0C18Z4XY6KL278 Shoe cowl water resistant anti slip sneaker silicone rain footwear boot multi use

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8 reviews for 0C18Z4XY6KL278 Shoe cowl water resistant anti slip sneaker silicone rain footwear boot multi use

  1. Ainhoa

    OMG!!!! These shoe covers are AMAZING!!! I don’t usually do reviews but this time I had to since I did see some negative reviews but I still went ahead and purchased these covers because it wasn’t expensive at all!Let me tell you something.. if you’re looking for great quality covers, look no further! School started and my daughter wanted white tennis shoes for school… WHITE! And my first thought was “they will turn black after the first day, specially after PE class”So buying these covers was the best decision ever, because she’s been wearing these covers every single day for school and they have not ripped! The quality is so great!! And her shoes are still white! LolGreat quality and really good price! I couldn’t be happier!Read more

  2. ABC

    These shoe covers are great! They fit perfectly over my shoes according to the size guide. The bottoms are deeply textured to provide grip and traction. They’re sturdy and stretchy. I don’t think they would rip easily. You do have to put a tiny bit of effort in to pulling them on, but it’s not too bad. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who has difficulty bending or reaching their shoes. They slip off pretty easily and are easy disinfect and clean. Definitely saves hassle if disposable shoe covers aren’t available.They are just what I needed for protecting my tennis shoes from nasty outdoor weather. Now, I don’t have to worry about my pretty shoes getting ruined.These shoe covers are also perfect for nursing or out and about shopping. They protect from tracking unwanted germs into the car or house.Overall, I’d say I’m extremely pleased with this purchase!Read more

  3. Rick Kayso

    I purchased these for a hike when I knew it would be raining and wanted to protect my shoes. These are probably not meant for long distances, but they held up for miles and miles without tearing or any problems. I did have a couple of close calls when walking on non-asphalt surfaces (a wet wooden bridge or a manhole cover, for example) where my foot slipped like I stepped on ice.The biggest issue, for me, was that the covers don’t breathe (because they are meant to keep water out) and they got hot. Over time, my feet got sweaty, my socks got sweaty, and then I had a buildup of sweat and condensation inside the cover.Also, they are low-cut, so if you are in rain, moisture can wick down pants to socks inside of cover.I would use these if I had to walk in water, or in a downpour without question. Good for working in a lightly flooded area.I will have to find another hiking solution, however.Read more

  4. Carmindy

    In FL we get down pours and I can fold these up and keep them in my bag easily. They fit really well. I was worried these would be hard to put on but they stretch out nicely. I wear a size 9 1/2- 10 in womans shoes so I got a large. I don’t slip on tile floors or on the sidewalk when wet. Im sure they will fit my running sneakers just easily.Read more

  5. Bambi Price

    Grabbed these for a theme park trip because it always rains in Florida and I can’t wear sandals. They were perfect. They pack small enough to keep in your pocket and they kept our shoes dry in the rain. I did slip once by the purple wall but I swear I have slipped there without them so I’m not sure if it was the covers or not. Overall they had good tred. They were easy to get on and off and they held up great. We will take them with us next time.Read more

  6. Basha

    I purchased these to wear over dive booties. I wore them this weekend when I went out to paddle board. I launched during low tide at a creek & river out let to the gulf. I got into a muddy area where I had to walk the board over. These stayed tight on my booties and they did not get wet or in the mud. I did not expect to have to use them once out on the water but I did and they performed super well. Super great to save dive booties wore them on dry rough asphalt and walked on shell; they show no signs of wear. Rinsed with hose and washed with wetsuit shampoo to get the mud stink out when I did my suit.Read more

  7. Rachel

    They fit on one set of sneakers perfectly but not the other. Otherwise, very nice. I bought the largest size, and they fit my women’s size 11 Reebok sneakers but not my men’s size 10 sneakers with a wider/thicker sole. It looks like they will be nice and waterproof once I get a chance to use them.Read more

  8. Daniela Kriete

    Took them on a vacation to Europe (there’s always a chance of rain somewhere), instead of lugging waterproof shoes, these rain covers worked great! I’ve tried them over my shoes and they’re low-profile. I’m a happy packer with a less bulky suitcase.Read more

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