0C18WZARA6R359 3 wheeled scooter for youngsters – stand & cruise infant/infants toy folding kick scooters w/adjustable peak, anti-slip deck, flashing wheel lights, for boys/girls 2-12 year antique – hurtle hurfs42p (pink)

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  • ⚡️ amusing kiddie exercising – a 2-in-1 present that demanding situations conventional scooting in a manner this is more a laugh. The detachable flip-out seat and foot pad permits your toddler to scoot sitting or standing up.
  • ⚡️ light-weight and portable – carry it to the playground or to a nearby park readily. This compact scooter is mild enough to carry, suits within the trunk of a car, and pretty easy to store.
  • ⚡️ energy sparkling wheels – little ones are enamored through the led mild-up wheel era. The flash of rainbow shades is each an interesting appeal to youngsters and a lift to protection and security.
  • ⚡️ adjustable smooth-grip handlebar – the manage height offers three adjustments. The tilt-to-steer technology lets leaning, as opposed to turning, to govern the trip, for better stability and coordination.
  • ⚡️ safe, strong and easy – extra-huge deck to deal with both toes. Ready with 120mm/80mm wheels, 2 at the the front and a couple of mixed on the back, which glide smoothly even on bumpy surfaces.
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lengthy-lasting, super clean gliding wheels

with its light-weight layout and lean to influence, it makes driving a scooter amusing and clean for children to play with.

easy maneuvering lean-to-steer technology

the 3-wheeled scooter has shrewd gravity guidance and automated balance reset to provide quiet and easy riding.

convenient fold-out infant consolation seat

turn-out seat which kids can use while cruising along with the built-in footpad. It can be indifferent after they sense greater assured standing up.

anti-slip extensive floor foot-base deck

extensive deck for youngsters locations both ft on it, clean for little youngsters to hop on and off.

product description

seat ability: forty five lbs.


Blue, Graffiti, Pink, Purple, Real Tree, Teal Blue, Watermelon

8 reviews for 0C18WZARA6R359 3 wheeled scooter for youngsters – stand & cruise infant/infants toy folding kick scooters w/adjustable peak, anti-slip deck, flashing wheel lights, for boys/girls 2-12 year antique – hurtle hurfs42p (pink)

  1. Lacy Yarrow

    So easy to use. Both my kids love it and use it! For more amazon finds follow my IG @misslacyjeanRead more

  2. Elly

    The 3 Wheeled Scooter for Kids – 2-in-1 Sit/Stand Child Toddlers Toy Kick Scooters w/Flip-Out Seat by Hurtle is great!I got this scooter for my nearly four year old daughter and it’s been a hit!The assembly is almost non-existent as all you need to do is slide the handle into place. Once the handle is in place it isn’t easy to remove. You shouldn’t be removing the handle once it’s installed anyways. Note a small tool is included for tightening screws on scooter as needed in the future.The two-in-one style is great. My little one is still learning how to use a scooter while standing up and maneuver/turning while going. You have to use your weight to propel the turn correctly. Sometimes it can be frustrating to her and when this happens she can still enjoy it in the sitting position.The scooter is well made. There’s no rough edges! The wheels light up in rainbow lights when you make the scooter go which is really cool!It’s pretty easy to take the scooter from standing to sitting position. It’s also not difficult for an adult to adjust the handlebar for the height of the child.Though this doesn’t fold up flat, it takes up very little space in our storage area and in bringing along in the car.I love the value as this scooter can be used from age 1-14 give or take. Recommended!Read more

  3. jenny

    Update – Never received the free helmet that was offered as a voucher with the scooter.Contacted customer service who responded quickly and resolved the issue.Great customer service.Item has great adjustable height. Wheels light up. Good size and weight for my 6 yer old child who has Special needs. We had an issue with steering at since you can not manipulate it by handlebars. The rider must shift their body weight to guide the scooter to their desired destination. Unfortunately this is something a child who has gross motor delay and who can not easily bear weight to maneuver a turn makes it challenging therefor this particular scooter is not a good fit for us at this time.I have since passed the scooter down to my “neurotypical” son who has mastered the steering through body shifting . It takes some getting used to.Read more


    My daughter and son absolutely enjoy riding their new scooters. Purchased one in pink and the other in blue. Quality and price are more than fair. Vendor is very pleasant and professional. A helmet is included with each purchase as well even though not stated, received letter, which makes it a pleasant surprise. What a great deal! . Highly recommend this vendor to all Amazonians and his products for your children’s fun and smiles. Your kids will be happy and thank you immensely 😊Read more

  5. Nate

    I looked through at least a dozen different scooters and what sold me on this was first how slick it looked and then drilled down to practicality. What I mean is, the wheels where bigger than others for more stability and it had a place for the toddler to put their feet when coasting/rolling which many others did not. It also has a seat that pulls down AND is adjustable in height which the handle bars are adjustable too. It is a very versatile scooter that my 2.5 year old loves. Highly recommend this. Great price and solid materials. Not chincy/cheap at all.Read more

  6. MissMJW

    Easy assembling, my son loves it.Wish it could turn properly, it’s the way in was constructed.Yes 2 wheels in the front makes them more stable for little ones, but the turning is not easy.Read more

  7. SilverStar

    Ordered on August 30, Received promptly on Sept 1 as promised. Opened this morning, Sept 2. Easy to assemble. Our 2 year old granddaughter was excited to see it. She started riding it in the house. She’s waiting to go outside but we wanted to register it first. We will update with additional feedback after a week or so.Sept 6My granddaughter is really enjoying the scooter.Read more


    I purchased this item as a birthday gift for my grandson. He told me “Mima this is AWESOME!”.Once put together the scooter was awesome. I love the color, the seat and especially the lighted wheels. My grandson really loves this item. This is a great product.Read more

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