0C18ZUCK9R4711 Gle2016 canine boots waterproof shoes snow shoes with reflective rugged anti-slip sole,warm lining nonslip rubber sole for snow wintry weather, 2 pairs

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  • ✅ 【 high exceptional cloth】velvet heat internal cloth could guard the claws and make puppy fell comfortable. High oxford water resistant cloth and rubber backside, non-slip and water-proof,will preserve your puppy’s paws clean, dry, and secure with protection from ice and snow, hot asphalt, sharp objects, rocks, wet surfaces, and so forth.
  • ✅ 【 rugged and sturdy】difficult anti-slip sole provides balance and traction, safety from sharp thorns, hot pavement, salt in the course of winter. Certainly designed, smooth to apply and convenient for most events, especially awesome for accurately going out in bad climate.
  • ✅ 【 at ease and adjustable】 the buckle at the returned may be adjustable, smooth to put in/take off. And two adjustable and reflective straps to ensure a decent suit, reflective straps for better visibility in the darkish, make your dog safe at night time.
  • ✅ 【 five inner size alternatives 】 suitable for winter, snow, ice, rainy day, wet and so forth. Layout for big and medium dogs. Measure dog paws duration for fine healthy. Refer the dimensions chart with actual size of dog boots and select the best suitable size in your pet. If the size isn’t appropriate, please touch us!
  • ✅ if there are any issues with the item, you could contact us by electronic mail, we are able to help you solves the trouble in time.
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8 reviews for 0C18ZUCK9R4711 Gle2016 canine boots waterproof shoes snow shoes with reflective rugged anti-slip sole,warm lining nonslip rubber sole for snow wintry weather, 2 pairs

  1. Sharon Cecilia

    Really wanted these to work because others that I have tried are so short that I worry about snow getting into them but these were just awful! I ended up ordering 3 different sizes so I could pick the one that fit best but all of them got returned! My dog couldn’t even bend her legs in them and none of them fit her paw correctly so it looked like she was walking on her tiptoes. Just happy I was able to return them allRead more

  2. jordan

    LOVE THESE. I ordered them for my Great Dane puppy, I got the biggest size available and they fit her perfect! She looked funny trying to walk in these the first time, but quickly got used to it. She wears them every time we got out in the snow and they stay on her feet. Her feet are always dry when we come in and we’re out for at least 20 mins each time, she runs all over and plays in them. I’d say this is one of my favorite things I’ve bought for her!Read more

  3. webster

    I wanted taller boots for a shorter dog in deep snow. I was optimistic about the double-strap closure being able to secure the boots and keep them from slipping down . I measured my dog’s feet and ordered the correct size. The lining inside the boots is a very thin layer of polar-type fleece – not very thick and, I presume, not very warm. No matter how tight I cinched the straps, the slippery nylon on the outside allowed the boots to slide and twist making them unfit for purpose – they would not stay on properly and were therefore unwearable on my dog. I gave them away, but haven’t heard if the new owner has had any better luck with them. I do not recommend.Read more

  4. Brandon Oakes

    First of all, these boots are not shapes right for a dogs foot. The boots are shaped at like a 90 degree angle like an elephants foot. If I had not hand sewn these onto my dogs snow suit they would not stay on. These boots are also fraying a lot after only being worn 3 times. There’s even a whole layer peeled off on one boot which is in the picture. I do like the bottom of the boots they’re very heavy duty but nothing else is. If I haven’t already sewn them on I would’ve returned them. I think they’re too expensive for the quality.Read more

  5. Tony’s Reviews

    Sadly, could not get our Schnauzer to walk in them. The style and fit is excellent in every way, but they seemed to be sooo annoying to our dog that she wanted nothing to do with them. Perhaps they could throw in a guide on how to coach/train your dog to “like” or at least walk in them.Read more

  6. Elizasga

    It’s super cute but it stay on my dog’s feet for 10 sec. During these 10 seconds, my dog was not able to walk. It was funny but without any use.Read more

  7. cmt

    these were a “no” for us. they fit poorly and didn’t stay on straight, so they got all ripped up on the first and only outing.Read more

  8. Brett

    My dog is a pit and I measured her before buying. I’ve only used these a few times and the material is already fraying. Also, no matter what I do, these won’t stay up. I decided to just let her walk in the slouching material and at the end of the walk, they were entirely turned around. I tighten the Velcro as much as I can and even tighten the top portion. Nope. Doesn’t work.Read more

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