0C194MNUOUI178 Jiamy canine shoes canine boots snow canine booties dogs paw safety with anti-slip sole, canine snow socks for beagle, small bulldog, cocker spaniel, corgi

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  • sample breed: s: beagle, cocker spaniel, corgi. M: dalmatian, basset hound, siberian husky. L: golden retriever, doberman, antique english sheepdog. Xl: shepherd, rottweiler, bernese mountain canine. Xxl: akita, rottweiler, new observed land canine.
  • length selection: we’ve 2 desktops and four computers for distinct sizes. Please degree each leg of the dog, because the sizes of the the front and rear legs may be exclusive. We have 2 computers options for one-of-a-kind sizes, and you could choose extraordinary sizes based totally at the consequences of front and rear leg measurements.
  • safety & comfy: this dog boot will keep your dog paws away from glass, rain, shield his toes flawlessly from the hot pavement, or snow within the wintry weather season. There’s too cold that canine can’t walk on the snow however it is possible with this dog booties. He/ she will terrific satisfied to run and move nuts within the snow without coming lower back in with dirty paws. It is clean to locate your dog with the aid of the reflective orange straps at the dog boot.
  • at ease & excellent excellent: this canine footwear strap facilitates to alter a relaxed healthy, and the rubber sole facilitates anchor the bottom. This dog socks is breathable, allow the dog fall in love with dog shoes, won’t let it hot. They will match amazing and feature 2 straps so that it will fasten canine toes nicely. Two straps that preserve the boot in location with out pinching.
  • everywhere & clean clean: your dog can wear this canine boots to anywhere. From the snow to the new pavement! From the winter to the summer! From the indoor to the looking! Canine paw will not do any harm others with the dog socks. Dog can walk on slick flooring. You don’t want to smooth the snow, dust and sand for your puppies paw any more. Additionally canine may not deliver the dirty to returned home.
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6 reviews for 0C194MNUOUI178 Jiamy canine shoes canine boots snow canine booties dogs paw safety with anti-slip sole, canine snow socks for beagle, small bulldog, cocker spaniel, corgi

  1. Annie B

    I have bought so many different kinds of boots for my medium size 30 lb Spanish Water Dog with skinny legs. She has suffered from severe allergies for a long time. She licks her paws like a crazy dog. When she’s standing with a cone on, even though she can’t lick her paws, she scratches her belly with her nails causing her marks. I’ve also spent a lot of money paying for infections caused by debris stuck on her paws. So with that being said, I’ve bought expensive brands to cheap brands to prevent her from hurting herself. The problem I always seem to have with dog boots is that they slip off easily. I lost one of the pair that cost me $99.00 while camping and another cheap $9.99 version while walking around the block.These are my second pair of these types of orange boots. These are different from the first set (which I liked from a different seller but I LOVE LOVE these). These only have one strap that I have to deal with. The other brand had a very long strap that wrapped around twice which was harder to keep them tight. I also purchased a larger size in the past since she has lots of fur in the wintertime. This time I purchased one size smaller which is much nicer during the summer when she has less hair. It works so well when the ground is hot 100 degree, her paws don’t even get affected. Also, it really helps with keeping things from poking or being embedded in her paw like thorns, branches, stickers, etc. My dog can run fast with these on too. She even jumped over a fence and no problems with them staying on. We hike a lot and traveled in them across the USA in them with all kinds of terrain and weather conditions.She has worn them in the snow and they work just ok….her feet and paws still get wet, but it helps protects her from the ice. It’s better than nothing.I have hand washed them and hung them to dry. They do dry quickly.Here’s the impressive part of these boots. My dog fell asleep wearing them. I woke up in the middle of the night to remove them so her feet could breathe. I tried to remove them without turning the lights on. And guess what…I got so frustrated because I could not just slip them off without unwrapping the Velcro strap! The black strap Velcro worked like glue. I had to turn on the lights and practically rip them off like masking tape. It’s impressive because my dog was always able to just slip the other brands off herself with giving enough alone time.The next day as we walked to my car (parked on the street) one of the boots slipped off because I didn’t put the strap on tight enough, my fault. It took me a bit to drive back to the spot I parked, but as much as I hate the bright orange color (it’s so embarrassing), I was able to see them laying in the street from a far distance due to the brightness of them. WOW! I didn’t have to go searching for them as I have in the past.There is one non-impressive thing about them. I do have to keep an eye on my dog’s feet while wearing them. They tend to twist a little bit and make her look wacky. I don’t actually have to undo them, just twist them back. It doesn’t always happen, only if I don’t tighten them enough. But remember NOT to tighten them too much, otherwise, it will hurt them. (SEE HELPFUL HINT BELOW)I will continue to buy these boots because they will only last one season of hard use. None the less, it’s still totally worth it from having to pay for medical bills and spending time pulling debris out of her paws.UPDATE*** Helpful hint on putting them on. The boots do fit accordingly to each foot, if not worn on proper paw and side (front left or right and back left or right) it will twist and can slip off. So make sure that all the flaps (black part of the boot will be exposed similar to the concept if you opened up a refrigerator door) and the beginning of the Velcro straps are facing inward of the dog’s foot (see picture) when you are putting on the boots. Once you place the paws into the boot and begin to wrap the boot, the flaps (the orange part) should then be facing outwards of the dog’s foot (see picture). If you look closely at the boots you will see that the boots do align in the same shape as each paw (like your own shoe would for left and right side). It’s helpful to marked each boot as I did so that I don’t have to think so much when my dog is excited making it more challenging to put them on.Read more

  2. Laurie JJ

    My daughter bought these for our dog because she was concerned about his paws getting too cold in the snow. The dog LOVES playing in the snow so it seemed like a good idea.He got used to them pretty quickly and doesn’t struggle when I put them on his paws.For a few minutes the little shoes work well. But our dog is quite active and runs and hops in the snow so before long the shoes start falling off and need to be removed and reinstalled.This isn’t that big a deal. I realize it’s tough to make an inexpensive shoe that fits front and rear dog paws. The fronts fit better than the rears, I suspect due to basic dog anatomy.These shoes are pretty good except that they are quickly falling apart. The stitching in two of the shoes is failing after only a few uses. So that’s disappointing. I’d give them a higher rating if the sewing was higher quality. And ‘waterproof?’ Ha.The bottom of the shoe is great, very tough and holding up well. The long Velcro strap helps hold the front shoes on nicely. The stitching just isn’t of the same toughness as the sole. Pity because if the shoes were a bit tougher they’d be pretty good.Read more

  3. bookgirl1213

    There is nothing wrong with these and they may be my favorites out of the 3 or 4 pairs of dog booties we have tried. It’s just that they are cumbersome to take on and off and I’m irritated that I can’t find what I need in my dog’s size. I have a Great Pyrenees with severe allergy issues. Among MANY other things, he is allergic to…wait for it…GRASS. You know, the green stuff dogs walk on. (Insert exasperated eye roll). So he has to wear boots to go for a walk, regardless of the weather. We’ve gone through lots of boots. The velcro is a pain in the butt (but without it they would fall off even more than they do). It would be so awesome if they just slipped on an off like long stretchy tube socks. But they don’t. They also interfere with his double dew claws if not positioned *just* so. But that’s not really an issue with the boots, hence the 4 stars. That’s mainly due to the fact that everything in my life, including my dog, has to be extra.Read more

  4. Vixter

    My dog is a 90lb husky mix and he enjoys wearing these shoes that protect his paws from hot pavement. The first time he walked in them I really had to hold back from laughing. Ok fine – I laughed so hard I nearly peed. It takes some getting used to so try not to laugh at your pet learning to walk in these amazing shoes.Read more

  5. Eric Tahra Moore

    We live in Michigan and the winters are hard. So when I saw these affordable dog boots I had to give it a try. When they came I was extremely surprised at how amazing and durable the material is on them. The bottom of the dog boot is a great anti-slip grip. and the neoprene is what goes around the dog’s legs with a large velcro strap and then another smaller one to go on the outside of the wrap. So they stay in place very well. it took my dog a little bit to get used to walking in them but now he loves going outside having those protecting his pads on his paws.Read more

  6. K. Chemelewski

    This is the second pair of these boots I have purchased. The original pair fit well, didn’t come off, and made my dog comfortable. Use in mud and rain was no problem, but deep snow is very hard on the boots and caused ripping and fraying of the stitching. For the price, such quality issues may be overlooked to an extent.One thing that disappointed me: the original pair did not have left and right. All boots fastened “clockwise”. Based on other reviews, I hoped the new set would have “left” and “right” boots. Alas, my dog wears large in front and medium in back, and only the mediums of the new set had left/right symmetry. The large pair are both “right”.Read more

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