0C18WO5WOK3817 Qumy dog footwear for medium large breed dogs boots rugged non slip with reflective tape puppy booties

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  • numerous sizes: size 2: 2. Five”x1. 7″(l*w) for 18-27 lbs; length three: 2. 6″x1. 9″(l*w) for 23-33 lbs; size four: 2. 7″x2. 1″(l*w) for 31-forty lbs; length 5: 2. Eight”x2. 3″(l*w) for forty-55 lbs; length 6: 3. 0″x2. 6″(l*w) for 52-65 lbs; size 7: 3. 2″x2. 8″(l*w) for 63-75 lbs; size eight: three. 4″x3. Zero”(l*w) for 74-88 lbs)
  • high excellent: rugged sole and excessive pleasant fabrics that are, then sewn collectively to ensure they’re geared up in your journey.
  • comfy: tender and breathable to paws, effectively protect canine claws from warmness, stones, glass, snow, ice, salt, etc.
  • convenient: dog boots continues paws dry, heat and easy. No greater wiping muddy or sandy paws after the rain or snow.
  • adjustable and comfy: easy to place on / off. Those dog footwear expands with a extensive break up seam commencing and two adjustable and reflective straps to make sure a tight in shape, additionally make your dog visible at night.
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size 2: 2.5"x1.7"(L*W) for 18-27 lbs, size 3: 2.6"x1.9"(L*W) for 23-33 lbs, size 4: 2.7"x2.1"(L*W) for 31-40 lbs, size 5: 2.8"x2.3"(L*W) for 40-55 lbs, size 6: 3.0"x2.6"(L*W) for 52-65 lbs, size 7: 3.2"x2.8"(L*W) for 63-75 lbs, size 8: 3.4"x3.0"(L*W) for 74-88 lbs


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7 reviews for 0C18WO5WOK3817 Qumy dog footwear for medium large breed dogs boots rugged non slip with reflective tape puppy booties

  1. Iris M. Escribano Nieves

    My pup has overall sensitive skin & paws, and does pull hard and uses a lot of traction, for this reason and because we live in FL, is easy for her to injure her paws. I first purchased a pair from PetsMart, and they were horrible! They didn’t stay in place, and as the bottom was flat, it looked like my dog was wearing clown shoes. It was ridiculous.Then, based on reviews, I decided to try this instead, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! They don’t only stay in place, but they are comfy for her. She doesn’t seem to dislike them at all and acts like nothing is happening. Her paws even healed faster by wearing these! Their shape fits the natural shape of a paw. It’s design just makes sense. Even the double strap system and light reflector for walking in the dark, is brilliant! The best dog purchase ever!Read more

  2. bornbredtex

    Just took a moderate hike in the phoenix mountains and they worked like a charm. bought the size 6 for a 70lb german shepherd. I was worried about two things-1. she would simply not take to them. but surprisingly no issues whatsoever. she knew something was different but just went about her day.2. they would not stay on during the hike. just as we started the back boot fell off but that was my error, they needed to be really secure and I had it on poorly. after that they worked perfectly, the hike was very rocky, uneven terrain with some exposure to cactus. did they work? they had to be better than her pads hitting that really rough surface so I was quite pleased.lastly, they simply look cool. every person we passed could not get over her boots. clearly not why you should buy them but I thought I would throw that in.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I’m overall happy with my purchase. They were delivered and a timely manner and the boots seem to be of good, sturdy quality. I was able to slip these on my 80-lbs German Shepherd within minimal adjustment time (but I think you could chalk that one up to the intelligence of the breed).I initially purchased these as we live in cold and snowy Wisconsin where it’s common to get several inches within a matter of hours. While German Shepherds do tend to like the snow and can generally handle it well, my boy seems to get it packed between his pads fairly quickly. And since we live in an urban area, the rock ice people throw on the sidewalks and streets only compounds the sensitivity to his paws. I thought these would be a great solution to let him walk, run, and play longer but after only a 10 minute walk I’ve realized the snow tends to pack down inside of the boots as soon as he steps in anything more than a couple inches deep.While I think this boot could have some good uses when we walk on gravel park trails and go hiking through particularly rocky settings, I don’t think this is going to serve the purpose I intended. I think it would be better to find a product that acts more like pants that will slip part-way or all the way up his legs while acting as a waterproof barrier to keep the cold stuff out. Not sure if they make such a product but I’m going to keep looking.Read more

  4. Victoria

    These boots do the job and protect my Pomsky’s paws from gross Manhattan streets! However, if you’ve got a very energetic dog that likes to run around like crazy, it might get a little rough because they might slide off no matter how tight you make them. I started using socks with grips, the boots stopped slipping off and I noticed my dog being more comfortable! Also, I’m not sure if it’s water-resistant since after the first rain his socks got extremely wet, but overall I’m happy with because it does the job. I would recommend getting it a size bigger, I measured my dogs paws precisely and got him “his” size. However, he started getting blisters after the first walk, so I re-ordered a bigger size (size 4). It fit him a lot better and it’s been a few days and I haven’t noticed any blisters.P.S. appreciated the instruction that comes with it, please read it!Read more

  5. Magic

    Purchased set of Size 8 boots for my Doberman Pincher to protect her feet from the cactus spine leftovers after having had some major cactus plants removed from a house I moved into recently. I found that the size 8 boots were too large for her hind feet so I ordered a set of size 7 boots and created 2 sets of boots. Granted she is a dog that has worn boots many times before, she took off running in them immediately. When she returned inside the house she went to her dog bed and lay down as if to say these are Keepers! ( The normal routine is for her to come back inside and jump on the couch so that I can remove her boots).Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    I was really hesitant to buy these, and took a chance. What I have learned is that these boots are the best thing ever invented for my dog. I live in the desert, so you can imagine how hot the ground is, especially during the summer time. I feel very comfortable taking my dog just about anywhere now because of these boots. It took him about 30 minutes to become comfortable in them, so don’t give up when the walks funny at first. We used lots of treats and positive reinforcement, and followed the training guidelines provided with the boots. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone who walks their dog regularly on asphalt or rocks, As these boots completely make for a better walking experience.Read more

  7. Kat D.

    The pup and I relocated to Colorado, and while we had some shabby boots for our Chicago winters, it looked like we were going to need to upgrade for winter in our new home.I measured her paws on a piece of paper, and found almost an exact size for her measurements. She was in between a bit, so I went to the larger size.Today was our first day trying these out, and it’s safe to say they were worth every penny.It took a couple tries to get them to stay on, but after some tightening she’s running around the dog park and they’re hanging tight.It took a little adjustment for her, and I would suggest not taking your pup near stairs till they’re used to walking in the boots as she had a little slip on a small stair.Other than that, these boots are great, and she’s happy for the extra time outside in the snow now that she’s not hopping on there legs trying to keep her paws warm.Read more

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