0C1972XK0C0328 Qumy small dog boots waterproof rain winter snow footwear for puppy dog with reflective strip gentle comfortable anti-slip rubber sole 4pcs

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  • size 1: 1. Four”x1. 1″(l*w) for 1. 1-6. 6 lbs; length 2: 1. 6″x1. Three”(l*w) for 7. 7-eleven. Zero lbs; size 3: 1. 7″x1. Five”(l*w) for 12. 1-sixteen. Five lbs; length 4: 1. Nine”x1. 7″(l*w) for 17. 6-22. 0 lbs; size five: 2. 1″x1. 9″(l*w) for 23. 1-27. 6 lbs.
  • handy and at ease: zip and self-adhesive strap layout for guide adjustment, clean to position on / off. Those small canine shoes expand with adjustable and reflective straps to ensure a tight in shape, additionally make your domestic dog safe at night, and easy to find it when it lost.
  • water-resistant and warm: first rate water-proof cloth. Water-proof dog boots hold doggy’s paws dry and warm. No extra wiping muddy or sandy paws after the rain or snow.
  • at ease and non-slip: super rubber soles supply the canine’s paws pampering care, gentle and secure. The anti-slip sole presents balance and traction, protection from sharp thorns and warm pavement. Help older puppies to rise up on hardwood flooring simpler.
  • stylish and lovable: lovable shoes in particular designed for small puppies, no longer most effective long lasting but additionally very elegant. It can make the dog more great. And it is secure to take the canine to do outside activities which include trekking and jogging.

product description

qumy canine shoes – a great companion to your dog

the first rate fabric makes these shoes defend the dog’s paws from being burned within the hot summer, however tender and breathable to paws.

lengthy-time period trekking can reason critical harm to the dog’s paws, so qumy dog shoes are crucial for hiking, permit the canine enjoy the out of doors time whilst also giving its paws top protection.

those canine footwear are best for daily walks, protect the canine’s paws against hurt from stones, asphalt, grass and many others. Qumy dog shoes will make your dog fall in love with your every day stroll time.

hard and anti-slip sole of canine footwear can offers balance and traction, make your dog stroll comfortably on the hard ground, can prevent slipping and protection from sharp thorns and warm pavement.

whilst your canine comes back from outdoor with shoes on, you do not want to wipe muddy or sandy paws. These shoes can maintain canine’s paws easy and dry.

clean shoes also are appropriate for indoor use to save you puppies from scratching carpets, wood floors and sofa.

those dog shoes are made with water-resistant cloth, that may prevent rain from entering the shoes, keep the dog’s paws dry and smooth after the rain.

these dog shoes can preserve the dog’s paws dry, warm and clean in bloodless wintry weather, puppies can play as plenty as they want with out frostbite their paws.

those dog shoes have reflective strap, make your canine seen and secure at night. If you like to take your dog for night walks, it’s miles vital to don’t forget canine’s safety.


size 1: 1.4"x1.1"(L*W), size 2: 1.6"x1.3"(L*W), size 3: 1.7"x1.5"(L*W), size 4: 1.9"x1.7"(L*W), size 5: 2.1"x1.9"(L*W)


Black, Black-Cowhide

6 reviews for 0C1972XK0C0328 Qumy small dog boots waterproof rain winter snow footwear for puppy dog with reflective strip gentle comfortable anti-slip rubber sole 4pcs

  1. Robert B. Hamilton

    Our pups are heading back to Canada. With the salt and the snow and ice they really need some kind of foot protection. These zip up and are held in place by velcro. They should protect our pups feet and look to be very well made. The only question is whether our little guys can get used to shoes. So far… it’s not looking good (see video – it’s hilarious). But that’s no fault of this product. 5 stars all the way.Read more

  2. Boots

    I been looking for the right kind of snow boots to fit my Shih Tzu name Luke. I had a very hard time with fitting snow boots that I had bought from other makers. I looked at the Qumy Snow boot online and I saw pictures of other small to medium breeds walking in the snow boots. I said I will speak to one of the people that work with the Qumy Co. I played it safe, I ended up ordering two sizes. one Size 1 and one Size two. For my Shih Tzu the size two fit him. I had him walk around my apartment first and down our hallway and they didn’t slide off his front paws and back paws. I took him out in the rain twice and so far I am Very Very happy with the brand and the FIT!!! Measure your dog before buying the snow boots. If you are not sure than buy two sizes. If the size one fits then return the size two etc. Every breed of dogs paws are different. Like humans I know for me some shoes or sneakers run too small or to big, or very narrow or a bit to wide. For me when it rains or snows, I want to keep my dogs paws dry. I don’t want to keep washing his paws with water and soap, which can and will dry out their paws. I don’t want his paws to end up getting infected either. I hope what I said is somewhat helpful.Read more

  3. LaHossBoss

    We just received these boots today, so this is a preliminary review, and have earned 5 stars in my opinion for all categories at this time. I will update after further more intensive use.Pros:- Easy to put on- Sizing was easy when done as instructed and the size I order fit great!- Included instructions where a great guide. We didn’t completely follow them as my Maltipoo has worn traction socks before, so he knows how to handle light footwear, but he learned to just heavy step and kick back to knock them right off. He did try this trick with these boots, but was unsuccessful (much to his surprise!). We did praise him and give plenty of treats, as boots are a different feel than socks, so he did need a little motivation to feel confident.- The adjustable strap is nice to tighten the boot to keep it on.- The zipper is a nice touch for easy on and off (he has long hair, so we didn’t have the usual trouble trying to stuff his paws in like with socks)- Better tricks overall on carpet and great traction on the laminate floors. My Maltipoo was pleasntly surprised by this! He hopped higher on carpet and was more confident on the slicker surfaces.- Not bulky like the other style we got from this brand for our larger dog. I may try to get these for my Border Collie as well if the other style doesn’t work out.Cons:- Most dogs have larger front paws than back paws and these are the same size, so this may cause you to need two different sizes to get the perfect fit on front and back paws. This applies to I believe all dog boots out there, so it isn’t just a con for these boots.Sizing:My Maltipoo is 15lbs and took a size 2. I was torn on sizing, and almost went with size 3, per size guide (he was in between sizes), but I am glad I didn’t. They fit like a glove on the front paws (maybe a tad snug, but nothing a due nail trim won’t fix), but are a bit loose on the back paws, and I will have to see how they hold up/stay on with heavy outdoor use. If I had gone with a size 3 they would have been ok on the front paws, but possibly way too large on the back paws. I almost considered a size 1 for a second, but clearly that would be way too small for the front paws, but possibly perfect for the back paws.We have only introduced these to him and to get comfortable with them on, so they have only been used inside. They withstood running on carpet and the kick offs he attempted where traction socks would just slide/fly right off easily. When we try these outside and after longer usage I will update my rating/feedback.I hope this helps someone!Read more

  4. V. B.

    High quality and well made. For a size 1, I felt they were a bit too large. My toy poodle weighs 6 lbs, has tiny feet. Although the boot had velcro to “tighten” the boot, because the material used was so thick, the velcro no matter how “tight”, it was unable to create any tightness to keep any of the boots on my dogs feet. Perhaps if the material were less thick, or the boots taller, it would stay on the foot. My dog merely taking a step, causes the boots to fall off. Disappointed.Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Very well made! The zipper makes them easy to put on my 15 pound miniature schnauzer. I love the rubber sole. I know they’ll keep her feet protected and warm from the cold. I purchased size 4 which are fine. She kept them on in the yard and walked up and down the deck stairs, but she could’ve worn a 3 (with nails clipped). I scored them a 4 only because they don’t have an extended cuff. She’ll just have to wear leggings when it snows!Read more

  6. Cecilia Burshtein

    I have three small poodles (5 kilos) each and I bought these boots in size 2 for walks on the snow since they get really cold with no paw protection.The boots are great overall. They do not keep the paws warm but keep them from freezing and protected from the anti-snow chemicals. They rarely slip off, even when my dogs run, jump, dig, and wipe their paws after peeing. They give them good traction in the snow but these are not good for wet flat surfaces (or ice!) so be careful. If you want boot to help older dogs inside the house I would recommend these. I put them on in the house to protect my wooden floor but I did not like the weird sound (plastic tapping wood) of my 3 dogs running around so I only use them for outside walks.I did not like these boots are not waterproof as advertised. They do a good job keeping the paws dry but after >30 minutes in the snow, there is actually some transmitted water: when I remove them, the paws are humid even if we did not go into deep water, just by walking on the snow.Read more

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