0C18Y7NYI62417 Trekking poles collapsible nordic trekking pole pair – trek-z cork deal with 2pc ultralight folding on foot sticks, light-weight aluminum 7075 foldable trekking stick for trail seniors guys ladies

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  • new layout! Boom your foot print! Trek-z ergonomic hiking poles (set of two) give you motive to increase the stairs you are taking. Help prevent knee injury, assist greater weight, and walk comfortably with those hiking poles. Cork grip wicks away sweat from palms keeping them drier. Less assailable grip in muddy regions with brought mud stops. Eva foam shafts allow for a sturdy grip in extreme all terrain environments. Trek-z poles are the proper gift for outside hikers who experience mild and compact tools!
  • engineered and constructed to final: preserving your adventurous nature in thoughts, we knew that no element can be disregarded! Made with plane grade aluminum-critical for trekking or backpacking in hard terrains and assisting heavier weights. The joints had been more advantageous to be more cozy with delivered metallic caps. Cork grip absorbs sweat out of your hands. Trek-z hiking poles are intended to resist stress and effect some distance advanced to carbon fiber poles. Pick up your map and begin your adventure!
  • compact layout that is ready to move when you are: trek-z hiking poles crumble right down to a transportable 15 inches (38 cm), thanks to its retractable tri-fold layout. Fitting into backpack, luggage instances, or duffel luggage for compact journey! Trekking poles for seniors – no greater cumbersome taking walks sticks! Trek-z gives you the ability to construct strength and muscle even as you run errands. Allow these particular poles go with you to all of your outside amusement activities and adventures!
  • sizing … We’ve got were given you blanketed: the period of the pole may be adjusted fast and easily using an modern metal turn lock era. Customise the height on your liking, and make sure it’s far comfortable with our metallic stopper comfy locking device. The peak of the poles has adjustment variety of 20cm from 110cm to 130cm that fits for men, women, teen with peak among five’2” (159cm) to 6’five” (195cm). Each bundle is available in pair with holder bag.
  • lighter than your average umbrella: every pole weighs handiest eleven. 5 ounces (330g) perfect as an all-day strolling stick or for backpacking in high mountains or on your preferred ski trails, or even crossing the circulation. The staffs are engineered with 100% air-space grade 7075 aluminum-equal material used on plane and in marine environments, whilst power and lighter weights are needed. Whether you are for fishing, hiking, these folding poles are the handiest trek poles you’ll ever want.

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product description

increase your foot print with these extremely-portable, lightweight trekking poles

ultralight and tri-fold trekking poles designed especially for price-conscious campers and backpackers!

the trekology trek-z hiking poles collapsible combine sturdy aluminum construction, soft wrist straps with moisture-resistant cork handles to create a comfortable all-day hiking enjoy. They may be both stylish and robust, ideal for day hikes or longer treks. Trekking poles can reduce the effect to ankles and knees by way of as a great deal as 30%. Whether or not trekking for a day or every week, this pair will assist your staying power and stability. Snatch a pair nowadays and hit the path the following day!

product info

long lasting metal flip lock mechanism

the ultimate aspect you want to have a pole breaks even as you are on the trail.

whether you’re an occasional hiker or want to do a go-usa hike, those poles can keep up!

a reachable equipment that is prepared to head when you are

smooth to apply

extremely compact and incredible light-weight

trekology trek-z cork poles may be collapsed down to fifteen inches (38 cm) to fit your backpack or suitcase. Period adjustment in your need, starting from forty three” to 51″.

pole duration specifications

  • 38 cm (15 inches) – collapsed
  • one hundred thirty cm (51 inches) – absolutely prolonged
  • 8 reviews for 0C18Y7NYI62417 Trekking poles collapsible nordic trekking pole pair – trek-z cork deal with 2pc ultralight folding on foot sticks, light-weight aluminum 7075 foldable trekking stick for trail seniors guys ladies

    1. PapiDoc

      I bought these trekking poles for my wife. They seem generally well-built and durability, but I have two problems with them. One is that the plastic adjustment piece for the hand strap doesn’t stay put in its slot…it keep popping out. The more important issue for me, though, is that my wife is 5′ 3″ tall, and these poles don’t adjust enough to allow for a good fit for someone of her height. At their lowest adjustment, they still leave her arms at an upward angle, instead of the recommended 90 degree bend. She says she’ll still use them, but it would be good if there was a broader adjustment range, as I’m sure there are many women who fall into the same height category as my wife.Read more

    2. BSAdad

      Great poles that pack away smartly and are simple to put together when you need them.Have already used them on a couple of hikes and wouldn’t think of going distances without poles to help you ascend (by using your arms and shoulders to help pull you up) and descending as the poles take the weight off your knees.Poles are particularly useful in water crossings when trying to maintain balance while rock hopping or walking across a fallen tree.Have been leading Scouts in to the woods for going on 14 years so I have seen my share of equipment. You can spend a lot more on poles but not sure why you would as these are a solid choice.Read more

    3. Blustrk

      Back and knee issues make walking for exercise a daunting prospect. Even brief use of any kind of cane device throws my back out. Now using just one Trekking Pole as a steadying device enables me to go the distance smartly for exercise or walking the dog without staggering and slouching. Helpful also as a gentle occasional reminder (just a touch) to the dog to curb her exuberance ;-).Read more

    4. M. Surya

      Received two different hand grip styles in one set, one rough cork, the other smooth cork. Not sure if it would impact the trek. But it is aesthetically annoying. Everything else came fine.Read more

    5. syrmpls

      I bought these to use as trekking poles and to use as the pole in a lightweight trekking pole tent which is a common kind of 1-2 person lightweight tent that relies on a trekking pole to stay up rather than carrying separate tentpoles. My tent requires approx 125cm of height. This trekking pole is advertised as 130cm.As you can see in the pictures these trekking poles are clearly NOT 130cm long at full extension. Just FYI 130cm = just over 51 inches. I compared this trekking pole to another pole I already owned that is correctly sized. The three photos show the following:1. Trekology trekking pole side by side with my other trekking pole and a tape measure.2. picture shows the Trekology pole is extended to the mark indicating 130cm. You can also see from the first picture that the Trekolog is properly assembled.3. Third picture shows that when extended to the indicated 130cm mark that the Trekology pole is at most 44 inches long which is at most 112cm (approximately). You can do the math yourself. 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters. Google it. This is not fake news.So – in addition to other negative reviews just remember that these Trekology poles are NOT as advertised at 130cm long. I will be returning and seeking a replacement. Pity – otherwise I like the design (very compact when collapsed) and the price.Read more

    6. Luanna

      I am disappointed in that although it seems the product is a good quality item, the product was sent to me as new even though it was obvious they had been used as they came to me complete with mud on the foot pads from the previous owner. Also, in repacking, product documentation was not included with the poles and therefore, it remains unclear to me what the additional, included extra materials are used for.Read more

    7. Nature Photographer

      Theses are a nice set of poles for people who don’t want to spend a lot on day hiking gear. I purchased these for my day hiking backpack to be used for hiking and with emergency tarp setups–always carry in day pack when not being used.A little heavier than carbon fiber versions, but seem to be more sturdy because of the stronger (better) aircraft aluminum used (rather than the weaker aircraft aluminum). The rubber slip-on tips can come off due to the attachment design, so I secured mine with some black Gorilla tape–looks fine/nice and adds minimal weight. Pleased with the purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again if needed.Read more

    8. SMWV

      These were a gift for my husband. He has only used them on a few times on short day hikes only lasting a few hours. The pole tips keep coming off. I bought Trekology replacement tips, which I would think should stay in place, but they don’t. My husband is now thinking about glueing them in place to save money. This will make it difficult to utilize other tips, and to replace worn tips when the time comes. I really wish I had purchased poles through a different vendor.Read more

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