0C19LK5H2U3436 Alps 14/17/22/25/27/30 inches light weight snow footwear for men, girls, young people with hiking poles,wearing tote bag

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  • ✔size & weight bearing capability – this 22 inches snow shoes optimizes weight range: 80 – one hundred fifty lbs / 36 – sixty eight kg. (observe: the load is same to the user’s weight plus some thing he/she is carrying, which include wintry weather outfit, packback, and many others.)
  • ✔comfortable design – it is clean to position on and take off your wintry weather boots with the short pull binding buckles. The heel bindings permit you climb hills without difficulty and without problems and the aluminum alloy teeth can increase traction and grip to the snow. Except, the streamlined layout and a barely upturned round tail provide you max floatation and speedy movement in heavy snow circumstance.
  • ✔materials: the snow footwear are made of long lasting lightweight 6000 collection aircraft aluminum body, solid aluminum alloy crampons, dupont pivot and environmental excessive density polyethylene decking.
  • ✔packages – the leisure snow footwear are designed for males and females’s each day snowshoeing, which includes trekking, mountain climbing or brief walks around the park.
  • ✔transport method – lately, all of our snow shoes are shipped from american warehouse. In normally, it takes three-7 days with the intention to receive your parcel. Kindly please contact us asap if you don’t obtain your parcel. We will respond you in 24 hours.

product description

high performance light-weight snowshoes for men and women. Robust alloy frames made with 6061 alloy material. Plastic deck is make by using tpu-eighty five plastic cloth for durable heavy obligation utilization in excessive weather situations. Special body design to create the maximum floatation in heavy snow circumstance. It may accommodate a consumer and gear up to 150lbs weight and suits most of the shoe sizes. Pick out the right size snowshoes: your weight, which include system, is called the endorsed load or sporting potential on snowshoe specs. That is a main factor in figuring out the right size in your snowshoes. In case your body weight is from 90 – 140 lbs: recall the 21/22 inch fashions. If your body weight is from a hundred twenty five – a hundred seventy five lbs: don’t forget the 25 or 27 inch models. In case your body weight is from one hundred fifty – 225 lbs: don’t forget the 27 or 30 inch models.


22"(80-150lbs), 25"(120-180lbs), 25"(120-200lbs)


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8 reviews for 0C19LK5H2U3436 Alps 14/17/22/25/27/30 inches light weight snow footwear for men, girls, young people with hiking poles,wearing tote bag

  1. Holly Lindsey

    I purchased these snowshoes for $54.00-a price you can’t really beat. The first time I used these snowshoes, I trekked 12 miles (ish) in deep, wet snow and camped on the top of a mountain. The snowshoes held up nicely. They are easy on and off even with cold, numb hands. I wouldn’t recommend them for serious backcountry enthusiasts…I’m not sure how much abuse they will take, but for leisurely snowshoeing, I say it’s a good buy.Read more

  2. James W Ewing

    I just got the 27″model and am pleased with the purchase. First, don’t expect the same level of quality of a $200+ pair but these are much better than the snowshoes I looked at at the big box stores. The bed is heavier, the rivets are bigger. But it’s just plastic and aluminum. I had a bit of a problem with the straps but only getting the straps started through the buckle. I had no problem with the rear strap and they held my foot in well. The shoes functioned well on multiple surfaces including soft-packed snow and thick ice. Only issue is if you’re planning on soft snow – go with the next size up. I probably should have gone with the 30″ frame. My other complaint is that the poles are 1) a bit short (135cm at maximum extension) and 2) really require you to twist HARD to lock the clutch and keep the poles from collapsing. Not the easiest thing to do with snowy gloves on. All in all I’m glad I got these.Read more

  3. Mike Wrenches

    These are a moderately priced snowshoe but the minute we put them on they were great fun! They fit over any above ankle sturdy boot. I had to help my wife the first time we put them on in order to pull the straps tight. They will fill the bill for being out and getting exercise. Look at them before wearing Do Not wear indoors. the clawed grips will ruin a floor. Be SURE to check the size table. My wife is about half my size and her snow shoes were quite a bit smaller than mine. Happy Shoeing ! Be sure to order the sets with poles and look how the cardboard is placed in the case you’ll want to always pack the shoes that way.Read more

  4. Wyo

    …Bought a set for both me and my wife. These were sized for my wife; a first time snowshoer. She had zero problems and enjoyed using them.Read more

  5. alexis

    I would suggest thinking about the use of the snowshoes more than the weight – these shoes are great for blazing trails in really deep powder, but don’t expect to enjoy them on paths or areas that people have already groomed a trail. at that point, you are likely to slide down the hills because there’s at least 12 inches of “sled” attached to your foot! A friend borrowed these and went off on her own trail through untouched forest and loved them.Read more

  6. Malka

    Have gone on 5 snow shoe hikes (4-10 miles) in the time I’ve had these snow shoes and they have performed admirably for the price point. I am hiking with a friend who has a pair of Tubbs Expeditions, and while his are easier to put on and stay tightened longer, these cost half of what his do and have taken me to all the same places. The snow shoeing has been in high mountain terrain, going through anywhere from 6″-20″ of snow. They perform well going up or down hill, and are fairly easy to put on once you have the back strap set to where you want it. A couple of cons are that the buckle system isn’t flawless, so every few miles you may need to bend down to tighten them a notch or two. This only takes a second so its not such a big deal for me, especially in light of what these cost compared to most snow shoes. The other con is the pole tightening system leaves much to be desired, as it can be pretty difficult to “unlock” them in cold weather to extend or collapse them. All in all, satisfied with purchase and if they last the full snowshoe season I will feel I got my moneys worth from them.Read more

  7. Chelsey Kerchansky

    We purchased three pairs, my husband, myself and my child. The small pair, the little clip came undone and we could not fix it, so it would not latch. I reached out to customer service (directly, not through amazon) and they sent me a new pair, they were so great. We love our shoes, I don’t know what I’d compare them to-this is the first pair we have owned. Its a great workout and fun in the snow. They fit with your own boot, which is nice. My heel came loose but with a little practice on how to get them to fit, three great. Id recommend.Read more

  8. Brian B.

    Pretty good for the common man, weekend warrior. Decent flotation but didn’t expect to break trail for long. They’re also pretty noisy at first due to the plastic like material they’re made from. 3.5/5Read more

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