0C19DINEE2A307 Garmin fenix 6 seasoned sun top rate multisport gps smartwatch with included wearable4u power % package deal (black w/slate gray band)

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  • [in the box] – 1 x fenix 6 pro solar, black with slate grey band, 1 x charging/information cable, 1 x wearable4u final power p. C. That incorporates wearable4u electricity financial institution 2200 mah, wearable4u wall and automobile usb charging adapters
  • lengthy-lasting battery existence. Solar powered multisport gps watch uses a energy glass solar charging lens and custom power supervisor modes to gain long-lasting battery lifestyles: up to fourteen days of battery existence in smartwatch mode or 16 days while solar and as much as 36 hours in gps mode or forty hours when solar charging.
  • [track your training progress and other activities with upgraded profiles] – teach with a rugged watch, offering an continually-on 1. Three” show and get advanced performance information to help you endure difficult demanding situations, inclusive of the acclimation 2. 0 widget to research extra information and see how your frame is maintaining as much as the present day elevation. Also use fēnix 6 pro sun for tracking browsing, mountain climbing or mountain cycling sports with specialised grit and glide measurements.
  • [use convenient smart features] – garmin fēnix 6 seasoned sun offers tune streaming with 0. 33 birthday party subscription, garmin pay contactless payments (not all international locations and fee networks are eligible), better wrist heart fee estimate, preloaded topo maps, ski maps for 2,000 worldwide ski hotels, more than one worldwide navigation satellite tv for pc device (gps, glonass and galileo) guide, clever notifications (when paired with a well matched cellphone), and and so forth.
  • [wearable4u ultimate power pack] – wearable4u usb electricity bank 2200 mah, wearable4u vehicle charger, wearable4u wall usb charging adapter. Hold your inreach charged always with our wearable4u energy financial institution and the duo of the wall & car usb charging adapters!
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product description

garmin fēnix 6 – pro sun edition

harness the power of the sun with the fēnix 6 pro solar premium multisport gps watch

proposing a power glass solar charging lens and customizable energy manager modes, this smartwatch can live on and stay performance-equipped for weeks. Music new sports, inclusive of indoor mountaineering and surfing plus new metrics for mountain biking. And hold a near eye in your schooling progress with overall performance monitoring, consisting of training load balance, vo2 max and altitude acclimation. Get well-being tracking and convenient smart functions that consist of track streaming with 1/3 birthday celebration subscription, more suitable wrist heart charge estimate, pulse ox sensing estimate, clever notifications (whilst paired with a like minded telephone), garmin pay contactless bills (not all countries and price networks are eligible) and extra.

  • monitoring activities (mountaineering, surfing, mountain cycling, etc.)
  • education development tracking
  • track streaming
  • more suitable wrist heart charge estimate
  • pulse ox sensing estimate
  • clever notifications (while paired with a like minded telephone)
  • garmin pay contactless payments
  • garmin fenix 6 capabilities:

    tune the info of each journey with mountain biking metrics plus specialised grit and drift measurements that charge trail issue and how easily you descend, providing you with a score to overcome subsequent time.

    use preloaded hobby profiles for path jogging, swimming, walking, biking, hiking, rowing, snowboarding, golfing, surfing, indoor climbing and more.

    this watch functions smooth-to-comply with, lively aerobic, energy, yoga and pilates workouts you could view at the watch display. Choose from preloaded lively exercises, or download greater from our garmin join online network on your well suited smartphone or pc.

    get estimated coronary heart fee information in conjunction with alerts in case your heart charge stays too excessive or too low whilst you’re at rest. Gauge how difficult your heart is running during sports even underwater.

    optimize your body’s electricity reserves, the usage of heart charge variability, strain, sleep and different information to gauge while you’re equipped to be active or when you can want to relaxation.

    view advanced education metrics that consist of strolling dynamics, restoration marketing consultant and more. Even estimate your heat- and altitude-adjusted vo2 max.

    stay informed when you’re inside the snow. This preloaded profile can distinguish between snowboarding and mountaineering. It automatically indicates metrics unique to both ascent or descent

    get ready to catch some waves. While paired with the surfline app downloaded on your well suited smartphone, fenix 6 seasoned sun works with surfline periods, which could create a video of every wave you experience in the front of your surfline camera, so you can watch them later and notice how you did

    wearable4u last electricity %

    you reach new heights. Your watch is going with you.


    Black with Slate Gray Band, Mineral Blue with Whitestone Band, PRO/Black with Black Band, Sapphire/Black DLC with Heathered Red Nylon Band, Sapphire/Carbon Gray DLC with Black Band, Sapphire/Titanium with Ember Orange Band, Sapphire/Titanium with Vented Titanium Bracelet, Slate Gray with Black Band, Standard/Silver with Black Band, Titanium Carbon Gray DLC with Titanium DLC Band

    2 reviews for 0C19DINEE2A307 Garmin fenix 6 seasoned sun top rate multisport gps smartwatch with included wearable4u power % package deal (black w/slate gray band)

    1. Kevin P. Schultz

      I’ve had 6 previous GPS devices of one kind or another. I like to kayak, hike, snowshoe, and run outside, and I like having a GPS to keep track of my mileage, elevation profile, and see where I went on a map. In 2011 I upgraded from the Garmin Forerunner to the original Garmin Fenix because it was better for getting wet. The touch-screen on the Forerunner didn’t do great in rain or when splattered by water out kayaking. The Fenix just had buttons and much better performance. It was just about indestructable, and it lasted 9 years before it died this summer.I had such a good experience with my first Fenix that I decided to upgrade and stick with the latest model Fenix 6 Pro Solar. It’s slightly smaller and lighter than the original Fenix, so it was already an upgrade just in size and weight.The display is a HUGE upgrade over my previous Fenix in that it’s full color and bright and much better resolution. Plus, there are so many different screens you can download and pretty much customize however you want your watch face to look.I LOVE all the apps for tracking statistics in different activities. I received this new Fenix 6 Pro Solar right as I was starting my summer vacation on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. The old Fenix I was able to create different profiles and displays for different sports / activities. This Fenix was pretty much ready to go right out of the box. I could quickly tell it I was going on a walk or a run or a hike or kayaking and get started. I like the way it syncs with the Garmin Connect app on my phone and automatically uploads my activities, so I don’t have to plug it in like my old Fenix.On activities like hiking and kayaking and geocaching, I used to have the Fenix on my wrist for fitness tracking metrics, and I had also carried a Garmin GPSMap 60CSx for looking at a map of where I am. Now, with the Fenix 6 Pro, I don’t need to carry the GPSMap. The Fenix 6 Pro combines both the fitness tracking of the Fenix with the map display of the GPSMap. I can download the maps and display them on its screen just fine. It’s a little smaller than the GPSMap, but it worked fine on Lake Winnipesaukee this summer.I love that it has a built-in heart rate monitor and pulse oximeter. The heart rate monitor seems to read accurately MOST of the time. There have been two times when I have been doing a workout on my spin bike at home, and my chest strap heart rate monitor has indicated up around 150 bpm on the bike computer, but the Garmin was indicating down around 130 bpm. It only happened for one interval over a couple of minutes on two different workouts. Otherwise, the heart rate on the Fenix appeared to track right along with the heart rate on the bike.I love that it shows me my text messages and I can pre-program short text responses like Yes, No, OK to send back so I don’t have to stop and fish my phone out of my pocket, unlock it, read the text, and type a reply.The battery life is utterly amazing considering all the different things I’m doing all day every day with this new watch. I love that it displays battery life in how much time you have before the battery runs out – like 6d for 6 days. If I turn off all the extra features like monitoring my pulse and pulse ox levels, the battery would last upwards of 14 days. With all the health-monitoring apps I have running, it will generally last 6 days. I have started getting in the habit of when I take it off to get in the shower, I plug it in to charge while I’m in the shower. Generally, when I plug it in every morning, it says the battery is at 5d and about 85%, and by the time I finish showering and getting ready and put it on again, it’s up at 6d and about 95%. I’m not sure exactly how much the SOLAR part of the watch is really helping. It certainly couldn’t keep the battery charged using all the health monitoring apps on solar alone. If you turn off all those extra health monitoring features and the battery was lasting 14 days, the solar feature might help keep the battery up. I’m not sure how much power the solar actually generates. I guess what I’m saying is: If you plan to use all the extra cool features, then you might consider saving the money on the solar option. I don’t think it really got me anything getting the solar. If you plan on using it like a “dumb” watch and only turning on the features when you’re actively working out, then the solar might make sense.My only minor frustration at first was that the button configuration was different from my old Fenix, so it took me some practice to unlearn the old button arrangement and learn the new button arrangement. In the grand scheme of things, not a big deal. It just took some getting used to, and I actually think this button arrangement makes sense.Overall, I’m VERY pleased with this purchase. I pretty much only take the Fenix 6 off when I shower. Otherwise, it’s always there tracking my steps and stairs climbed and stress level and sleep and exercise.Read more

    2. Derek S. Hensley

      The watch has a lot interesting tools and apps that applicable to hiking and outdoor activity!Read more

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