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  • 22” encouraged person weight 80-160lbs (2. 1lbs consistent with snowshoe)
  • 28” encouraged consumer weight a hundred and sixty-235lbs (2. 4lbs in line with snowshoe)
  • wildhorn outfitters: winter time taking walks accomplished proper. From the brand that delivered you the number 1 satisfactory promoting sawtooth snowshoes we introduce you to the newly designed top rate delano snowshoe showcasing our new wildhorn branding.
  • light-weight and engineered to frivolously distribute your weight the delanos performance easy to apply fit will have you ever floating on air which means that focusing extra on the surroundings and much less to your toes! A large toe box creates sufficient space to house all boots.
  • layout: those long lasting snowshoes were constructed for all-terrain leisure snowshoe trekking. Fabricated from a top rate 7075 aluminum frame these snow footwear combine overall performance materials with a graceful cutting-edge design for the closing trekking enjoy.
  • our precise rapid lock and launch toe and heal binding machine allows for clean installation in a snap. Pull predominant strap across ft to tighten and smaller secondary strap away to loosen. Flip-up your heel riser for decreased strain on uphill ascents.
  • those snowshoes for ladies and men with a chilly resistant pp front deck adds higher flotation in softer snow. A chilly resistant tpu binding mixed with big electroplated the front and rear metallic grip crampons provide extra traction on icier surfaces.
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from the manufacturer

custom designed within the wasatch mountains of utah

the wasatch variety in utah is home to a number of the finest snow on earth. We custom-designed our delano snowshoes to be rugged, light-weight and provide maximum floatation and performance within the most difficult snow conditions. Whether or not you’re looking for a lazy wintry weather wonderland stroll or an adventurous trek, delano snowshoes gets you there and lower back leaving you dreaming of the subsequent time you could strap in and get returned obtainable.

the very best, quickest, no trouble binding device on the mountain

a totally customizable fit for any boot length. Our particular speedy lock and release toe and heal binding system allows for easy setup to get you onto the mountain in a snap. Virtually pull the main strap across to tighten. Pull the self-locking heel strap to secure. Then your off to overcome the steep and deep with your new wildhorn delano x2 snowshoes. Whilst the adventure’s over and you are equipped to take them off, actually pull the secondary strap away to loosen.

delano x2 snowshoes come in two sizes. 22″ snowshoes are optimal for weights up to 160 lbs. 28″ is superior up to 235 lbs. The larger the snowshoe, the extra waft in the snow you may get. If you are at the smaller side, the 22″ shoe will permit for extra mobility.

lightweight and engineered to evenly distribute your weight the delanos performance easy to apply match will have you ever floating on air so one can have you focusing greater at the surroundings and less on your toes! A large toe field creates sufficient space to house boots of any style.

designed with a cold-resistant polypropylene the front deck adds better flotation in softer snow. A cold-resistant tpu binding blended with huge electroplated the front and rear metal grip crampons gives extra traction that maintains you upright as you explore icier surfaces. Turn-up your heel riser to lessen stress on steep ascents.


22, 28


Arctic White, Crystal Blue, Evergreen, Graphite, Smoke Blue

8 reviews for 0C19O9CISL3692 Wildhorn clothes shops delano snowshoes

  1. Travis Dunn

    I was immediately impressed with how easy these were to use (I’m not a veteran snowshoe-er). I wanted to see how easy they were to use by bringing them straight outside to try them in the front yard (lucky that we were just hit by the snowstorms that were hitting everywhere recently, so I didn’t have to go far to try them out!) without needing the instructions, and they did not disappoint. It was about as easy as putting on any regular shoes. Easier, in fact, since the two straps are tightened at the same time by pulling on the loop connected to them. Taking them off was equally easy by pulling an adjacent loop. The snow wasn’t very deep, but they were comfortable to walk around in, although I wasn’t able to see how it felt when it needed to keep me on top. They are very lightweight but seems to be of good quality, and they look sleek.Read more

  2. Diana Maria Nemi

    This is the first pair of snowshoes I’ve ever bought, and even though they came late in the season here in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, better late than never in giving oneself a sense of agency. I have snowshoed before a few times but it’s been at least 4 years since strapping on a pair of rentals. I decided that having my own equipment meant that, if the spirit moved me to get up the mountain, then all I had to do was put the snowshoes in the car and GO.The first thing that drew me to Wildhorn Outfitters snowshoes was, in fact, the price. Very reasonable I thought and then there was something about the design I liked, although I’m not sure what I even mean by that as I didn’t spend a lot of time comparing snowshoes– I looked at a few pairs online and came back to the Delano snowshoes and that was that. They arrived a few days later and the day after that I was off.I did practice with the straps on my rug at home to get the hang of the strapping and save time at the trailhead. I found the snowshoes easy on and easy off and a great pleasure to walk in and that’s the main issue, right? I didn’t get into any deep powder with these snowshoes so I can’t speak to the rigors of that situation. I think for the price, the Delano snowshoes are a fine purchase.Read more

  3. Shelby Dunn

    I love these snowshoes! Not only are they light weight but they were incredibly easy to use & didnt require me to be constantly adjusting throughout my route. All in all the weight distribution was perfect & I had no issues climbing steeper terrain. Highly recommend!Read more

  4. PorkPieHat

    Yesterday was the first time I have ever used snowshoes (although I am an XC skier) . I went on an eight-hour mountain trail with varying snow and trail conditions and found these boards surprisingly easy to use – very natural/intuitive, great for climbing, really good for going downhill (very “cushion-y” and easy on my ancient knees).I had a lot more fun than I expected – so much so that I’m going on a similar trail in a few days.I could quibble about the bindings a bit I suppose, but they’re decent at this price point, and it would be unfair to compare them to shoes costing $200 more. They fit fine with my size 13 insulated, winter hiking boots. A storage bag would also be nice, either included or as an add-on, but that’s a minor issue.Recommended.Read more

  5. Edward

    Pros: it kept me on top of the snow and prevented waist deep post holing in the adirondacks.Cons: pretty much everything else.Mind you I only used these snowshoes on one 20 mile hike in the adirondacks. As you can see in the video/pics, that was the end result. Most of the metal teeth on the bottom got bent or completely broke off, the heel risers were absolutely useless, one of them broke off maybe within 5-10 mins of using them for the first time. The other heel risers doesn’t even go up fully.If you want a snowshoe for just fluffy fresh snow on flat terrain, i guess these are fine… But then again you can get snowshoes for half the cost of these for such terrain. Don’t waste your money. It will be more useful to throw your money down the toilet and enjoy it swirl around on its way down the drain.Read more

  6. bob

    I wanted to love these. But they unfortunately are not a serious mountaineering shoe. The bindings, which sound like a great idea do not lock sufficiently to keep your boot where you want it. So they get loose. They also really want to kick your heel out to the side which isn’t a big deal on flat terrain. But going uphill with the lifts, makes that feature almost unusable. Too bad, as they look great and seemed awesome out of the box.Read more

  7. Sessi

    I love these snowshoes!! The crystal blue color is really perfect. They are SUPER adjustable and I especially love the gray strap that adjusts at the toe. It’s a very intuitive design-super easy to use, easy to put on and adjust and they fit perfectly. I’m really excited to use them for the rest of the Winter!Read more

  8. madmom

    I am a design snob, and so I really like these snow shoes for their look. I love the color. I ordered the light blue ones. They are also intuitive to use. Easy to get into and out of them. Effective in the snow. It’s been a great purchase.Read more

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