0C19LAA4WRW493 Topo athletic men ultraventure pro, color: wooded area/orange (m044-fororg)

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  • vibram sole
  • zip foam – proprietary midsole compound that’s springier than eva and gives greater rebound over the existence of the shoe.
  • rock safety plate – flexible ess rock plate protects in opposition to stone bruising caused by sharp rocks and roots.
  • vibram outsole – unprecedented grip and traction and sturdiness from the leaders in technical outsoles.
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7 reviews for 0C19LAA4WRW493 Topo athletic men ultraventure pro, color: wooded area/orange (m044-fororg)

  1. Firefly

    I love these shoes! I’ve used Topo for years now on my long distance hikes. The one thing I’d always wished was they had a rock plate in their trail shoes. This was does! really helps your feet get through longer days on rocky terrain.I can’t really speak as to how this would work for trail running, but for hiking, they are awesome! But please be aware of price gougers! I’ve already contacted topo about this.. this shoe shouldn’t cost you more than 150$ . The fact that they are having slight stock issues right now, has led certain unscrupulous sellers to jack up the price to over 220$ in some cases.. don’t give them your money! These are being restocked now in most retail places!Read more


    I bought these shoe because they advertised that they have more grip than some of their other shoes. For reference I have the terraventures and live the except when It’s wet. Those treads are hard but slippery when wet. I’ve slipped and fallen a couple times wearing them on the slick granite here in Texas. The ultras do have more cushion and grip as advertised. However I had to get a half size smaller shoe because the hill was sliding around in me. I don’t find them a bit more confining in the toe box but overall they are pretty comfortable. In a perfect world I’d marry the terra shoes with the ultra sole. Anyhoo I just wear the terras when it’s dry and the ultras when it’s wet.Read more

  3. Dean

    1. It’s not an Ulraventure and it is definitely not ‘Pro’; I cannot imagine any pro wearing these for trail running unless they were being paid by Topo.2. The shoe has almost zero ground feel, while also having an uncomfortably stiff mid/outsole.3. The upper material is not forgiving and does not provide nearly the comfort of the more form fitting engineered mesh used on most of their other shoes.4. Everything Topo did to improve upon the original Ultraventure fails here; the Megagrip outsole is wasted on a shoe more suited to hiking; the Zip Foam adds zero benefits to the regular foam used in the Ultraventure, and is notably more stiff; the upper is unforgiving; they changed the heel counter and decreased the amount of cushioning around the ankle, but lead to a very difficult shoe to lock in correctly.Topo should have just kept the exact same Ultraventure, added an option to get it with Megagrip, added an option to have a rock plate, and fixed the blowout weaknesses at the midfoot connection point between the upper and midsole (this is a problem on all five pairs of my original Ultraventures and one that other users have noted as well). Had they just done this, they would have had the most epic shoe of the year. This shoe is was a waste of R&D, it is right up there with the Ultraventure 2 as some of the worst additions to a shoe family I can possibly imagine.I only wear Topo shoes, so I want them to do well. Sadly, their customer service is also pretty terrible, they do not stand by their product unless you buy it directly from them, which is impossible for most people wearing Topo around the world.Read more

  4. Yarg

    I am a bit new to trail shoes, but purchased several different ones, and must say the Topo Athletic Pro was the best fit, most comfortable. I am doing JMT this summer and this will be my shoe. Thanks for a great product. The wide toe box, heal support and rock plate are the ticket! Thank you!Read more

  5. Biggie

    Great shoes, just doesn’t work for my needs.Fit size was close. Arch support doesn’t align with needed shape for orthotics (15 wide with high arches), causing unstable support.Read more

  6. Jason Beard

    Very nice shoes. Stability, traction, fit and comfort is excellent. Still pretty new so I can’t speak to durability, but I expect that will be very good also. Looking forward to lots of good miles on trails with themRead more

  7. Mike Speiser

    Wide enough for my toes to splay out.Read more

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