0C19L99TAL3355 Crampons for hiking boots – 19 non-slip mini spikes for ladies and men – ice cleats for shoes and hiking boots – best for traction on snow and ice

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  • walk or hike on snow and ice without slipping! These crampons have 19 steel spikes with welded, double chains on every ice cleat for superior traction. These cleats are like snow tires to your feet and you’ll walk, hike or run on snow and ice with whole confidence.
  • best for wintry weather sports! The elastic shell of the ice cleats makes them lightweight, at the same time as the nineteen micro spikes on each crampon gives them tremendous grip, making them perfect to defend you from slipping or falling when taking walks, trekking or going for walks out of doors on snow and black ice.
  • easy to position on over boots or footwear! The stretchy rubber of the ice cleat makes it smooth to slide over your hiking boot, iciness boots or on foot footwear, and the bendy rubber is engineered for power to face up to tearing or breaking even in icy temperatures of -60 ranges.
  • strengthened steel spikes might not break or rust! The spikes and double link chains on these crampons are 100% strengthened stainless-steel in order that they grip into the snow and ice like polar undergo claws and will remaining wintry weather after winter without breaking or rusting out.
  • accurate and comfortable fit! We’ve made it clean to purchase an appropriate length of crampons with an accurate sizing chart for men, women and our crampons include velcro straps that at ease the ice cleats on your boots and footwear for a cushty fit in order that they won’t slip or slide.
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8 reviews for 0C19L99TAL3355 Crampons for hiking boots – 19 non-slip mini spikes for ladies and men – ice cleats for shoes and hiking boots – best for traction on snow and ice

  1. Jill

    I absolutely love these ice cleats. While we haven’t had much snow, what we did receive keeps softening during the day and freezing once the sun gets low. All the trails I usually walk are currently ice covered. These are a dream. They are very secure on my hiking shoes even without the velcro straps. I used the size chart and the fit is accurate. Make sure there is no slack when you put them on your shoes. I find it easier to put on my shoes before when I don’t have them on. I have used them almost every day for the last two weeks. Well worth the money. The storage bag is a nice touch.Read more

  2. Mamabird4

    These were awesome. Just used them for the first time this weekend on a backpacking trip in New England. The hike back to the car was all downhill and everything had froze overnight so the pack we created the day before turned sheer which are not perfect conditions for hiking downhill. I was so glad I had these, very quick to pull out of my pack and pop them on my winter Colombia boots. It made a HUGE difference. They are small enough where the spikes stick in the snow but small enough that it takes no additional effort to walk with them on. Also LOVE when a company supplies a storage bag for their products it especially useful for backpacking storage. They are light enough in weight that it makes it worth it to bring them for peace of mind even if I didn’t use them. Highly recommend especially for hikers because both my Colombia winter boots and my Keen hiking shoes don’t preform well on icy terrain… I assume it’s the same for most hiking shoes/boots.Read more

  3. Rebecca

    I bought these for my dad because he lives in the mountians and I worry about him falling.He seemed very happy with them :)Read more

  4. MJ Paint Slinger

    Haven’t had a chance to use yet because there hasn’t been any snow really in Michigan at this time. But I was able to fit on my hiking boot. I do like the little bag that it comes in to keep them together.Read more

  5. Anne Crowell

    Had a great and safe hike up the mountain. Easy to upton , secure and superb traction. YEAH winter hikingRead more

  6. Teddybear4uinak

    They work great on ice and snow, but don’t wear them on hardwood floors.Read more

  7. D. Din

    I have owned the other crampons than are rubber and little nubs. After using them twice the little nubs started to fall out. So this crampon is far superior. Need to order another one to put in the car trunk.Read more

  8. Kim P.

    There is a layer of ice and snow in my town, like many others have. I am an avid walker and was afraid of falling on ice and breaking a leg. These were pretty inexpensive so I decided to try them. They are great! I can walk on ice without falling, and they stay on my hiking boots. I have walked 4-5 miles in these and never had them come off of my shoe! My neighbors are envious of these great inventions. I love these and also hike, I think they would work well in mud and on hills also. Try these. They are great! They fit true to size for me. I wear a ladies 10 and got large, I was afraid they would be too small, but their size is perfect. It does take a bit of effort to put these on and also to take them off, but it’s worth it and like I said, THEY STAY ON MY SHOE! I love, love, love these!Read more

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