0C18W796L0T775 Crampons, stainless steel ice traction cleats for snow boots and footwear, safe guard grips for trekking fishing on foot mountain climbing etc.

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  • make certain this fits
  • via getting into your model quantity.
  • 【upgraded model of 24 spikes 】excessive nice stainless-steel spikes:abrasion-resistant 24 multi-directional more suitable chrome steel spikes. Welding chain stronger,with extra sturdy spikes. High energy stainless steel spikes presents amazing traction on a selection of icy surfaces. Strategic placement of spikes ensures same distribution of weight for lengthy-lasting comfort and sturdiness
  • 【reduce damage】cover is made with the aid of silicone,no longer the overall tpr rubber,particularly elastic and might not tear or snap. Tested to remain bendy to -70degrees f,complete-sole coverage with cleats on heel and forefoot preserve traction thru your ordinary stride. Competitive cleats and treads save you slips and falls on ice,snow,and wet pavement
  • 【greater secure and durabl】the link of this crampon use welding chain and extra more potent stainless-steel chain. This ice traction cleat would come up with greater confident even as on foot on the ice or snow. These ice cleats would not rust and could extra firm and durable
  • 【smooth to put on and bring effortlessly 】proprietary silicone affords a bendy,light-weight,all-day traction solution. They fit without problems and securely over your own footwear or boots and fold small enough to preserve in a %,or on your vehicle
  • 【what’s going to we get with the crampons?】 1 pair upgraded stainless-steel 24 spikes crampons, 1 pair straps for fixing, and 1 bag for wearing. The crampons can be folded into the garage bag connected and very conveniently to carry. Perfect for travel, sports activities and different outdoor sports

from the manufacturer


shade:black / orange

function:anti slip

material:stainless steel and tpe

footwear kind: trekking and sports footwear,boots,fishing boots,and so forth.

interest: l+ size is identical to xl size

why does anyone pick wirezoll traction cleats?

why does every body select wirezoll traction cleats?

24 stainless steel spikes with welding generation.

made from thermoplastic elastomer, clean to put on/off.

pocket size&lightweight, may be put into small bag protected.

appropriate for all people, healthy on numerous kinds of shoes and boots.

strap over the shoes maintains the ice cleats solidly attached.

interest: l+ length is identical to xl size

  • how to use?
  • toes into the signal of front
  • stretched to the heel,may be constant
  • the the front of twine and toe cap need to preserve a line
  • use the strap to hold the ice cleats solidly connected to shoes
  • functions of wirezoll ice cleats

    the stepped forward joint performs a solid role between the chain and the tpe.

    the heavy responsibility spikes assist you walk with self assurance on any terrain.

    the strengthened chain device ensures long-term best overall performance.

    the noticeably stretchy tpe cloth affords easy putting on/off enjoy.


    Medium, L+ / XL, Large



    6 reviews for 0C18W796L0T775 Crampons, stainless steel ice traction cleats for snow boots and footwear, safe guard grips for trekking fishing on foot mountain climbing etc.

    1. @AnnasGottaCrochet

      I live in Colorado, or COLDorado as we call it. Snow begins in late November or early December and doesn’t clear until at least March or April. During those months we go between snowing and freezing every day so ice or snow are a constant. I can’t just stay indoors for months on end, I have to feed my chickens, bunnies, and barn cats, and walk on slippery ice to get to and from my vehicle. At my age the last thing I need is to fall and break a hip or an arm.So I bought these cleats for my snow boots. When they arrived I found no instructuins for putting them on, but it was easy to tell which end was the toe end, so I just slipped the toe of my boot in that area and while holding the boot between my knees I stretched the black rubber out over the back end of my boot. It stretched easy enough for my arthritic hands to handle it. And it fit very snug. They don’t shift around at all.The sizing chart showed this size to fit on size 9 women’s boots, which is what I have, and they fit perfectly.I will not be taking these on and off with each trip to the car, because that would be a messy job with the way I have to hold the boot to get them on. I just change out of my cleated boots when I get in my car. For my trips out to tend to my critters or for other outdoor activities I just put the cleated boots on at the door and take them off when I come inside.They are comfortable, not unbalancing to walk on indoors or on non ice surfaces, although I wouldn’t walk on my wood floors with them because the points on the cleats are quite sharp. I don’t know that I would jog in them like was mentioned, but walking on ice feels quite secure.Side note, there were two little straps that look like key fob holders that were included. I have no idea what they are for since there were no instructions included. If I were taking these on and off often, like at my car, I might wrap the straps around the back end of the rubber to assist in putting the cleats on without getting quite so dirty in doing so, but I have no idea if that is their intended purpose.I give them 5 stars for their performance, fit, and easy of use. I deduct one star for zero instructions. Would I recommend them to friends? You bet! I am even buying a second set for my husband.Read more

    2. James M.

      Zoom in on the picture. The construction of the chain links, their thickness and finish, the size and depth of the pointed steel, all impressed me. Chains are attached to a very rubbery, stretchy, looks to me like silicone, heavy duty expanding upper ring, again very robust. I took a fall carrying my little dog on a sloped, icy, muddy hillside in my yard the previous winter, and was determined to not have that happen again, hence my purchase of these for off-road dog walking. I have used them just one time this winter to date. The ground had melted snow patches, frozen ice patches, and areas of grass showing through, all in +/- freezing temperatures, yielding that mixture of solid coverage. The spikes are a perfect match for this type of ground. I put them on my size 13 Wolverine Hikers, the XL was a snug but correct size to order for my boot. The seller enclosed straps, hook & loop style, to tighten the orange bands should they be loose on the shoe in use, but for me this was not necessary. My trip around the yard in conditions just described, going up and down hills gave me total confidence. I made the right decision. I am very happy with the fit and performance in icy, off-road conditions.Read more

    3. Bob and Martha

      The crampons were easy to get on and stayed secure for our entire 7 mile hike along a snow and ice covered trail. We passed a number of hikers using snowshoes – boots with these crampons were a much more efficient option. Traction is great, highly recommend.Read more

    4. Brian Weber

      This is a very good quality pair of ice cleats. They will give you grip on any ice nature can throw at you. I gave them a 4 star as I think they are a bit snug to put on. I ordered a pair of XL for my size 13 pac boots. They do fit well, but I had to stretch them alittle more than I feel I should have.Read more

    5. PsychicAuthor

      After the first couple of uses my hubby was really happy about these boot crampons (ice cleats) as they gave him great traction when he had to take our dogs out to potty. It has been a particularly icy winter and so he has gotten to use them several times, HOWEVER, on one of the crampons the wires broke two times and he had to repair them with a piece of old wire coat hanger. The other crampon had a wire come loose and he had to repair that one. So although he is still using them, we do not feel that a customer should have to pay for any item, then use it for its intended purpose, and THEN start repairing it after only one month of use, and THEN CONTINUE to repair it during the second month of use! I have an old pair (different seller, they are rubber with steel teeth, cost much less) that I have used for 9 years with no breakage!Read more

    6. Jason S

      Bought these (one for me, one for my wife) before a long weekend in Vail in early November. Did two hikes – Hanging Lake and Booth Falls. There had been a snow storm the week before, but warm temps afterwards meaning melt and re-freeze cycles. We were hiking at between 7000 and 9000 feet so we ended up going up thru snow and trails that were essentially sheets of ice. Once these were put on, we had absolutely no trouble ascending or descending on the snow, ice, and mud. The only place we experienced issues it locations where it was just bare stone. At that point it’s like walking on ice skates on tile – no traction at all.When putting them on you do need to be a bit careful that you don’t get kinks in the chains as they’ll cause the fit to be odd. There are no instructions in the package, so I had to look at pictures on Amazon to figure out how to use the velcro straps. We did experience that they seemed to get a little loose when going downhill, but a quick tug at the heel got everything tightened back up. Have not seen any rusting issues after rinsing and air drying.We weren’t the fastest people on the trail on the ascent and there were people moving without crampons, but we’re pretty new to hiking and they still seemed to slip around a bit. On the descent though, we may have been the fastest.Read more

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