0C19HQYAO3G152 Guys’s running shoes non slip shoes breathable lightweight footwear slip resistant athletic sports activities taking walks fitness center paintings footwear

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  • rubber sole
  • mesh top offers a snug, sock-like match, cozy, breathable and lightweight. Knit fabric makes it feasible that your feet free breath whilst you run or walk. Soft and shielding to cushion your every step
  • cushioned insole and breathable lining give you exceptional guide and optimize the unique properties of every touch and push. Memory foam insole has accurate elasticity
  • non-slip: the rubber outsole is lightweight and offers effect cushioning, anti-twist, abrasion-resistant and anti-slip performance. Non slip shoes provide flexibility and ground experience
  • slip on: lace up and slip on fashion give an without problems put on and completely suit enjoy. Fashion design with out a substantial mark outside, solid support for informal and athletic occasion
  • suits for long term status paintings, casual on foot, walking, sports activities, athletic, exercising, floor shoes, travel, nursing, riding, fishing, walking, get dressed, buying
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6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 12, 12.5


Black, Camouflage Gray, Camouflage Green, Black White, Blue, Camouflage Brown, Green, Grey, Navy, Red, Red-2, Light Brown

8 reviews for 0C19HQYAO3G152 Guys’s running shoes non slip shoes breathable lightweight footwear slip resistant athletic sports activities taking walks fitness center paintings footwear

  1. Katiedyd69

    These shoes are just awesome, just awesome. I wear Vibram’s all the time, however, they are hard for driving a stick shift. So I needed a replacement that were as comfortable as Vibram’s but more padding on the ball of the foot to drive a car with. Viola Troadlop!!! I am female and i bought the blue/green version. This pair is adorable. I have wider feet so any woman’s styles are to narrow. My foot measures 10 1/4 inches, I usually wear a 91/2 womans wide, or 10 medium width. I did read other reviews and noticed that the comments were that this shoe ran small, but not narrow. I took my chance and ordered the 9 mens. The fit was just right. The shoe gives one the minimalist feeling of Vibrams, but just a little more padding. The inner sole is just so comfortable. This is ow my go to shoe if I have to drive and shop. I love this shoe!!!Read more

  2. Kris Naj

    I like these alot. They feel very sturdy in comparison to other shoes of this style.They aren’t heavy at all and your feet feel protected.I do have one issue – the heel comes up high. So if it isn’t exactly your size or snug, the rear will rub against your heel, possibly causing blisters. I havent had this issues with other styles like this. I believe that with breaking them in, that issue will go away though, and obviously, there are nifty ways around it anyway.Aside from that, I cant attest to durability and quality yet, but just based on first look, they appear to be both.I recommend them. Order your exact size. Maybe even a half size smaller. I ordered my size and it is a little loose and has maybe a quarter inch of extra space (more than normal) in the toe box.Read more

  3. James Sadler

    Love the fit. Wish they had a 9.5, but the 10 worked. Love the wide toe box. Very comfortable. Manufacturing quality seems OK, and what I’d expect for roughly $40. I’ve only done one run, but enjoyed it. Achilles and PF aches already feel reduced, but definitely feel the fatigue in my feet muscles. Make sure that if you are transitioning to a minimal shoe to slowly transition. You need to work up the muscles or you will get injuries. I like that the insole comes out so easily, which allows for easy transitions to real minimal running. Also enjoy the elastic laces, which I had to add to my other shoes.I’ll update this when I’ve put 100 miles on them to say how they handle them.Read more

  4. D Allen

    I had low expectations, cheep shoes and all. That said these were not only cheep but bad. The plastic bits that hold the laces make it very hard to loosen or tighten said laces. So the shoes were either too loose or to tight and changing that was just a production that was very hard to get right and took a long time, every time. The only positive I can call out about these products, they were shipped with very minimal packaging.Read more

  5. Amazon Platinum Member

    These are my cheap daily walkers , Rubber /tread wears fast . The rubber doesn’t last long … maybe 4-5months , then you have slick bottom shoes ☺️👎🏼Watch out for smooth wet surfaces at that point . But love the light weight breathable designRead more

  6. so. california

    Been wearing this for a year now and the only complaint I have is that it started to split/peel where the rubber sole meets the ‘shiny design’ on the upper shoe. Otherwise, very comfortable shoe especially if you like to walk barefoot.If the designers are reading this, next time don’t add that shiny area even though it makes it look ‘cool’. Or spend an extra and stop an inch before the sole. That would have made this shoe 5star.My brother bought those $11 similar ones and on day 1 the rubber sole started to peel. We all get what we pay for.Read more

  7. Melissa S

    My foot measures a hair under 11.5 inches with my heel against wall to the tip of my big toe. My big toe sticks out further than the rest. However, there is still more room for remainder of toes. I used a 11.5 sheet of paper as reference. I originally bought a 12 since that is what I have typically buy with most shoes which have a narrow box for toes. That was way too big if you want to do some hiking and don’t want your feet swimming in the shoe moving from side to side. When I first put the shoe on I thought my big toe would get irritated by how the rubber comes over the toe, but after a weekend of steep hiking up a mountain I was pleasantly surprised and had no issues. Was not wearing socks. Plan to get thin toe socks to wear with these for lengthy hikes. The holes make for nice breathing when hiking. Wore them in river and they would get some sand in through holes which I expected as a veteran river fisherman. Overall I am very pleased with room for my toes. I could see myself getting a second pair. It is possible I may have squeezed into an 11 if I wanted a rather snug fit cause there is still some room beyond my big toe.Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    It happened that the boyfriend’s work shoes were broken, and he was very black again. He was very satisfied with the style and design of this pair of shoes. He chose the shoes himself, received the goods, and tried them on for a few days before evaluating them. The first day I tried it on was a bit uncomfortable because it was a new shoe. Later, the more comfortable and satisfied I was, I will share it with your.Normal sports shoes are non-slip, this is non-slip, very good👍Read more

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