, sidewalk and asphalt and gravel (many people will never step in dirt or grass all day in which case even if the material conducts electricity from the heel to outside the shoe to concrete accomplishes nothing) and wearing these in grass, wet grass, mud and dirt.* Comparative test between this product and copper tape or a single copper wire.The science of grounding energetically, emotionally, physically and electrically is solid. The science of belief is relatively solid as well. The science of this product is not mentioned anywhere. Statements such as “developed with olympic athletes” helps with placebo but means nothing. Olympic athletes don’t do electrical studies and benefit from belief as well as anyone else. So I hope the seller will link to electrical studies on these products – since for grounding to work electrically, the material must conduct. It is a very expensive plastic sticker without property data on the material. I could buy one, hook it up to a battery and measure resistance and flow capacity but a good seller will link to this material.Read more

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