0C18Z57K8I6479 Ff melocreme harvest candy mix fall candy holloween sweet 2lbs

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  • 2lbs harvest mellocreme candy blend
  • chocolate bats, caramel cats, pumpkins, black licorice,corn candy and many extra a laugh treats!
  • colorful deal with in a laugh, festive shapes, fall sweet , holloween treat
  • makes superb cupcake decorations

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product description

2lbs of harvest sweet harvest mix melocremes are the proper manner to have a good time the exchange of seasons! Those classic chocolates are available a cornucopia of festive fall shapes and colorings, and they flavor precisely like a sparkling piece of candy corn! When you want a few variety and don’t have loads of time, this pre-combined mixture of candy corn, pumpkins,skulls, indian corn, owls, corn cobs, and other autumn items will do the trick a candy dish favored each autumn makes outstanding cupcake decorations

8 reviews for 0C18Z57K8I6479 Ff melocreme harvest candy mix fall candy holloween sweet 2lbs

  1. Catherine Sumsky

    This is just awful! This has black licorice pieces it that make the whole bag taste like licorice. The melocremes are small and hard. This is going in the garbage.Read more

  2. Janice G. Matuch

    If you like mealy, globbed together and unidentifiable varieties of some, and semi-recognizable forms of other, Halloween candies that miss the mark in taste then this is for you! Otherwise, shop elsewhere!Read more

  3. Veronica

    Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with the order. I kinda expected to see chocolate cats and banana moons and the caramel wheat in this, instead I got the typical candy corn, pumpkins, and surprisingly I got Boston baked beans in this. I had ordered it for my dad who really enjoys the stuff, though I’m kinda sad that the product didn’t match the picture. I’m just glad my dad was happy with what he got.Read more

  4. David A. Thoke

    Just awful – candy stuck together- funny taste – NEVER AGAINRead more

  5. Yvonne Jones

    I enjoy these treats since I was a kidRead more

  6. Amazon Customer

    The Peanut Butter pieces of candy were melted and all stuck together so that I had to throw about half of the candy away.Read more

  7. CBlood

    This isn’t just a mellow creme mix. There are also candy coated nuts in it. That was weird.Read more

  8. Prof NPF

    Terrible, stale & beat up candy. Unusable for Thanksgiving. It is usually my 1st choice for fall candy, couldn’t find it in the stores, so ordered it thinking it was a good move – WRONG!Read more

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