0C19IQ46A7Z438 Walk traction cleat for walking on snow and ice (1 pair)

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  • synthetic
  • made inside the usa and imported
  • pair of strong traction cleats healthy securely on any shoe or boot to lessen the danger of falls and increase safety when strolling on snow and ice
  • multi-directional heat-dealt with metal traction plates are molded into the heel and forefoot of the stretch-to-healthy thermoplastic elastomer binding for max floor contact
  • complete-sole coverage offers 360 tiers of traction for ordinary activities like on foot the dog and shoveling the driveway
  • high-overall performance traction aids are built to stand up to hard use and are tested to stay bendy in frigid temperatures, all the way down to -forty five levels fahrenheit
  • length small fits men’s shoe sizes four-7 and women’s shoe sizes five-eight; may be folded up and carried in a % or handbag; made inside the america; ninety day manufacturer’s assurance
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7 reviews for 0C19IQ46A7Z438 Walk traction cleat for walking on snow and ice (1 pair)

  1. Lab Rat

    I ordered a large – being I wear a 12 and the size chart says 10.5-13 to order a large. The fit didn’t seem right as my heel cleats were almost off the heel towards the toe leaving the backside of the heel without a cleat. When I went tot the company link on the packaging I found it stated they may run on the small side and to order the next biggest size and that too big was better than too small – not on the Amazon site.I did like the concept and thought I’d give the larger size a try, I was glad I didn’t try to wear them outside. But when I went to return the product I learned it was a not returnable item – again a fact that wasn’t anywhere in sight during the purchasing process.Read more

  2. sunmoon

    First off these things DON’T grip ice, in fact if you are walking on black ice or icy sidewalks it’s like walking on a wet linoleum floor. They SLIDE with no gripping. If you are walking on a lot of snow with ice underneath they would work. Next issue – the heel spike are almost under the arch of my foot even though they fit well around my boot. So you are not only sliding on ice these things throw your balance off since you can’t put your heel firmly down. Would not recommend this product.Read more

  3. Phoebe

    My favorite ice cleats, and I have tried many types (I live in the Arctic Circle). These do not get caught on metal stairs, are not slippery on pavement/sidewalks (icy or not), stay on better than most (and if they do come off the bright blue makes them easy to locate, avoid black!!), and are some of the easiest to take on and off. My boots are size 10/10.5. My size L cleats are perfect. Love this product. They ARE slippery on linoleum floors!Read more

  4. T3

    There are 2 major problems with these ice cleats:1. Sizing: Much smaller than advertised2. Durability: Very flimsily made on the sidesREGARDING SIZING: I wear a size 13 Men’s shoe (US measurements), so I bought the largest size available XL which the company says is designed to fit shoes 13.5 – 16. Unfortunately, as you can see from the photo, the XL are much too small to fit even a size 13. The sole of the Stablicers is rubber, but does not stretch longer. Note I am not even trying to put them on boots, just regular street shoes, so I can’t imagine how bad the fit would be if I was trying to put them on boots.REGARDING DURABILITY: I spent 10 years living in a community of 180 men on the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Boone, NC. We regularly got severe ice storms and all our roads were quite hilly, so for 10 years, all 180 of us tried every type of ice cleats we could find, from very expensive professional quality crampons designed for glacier climbing, to very low budget ones. As a result, we became very familiar with the quality and durability of the different types of rubber used in ice cleats. Every single type we tried failed for one reason or the other, but the most frequent type of structural failure was due to flimsy rubber. We finally discovered a brand of very low-budget cleat that claimed to use the same military-grade rubber used in tank treads. Those cleats lasted for years and were very effective–the rubber never broke, even under extremely demanding, long term use. They appear to be these: “Eagle Claw Ice Ease-On Cleats”. Unfortunately, as soon as I stretched the rubber of the Stabilicers, my heart sank because the sides were so extremely flimsy, just like all the other rubber cleats we had tried over the years. I wouldn’t trust these cleats to last a full winter unless you treated them as delicately as if they were on the verge of breaking at any moment. However, given the extremely poor fit, I think the sides would need to be stretched much more than they can handle in order to actually fit on the shoe.Read more

  5. Bill

    I purchased a pair for myself and my wife. I got the correct size and had to really stretch to get thin on my boots properly, but I got a perfect fit. I didn’t think it would be possible for them to ever come off. The first time I wore them today both, yes both of them came off while I was walking. I didn’t realize it until I almost fell walking home. Only then did I see that both had come off. It would be one thing if only one came off, but both did. I don’t see how, but these things are crap.Read more

  6. nuke

    The represented sizes are completely unrealistic. Last year ordered a Large to fit over 10.5 boots virtually identical to what is in their product photo. Would not fit, and they went into the closet. So, no problem, will get the X-Large for this winter. WRONG! They are a tad wider, but not longer. See photo, X-Large on the left. Needless to say, a BIG disappointment.Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    I rated these grippers three stars because while they do grip adequately to keep me from slipping and falling on ice, the inherent problem in determining the right size caused me to downgrade the rating. The problem is that the grippers are sold according to standard shoe sizes. Standard shoe sizes actually are dimensions of one’s feet, with the shoes/boots built to have inside dimensions that closely fit the feet. Grippers, however, fit over the outside of the shoes/boots, and the dimensions of the outside of the shoes/boots can be much larger than the dimensions that correspond to the standard shoe size. Using my footwear (all size ten), for example, my dress shoes each have a length of 12“ and a maximum width (at the ball of the foot) of 4 and 1/16“. My Sorel Pac boots are each 12 and 3/4“ long and have a maximum width of 4 and 3/4“. Since I needed grippers to fit over the Sorel Pac boots, I bought the largest size grippers – size 13-14, not size ten. I was not surprised that the grippers were too small. I stretched one over the toe and heel of one of the boots, but then it is too narrow and the side bands lay under the boot sole. (When you stretch a rubber band, it gets narrower – right?) I sewed Velcro strips onto each gripper that run across the instep, which pulls the side bands upward so they lie along the side of the boots, not underneath the boots. If you are ordering grippers to fit over boots that have outside dimensions larger than the dimensions of dress shoes, I recommend that (1) you order the largest size grippers available, and (2) order the model of grippers that come with the Velcro straps already installed.Read more

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