0C18ZC9XD20360 Women’s trekking boots – water-proof suede leather-based trekking shoes for women, breathable, relaxed & light-weight hiking boot

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  • rubber sole
  • water-proof & breathable: made from suede leather-based and breathable mesh, foxelli hiking boots for girls are designed to make your out of doors outings even extra first-rate. Kingtex water-resistant membrane seals out any moisture and keeps the ft quality and dry even inside the most harsh climate situations. Breathable mesh collar and gusseted tongue allow for better air circulation.
  • light-weight & relaxed: in terms of all-day comfort – foxelli girls hiking boots truly deliver! Well-padded collar and tongue result in advanced cushioning around the ankle vicinity. Removable, soft foam innersoles offer relief and exceptional protection on your toes at all times. Shock absorbent midsoles limit any impact on joints, even as the bendy higher guarantee that the ultimate freedom of movement. For ultimate comfort, take a careful take a look at our size chart and select the exceptional healthy.
  • first rate guide & durability: foxelli women’s hiking shoes will face up to nearly some thing you may throw at them. High-quality rubber soles are absolutely slip-evidence and feature superior traction for better stability on tough terrains. No more slipping and falling on moist or muddy surfaces! Rand guards add extra safety to the regions of the boots that need it the most. Suitable arch and ankle support also are featured for a extra posture and stability!
  • premium design: what’s more critical: performance or aesthetics? With foxelli trekking boots you in no way need to pick among the two! Elegant, youthful and cutting-edge, those hiking boots come in 3 different designs so one can paintings for city amusement just as well as for the trails. 2 additional pairs of colorful non-slip shoelaces are also protected!
  • hazard-free buy: we offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money-returned guarantee with a 1-yr warranty for any defects. In case you’re no longer one hundred% satisfied – we’ll come up with your cash again. It’s a promise! Purchase with self belief!

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Grey, Brown, Teal

8 reviews for 0C18ZC9XD20360 Women’s trekking boots – water-proof suede leather-based trekking shoes for women, breathable, relaxed & light-weight hiking boot

  1. Michelle Petrucci

    Picture this: You read all the reviews for a hiking shoe and everyone says great things. They don’t have the color you like but since they are such a great pair of shoes, you order another color. You try them on and they feel great on your feet; a little clunky and heavy but comfier than most hiking shoes on first try. You wear them around the house and break them in a little. You wear them to a quick 8 mile hike in the Catskill Mountains; what a great place to finish breaking them in right? Varied terrain, and just the right amount of distance, not too long… WRONG. The hike became the longest 8 miles I’ve ever hiked in my life. Upon climbing up the mountain the right foot started to rub a bit in the back. No biggie, I planned ahead and brought large bandaids for that, that’s normal sometimes. Upon uncomfortably reaching the summit, it begins to unexpectedly rain. Good thing I got those waterproof hiking boots right? What a joke! Within a matter of minutes my feet were entirely saturated and my toes began to slide around in the boot. This is the most uncomfortable thing when you are trying to descend a steep mountain with mostly rock terrain! As I was squish squishing down the mountain and through a bushwhack I became uncomfortably cold. My toes kept sliding forward to the front of the shoe, and I was in complete and utter agony the entire hike back. My toes were bleeding. I was walking so slow my friend had to leave me behind and meet up with me later. Also the boots kept loosening up and I was terrified that I was going to sprain my ankle. The boots did properly fit me and they were laced correctly. I was wearing appropriate and comfortable hiking socks. These boots put me in a very dangerous situation! I could have had hypothermia from having wet feet at that elevation! And the fact that they slowed me down so much, my hike tripled in time! Not a happy hiker! Don’t always believe what you read in the reviews or the product description! Any somewhat experienced hiker that puts in decent mileage would never okay these! I am sending them back wet and covered in mud. I had such high hopes for these! They completely ruined our day and my feet are bleeding in several spots. I wanted to cry the entire time. When I got to my car I cried with relief and then ripped them off. I had to warm up in the car for an hour before i could drive home because my feet were so cold and hurt so bad. This should never have happened! What a disappointment! (Update: I sustained an infection in the back of my foot due to the boots cutting into my foot, and had to be put on antibiotics)Read more

  2. Denise Lang

    I just got my boots today, I’m so glad that they are the color that I hoped and not different from the picture. I have foot problems so I always get either a half or whole size bigger than normal, especially with boots. I need to put an insole in most shoes/boots but I don’t think I really would have needed to because the arch support looks and feels great. I put insoles in for the cushion also, but again, that seems to be very good as well. I look forward to my first hike with them and hope they continue to be as good of a boot as they seem.Update-after my first walk yesterday, the boots were really comfortable right off the bat without even braking them in. I’m very happy with them.Read more

  3. Isabella Rose

    These are very stunning boots, I’ve received a few compliments on them. After reading reviews I decided to order a half size up and I’m sure glad I did. They fit like a glove. The boots are comfortable, light weight and there is enough room with thick socks on to wiggle my toes.I haven’t had the opportunity to trail blaze with them yet, but I’m excited to put them through the ringer this weekend.Update:I tested these boots on some trails and I am still happy with them. I crossed puddles and my feet remained dry. They have a good grip, I didn’t slip and slide at all. Very comfortable to hike in.Read more

  4. Debra

    Went hiking in the woods the other day. These hiking boots were extremely comfortable and really gripped the hills I climbed. I also got the tips a little wet and they dried perfectly. They look great too. Very pleased!Read more

  5. Lauren

    Best boots I have ever owned! Light weight, very comfortable and supportive. No blisters or rubbing. The quality is incredible too.Read more

  6. DJ May

    The boots are not stiff and are comfortable right out of the box. They are not tight or to loose. If you wear a thick hiking sock you may want to size up 1/2. They seem well made with nice padding. Can not say how well they will do on the trail as it will be awhile before the snow melts. They have a One-year product insurance you need to activate within 48 hours of receiving the product. With activated insurance, whatever happens- they will replace your hiking boots for free. Guess time will tell about that. I feel I will be very happy with these boots.Read more

  7. Trenna Sonnenschein

    I bought the Teal color and I love the color. So far I have only worn them around the house and they feel very comfortable. When I get a chance to put some miles of them up in the mountains and really put them to the test, I’ll revisit this review. One reviewer stated that they ran on the small side. I disagree with that statement. I ordered the exact size that I usually wear and they fit great. They don’t feel on the small side at all to me. I have to wait for the snow to melt so it’ll be a couple of months but I’ll let you know how well they do for me when hiking. In the meantime, I’ll break them in by wearing them around the house.Read more

  8. Cloudgazin

    Great boots! Did my first hike with them today and did 6 miles of mixed terrain and some scrambling no issues! Great traction and support. I didn’t get to test the waterproofing but will update as soon as I can! Looking forward to many more miles!Read more

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