0C19IX8XY6U721 Crampons ice cleats traction snow grips for boots footwear ladies guys children anti slip 19 stainless-steel spikes secure defend for trekking fishing walking mountaineering mountain climbing

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  • more potent and more secure spikes: featured 19 high great stainless-steel spikes in line with foot and company chain machine, presenting fantastic traction on a diffusion of terrain or different worst situations, maintain you safe and damage-unfastened
  • long lasting and stretchy cloth: made from thermoplastic elastomer(tpe),5mm thicker than regular rubber,until strong performance underneath -45°c. Clean to put on&off with adjustable strap. Won’t tear or snap,ensure durable comfort and durability
  • broadly used and unisex: suitable for male and lady of any age including teenagers,adult,elders. Used on angled terrain,ice roads,icy driveway,mud and moist grass,risky sections of path,and many others. Superb for trail strolling,trekking,and ice fishing
  • bendy and pocket length: suitable for diverse forms of sports,hiking shoes,boots,mountain climbing boots. The strap guarantees extra consolation and safety. Transportable and light-weight,can be positioned into the deliver bag blanketed and could no longer absorb tons space
  • be aware:the “l” mark on crampons means size “large”, not that means “left”. There’s no left or proper difference for crampons products. If you do now not recognize the way to put on it, please check the final photograph on your reference

product description

why does every person pick cimkiz ice cleats?

  • 19 stainless steel spikes with welding technology.
  • crafted from thermoplastic elastomer, clean to position on/off.
  • pocket size&light-weight, may be placed into small bag covered.
  • appropriate for all and sundry, match on various kinds of shoes and boots.
  • strap over the shoes continues the ice cleats solidly attached.
  • ft into the sign of the front
  • stretched to the heel,can be fixed
  • the front of cord and toe cap must hold a line
  • use the strap to hold the ice cleats solidly attached to footwear
  • teeth:19
  • shade:black
  • characteristic:anti slip
  • cloth:stainless steel and tpe
  • shoes type: hiking and sports activities shoes,boots,fishing boots,and many others.
  • extensively used for diverse activities

    used on ice,snow,icy driveway,dust,wet grass and other negative situations. Ideal and perfect for regular use: the town to apply or wintry weather out of doors paintings and a ramification of activities like hiking,fishing,taking walks,hiking,looking,trail going for walks,etc.

    warm guidelines:

  • the “l+” mark on crampons method length “x-massive”.
  • this product does now not include the shoe/boots. The photos are most effective to expose greater item details for your reference.
  • the “l” mark on crampons means length “big”, no longer that means “left”. There may be no left or right difference for crampons products.
  • widely used for various activities

    used on ice,snow,icy driveway,mud,moist grass and different terrible conditions. Perfect and best for everyday use: the town to apply or wintry weather outside paintings and an expansion of sports like trekking,fishing,walking,climbing,searching,trail strolling,and so on.

    heat recommendations:

  • the “l+” mark on crampons way length “x-big”.
  • this product does no longer include the shoe/boots. The images are only to expose more item details to your reference.
  • the “l” mark on crampons manner size “huge”, now not which means “left”. There is no left or proper distinction for crampons products.
  • extensively used for diverse activities

    used on ice,snow,icy driveway,dust,moist grass and different bad conditions. Perfect and perfect for ordinary use: the town to apply or wintry weather outside work and an expansion of sports like hiking,fishing,taking walks,hiking,looking,trail running,and many others.

    heat hints:

  • the “l+” mark on crampons means size “x-big”.
  • this product does no longer encompass the shoe/boots. The photos are only to reveal more object info for your reference.
  • the “l” mark on crampons approach length “big”, not meaning “left”. There is no left or right distinction for crampons merchandise.
  • broadly used for numerous sports

    used on ice,snow,icy driveway,mud,wet grass and different negative situations. Best and ideal for normal use: the city to use or iciness outdoor paintings and a spread of sports like hiking,fishing,walking,climbing,searching,path jogging,and many others.

    warm pointers:

  • the “l+” mark on crampons manner size “x-huge”.
  • this product does not encompass the shoe/boots. The snap shots are only to show extra object info for your reference.
  • the “l” mark on crampons means length “big”, no longer that means “left”. There’s no left or proper difference for crampons merchandise.
  • key capabilities

    the heavy responsibility spikes help you walk with self assurance on any terrain.

    the reinforced chain system ensures lengthy-term ideal performance.

    the relatively stretchy tpe fabric offers easy setting on/off experience.

    the improved joint performs a stable position between the chain and the tpe.


    Medium, Large, X-Large


    Black, Orange

    8 reviews for 0C19IX8XY6U721 Crampons ice cleats traction snow grips for boots footwear ladies guys children anti slip 19 stainless-steel spikes secure defend for trekking fishing walking mountaineering mountain climbing

    1. Debby

      I walk 2 miles or so every day with my dog in snow and ice much of the time in winter. I am in my 70’s and do not want to slip and fall. I have been using my ice cleats for a week now daily on very icey, irregular, sometimes steep terrain. They really grip and have not slipped at all. My friend who walks with me also wears cleats but a different brand and she finds hers do not always grip the ice well and she feels unsafe. I am extremely happy with mine and the price. My friend paid a lot more for hers and they do not do the job like mine do. I would highly recommend them.Read more

    2. sssnail

      Upon inspection as I haven’t actually used these in the field, these crampons seem to be very sturdy and effective. I had no problems putting them on, taking them off. The physics of the spikes and links tell me that they will do the job well The only uncertainty is the longevity of the elastic bands that hold and secure them on your footwear.Now, the real reason I’m really writing this review is because it seems to me that a lot of people couldn’t figure out how to use the velcro straps that came with the campons. It took me a few minutes actually, but eventually I figured it out.What you’d need to do is put the crampons on your footwear, then make a loop with the velcro strap by sliding the trap underneath one side of the elastic band (velcro side up), and make a loop with the metal ring. Then, pull the strap across your foot, and slide the velcro underneath the elastic band on the other side. Secure the velcro strap over the top after adjusting and you’re set.If you’re still confused, please see the attached pictures.Read more

    3. Lena

      These worked perfect for my recent snow and ice hike in Colorado! I wear a size 8.5 in women’s hiking boots and bought the large since my boots are waterproof and have a thicker rubber on them and they fit perfect not loose at all. The traction is great chains and spikes are great quality so they will last a long time. It also came with a bag which confused me at first but was awesome when I went to put the wet muddy things in my beautiful (and expensive) Gregory pack and duh it’s to keep the mess contained and not get your gear all dirty. When I got home I just plopped them in the sink with warm water and gave them a little spray down then turned the bag inside out and did the same cleaned off effortlessly! In the photo im standing on one foot on a mix of ice and snow pretty impressive for these crampons! The other photo is trail conditions I wore these threw!Read more

    4. Dave S

      These are great for hiking on ice and packed glazed over snow. I’ve run for years in yaktrax with no problem, but a few miles on a rocky ice covered trail and I knew I needed something better. These crampons go on over my hiking boots in a few seconds. A hook/loop strap is included, but I didn’t use it. The crampons didn’t slide around at all. They never slipped on the ice, always gripped. After one weekend out on them, I ordered a pair for my wife, too.Read more

    5. Jaime Guyette

      We have a winner here. Our recent ice storm left my driveway in treacherous condition. I had received these new Cleats the day before so I put them on. I had a blast walking around with them. I’m 75 years young and have fallen too many times in previous winters. Now I can get out and enjoy any ice mess that comes our way. Thanks for a great product.Read more

    6. Laura J. Mcinteer

      We ordered these ice cleats a week ago and put them to the test today. We hiked up to Scout’s Lookout in Zion. When we got to “Walt’s Wiggles,” (a series of switchbacks) we found them to be solid sheets of ice. People were going down left and right, and I’m not kidding when I say it was a dangerous situation. One very large man hit the ground hard, started sliding, and almost took my daughter down with him. We put on our ice cleats and motored right up the Wiggles with ease. The cleats dug in beautifully, providing a safe ascent to Scout’s Lookout. Coming down was a breeze as well. They were a snap to put on. I recommend this product and would repurchase.Read more

    7. Shannon Smith

      Used this product recently hiking in the Grand Canyon. It was much more durable than I initially expected given the low price of it, but turns out it is just a good quality deal! They were super easy to put on my hiking boots and fit true to size according to the size chart. They held up well on both ice and in a couple inches of snow and made me feel very comfortable! Would recommend for anyone looking for microspikesRead more

    8. The long islander

      I bought these because I busted my back on some ice this past winter, I was unsure of how these would fit onto my boots but they are actually pretty flexible and can be stretched to fit around most shoes. I believe I purchased a large. Unfortunately the snow here has melted but I can’t wait to try these next season, they look sturdy and hopefully will hold up well!!Read more

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