0C18X9IK3A8129 Women’s classic quick wintry weather boot (five-eleven us)

(8 customer reviews)


  • rubber sole
  • ◕‿◕ suede upper & fake shearling lining
  • ◕‿◕ sole cloth: anti-slip rubber outsole with super grip and waterproof performance.
  • ◕‿◕ a put on-everywhere cloth cabinet critical, the traditional short boots is a ought to-have in any woman’s shoe rack.
  • ◕‿◕ the classic boots is an icon of informal fashion, pair well with practically whatever – strive a flowy floral dress, a silk slip, or free boyfriend denims and a velvet pinnacle.
  • ◕‿◕ this winter snow boots are ideal for each everywhere in the house and outside consolation. No extra bloodless toes, you may assume this snow boots to preserve your toes heat, dry and feeling exceptional!
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5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Chestnut, Black, Coffee, Grey

8 reviews for 0C18X9IK3A8129 Women’s classic quick wintry weather boot (five-eleven us)

  1. SKR

    Seriously folks – where are you wearing these “gems” for any extended period of time? You get what you pay for (these are cheap). I’m too lazy to return, so I will wear in/out of yoga for now. While the cost of Uggs have seemingly gotten out of control, I now have a better appreciation of their product. Go waste your money elsewhere – these boots cannot be healthy for your feet’s well being.Read more

  2. L. K. H.

    Pros: They are warm. Easy to slip on and off. They seem sturdy and should last awhile. They are cute and are what is shown in the picture. I am a size 9 and they fit perfectly. I am using them for feeding horses and chickens in the morning, when I just don’t want to put on socks and boots, just a quick trip out in my boots and pj’s, something to keep my feet warm and dry, so I didn’t want anything fancy that will inevitable get destroyed, these are worth the $20 I paid for the ease and quick comfort.Cons: There is no support in these, no cushion on the bottom, if you have foot problems and plan on wearing these for any amount of time I do not recommend it, but if they are just a quick boot to put on to get the mail, drop the kids at school, be warm around the house, feed the chickens kind of boot then they work for this.Read more

  3. Amy

    Pretty great for the price! They are comfy and look nice! The quality can’t compare to a way more expensive boot, but that is to be expected. For the cost, I will be wearing the hell out of them!I knocked a star off because I have a 7.5 size foot and I ordered an 8. My foot is almost fitting the end of the shoe, so the sizing is off. I would be able to wear a thick sock and touch the end.Read more

  4. Eileen

    Returning these boots. You get what you pay for. Very stiff making it hard to put on. The opening is too wide and misshapened. I could see all sorts of things falling in to them. Im glad that they are loved by so many others; just not for me!!!Read more

  5. B. Annette Shumway

    I like the style and thought my daughter would too. The left boot had red hard glue stuck to the inside liner material in multiple spots. To the point it would have to be cut out with scissors. Also, she put them on and immediately complained that the left shoe heel area was loose. She said if felt like a different size and it immediately began to rub on her heel as she walked. I had her take them off to inspect them and noticed that while they are both size 41, the left boot is wallowed out and swollen in size in the heel area. The right shoe is nice and tight. They look defective or used. Also they came in a cardboard box that had a printed message inside that basically said they were repackaged due to the originally packaging being damaged in transit. I highly doubt that. They were probably shipped in massive gaylord boxes by the thousand pairs from China and then thrown in some generic boxes for shipping. Thoroughly discouraged with this purchase. They are going back.Read more

  6. JaysFan

    These are great, especially for the price! I’ve owned several pairs of uggs in the past, and these are pretty much the same thing. Not sure why someone commented that these are a “podiatrist’s nightmare” and you’re better off going with uggs. I guess that person has never tried on any fashion boot before. These have the same amount of minimal support as any of those, but actually… barefoot is supposed to be a healthier way for us to walk anyway. Shoes have disturbed our bodies and our alignment. I love how easily these slip on, and how spacious and comfy they are. I also love the price! I normally wear a size 7.5 or 8 in most shoes. I used to get a smaller size in real uggs because they squish down over time and become huge. I purchased my normal size (8) in these and I’m loving them so far. I did wear them with thin socks for a full day, and so far so good! I’d buy again in more colors and might get another pair to keep as slippers. These are great for taking the dogs out first thing in the morning.Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    I wear a 10 – I ordered an 11 the fit is pretty good – these are 21.00 dollar shoes so u get what u pay for they cover ur feet and ankles if u are concerned add an insole (I did). These are intermediate shoes until I get back to my uggs so for the 2 weeks I need them THEY WORK!!Read more

  8. KT BN

    First, let me say that I’ve bought lots of inexpensive Ugg knockoffs like these as slippers to wear around the house, never out of the house. I also have numerous pairs of actual Uggs, so I know the difference and certainly wasn’t expecting them to measure up to a boot of that price point. For the extremely low cost, you can buy all kinds of colors. In this case, I bought these in an 8 for my mother, who’s a 7.5 but they were too small. I’m a 6.5/7 and they’re still very snug on me – I used a boot horn to get them on. I’m going to keep them and hopefully they’ll stretch a bit with use. I would’ve given them another overall star for sheer bang for the buck if they fit true to size as advertised.Read more

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