0C18Z7CY807575 Crampons ice cleats traction, 19 spikes stainless steel for snow footwear boots, secure protection for hiking, walking, climbing, walking, mountaineering on snow muddy street anti-slip

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  • gelindo ice traction with 19 teeth is specifically engineered for intense hardness and long-lasting integrity of grip. Maintaining you safe with remarkable traction and stability at the same time as ensuring your wintertime safety.
  • you have to stroll the dog irrespective of what weather is, so it’s miles nesecessery to have a high high-quality ice cleats like gelindo. It lets in you to effortlessly degree off on a spread of snow-covered roads or muddy roads (ice, compacted vintage snow, fluffy new snow).
  • unique:cowl is made by silicone,not the general tpr rubber. The high high-quality rubber retain the elastic and flexible ensures a decent preserve to your shoe, even at -45(℉). It might not be snap or tear.
  • multiple terrains: gelindo ice traction offers extra protection for outdoorsmen who need non-slip grip boots for looking, ice fishing and fly fishing waders, snowmobiling and ice boating. When stability is critical, you want the non-slip traction of gelindo 19 spikes.
  • clean to place on and convey smooth: simplest weight 0. 4 lb(size-huge), small and foldable. Easy to place on and match securely on the footwear. The garage box makes the crampons very clean to put inside the mountain climbing bag/images bag.

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8 reviews for 0C18Z7CY807575 Crampons ice cleats traction, 19 spikes stainless steel for snow footwear boots, secure protection for hiking, walking, climbing, walking, mountaineering on snow muddy street anti-slip

  1. Kylen

    I am seriously so glad I bought these spikes for my hiking trip in CO. They worked so well hiking up an icey trial. I never once slipped or even felt close to falling. They also held up to hiking along rocks. The trails consistently change and I did not have to take these spikes on and off unlike my friends who did. I was the only one out of my group who wasn’t sliding down backwards and it felt great. Highly recommend. Do not go cheap with single point spikes, the chain and 3 prong spikes hold up and will last you more than one hike.Read more

  2. Hail, Marcabia

    I loved, loved, loved these- for a week or so. Bought two pairs for my spouse and myself. They are very grippy, even on very slick ice.Unfortunately, after just a few wears- in less than two week’s time- my pair came apart on the underside. Shortly afterward, the rubber on my husband’s pair broke clean in half while we were walking.For the price, I didn’t expect welded links, but the rubber going brittle so quickly is very disappointing. These look very sturdy out of the box and I really expected better.Read more


    These things make walking up a snowy mountain a breeze. My husband was just in hiking boots and he was slipping everywhere. I had no problem slipping with these on. Very comfortable, couldn’t even tell they were on and I didn’t lose grip one time. Used them in about 5 inches of some powder and some more icy snow. Came home and ordered my husband a pair :)Read more

  4. Kindle Customer

    These trackers have large spikes that really bite into the icy ground. Word them doing chores and could walk with confidence to get things done. They come in a hard covered case for storage in those warmer months so you won’t lose them, or stab yourself on the spikes while in storage. Well worth the money.Read more

  5. Kozette

    I have been hiking with these spikes in the Utah backcountry every weekend and they have not snapped in the cold they stay in place on my boots and have grate traction in snow, ice and mud.Read more

  6. Liz K

    I love them! They really make our walks with our dog so much easier up here in Maine. I got two pairs and mine are perfect. I’m a shoe size 8 and got a Large. My yeti footed husband on the other hand has wide feet and they’re a bit tight on his toes. However, I’ll keep his pair for when guests come. They’re pretty awesome. I love that you can confidently walk on ice.Read more

  7. EX4D

    Great for winter here in Alaska. Material we’re made to last. I’m a patrol officer and I’m usually in and out of the vehicle so I buy a small heavy rubber mat from Home Depot to prevent any damages to the vehicle because the blades a little longer than usual. Overall a great product and fast delivery.Read more

  8. FGM

    It’s easy to put it on and take out. Game changer on icy hikes! Also, the case is really useful. Sometimes I’m hiking on mountains where 1/2 is super icy and 1/2 is dry and sunny. So, I can take it out easily and put it on my backpack without a mess.Read more

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