0C18UCKUIYM370 Guys’s swiftwater wave turn sandals

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  • a hundred % synthetic
  • imported
  • artificial sole
  • lightweight, sporty and adventurous: the swiftwater wave turn flops and sandals for men are all about comfort and functionality. The sporty and minimal design allows you to move through lifestyles rapidly.
  • water footwear: these water footwear for guys are water-pleasant and designed to channel water away. Those water footwear for men are superb for rocky seashores or mucky lake bottoms.
  • what length need to i buy?: those shoes provide a comfy fit and we recommend ordering a length right down to the subsequent largest whole size.
  • cozy on foot footwear: from water rest to land exploration, these turn flops for guys are flexible and fabricated from croslite cloth for iconic crocs comfort.
  • superior traction: the sporty layout consists of flex grooves on the outsoles for accelerated traction. These activity-inspired crocs for men will preserve up thru all your adventures.

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7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


Black/Slate Grey, Espresso/Walnut, Mossy Oak Camo, Navy/Slate Grey, Khaki, Juniper/Tan

8 reviews for 0C18UCKUIYM370 Guys’s swiftwater wave turn sandals

  1. Dortman

    I hate flip flops. As their name suggests, they typically flip and flop all over your foot, and eventually fall off. Typically, while you are walking. Perhaps, I am inept, but I regularly trip when wearing flip flops. It has been decades since I have owned a pair. These Crocs flip flops, however, are a totally different story. They stay on my feet, are comfortable to wear all day, and are almost indestructible. I am VERY pleased.Read more

  2. M. Walton

    This is junk. I keep thinking I’m getting old enough that I don’t care how I look and can get a “comfortable” flip flop and be ok with it. I’m not ok with it – and it’s not comfortable. The footbed is flat. Seriously? It’s freaking 2020 for lords sake and we can’t even get an ergonomic footbed?! That’s not much to ask for. The whole flip flop is made of plastic. Seriously. I mean, that sounded great at first from the description for kayaking and water sports, but these are crap. Oh heck I’m sure they’re waterproof, because they’re plastic – they’re not fancy, or comfortable, and they run large and wide. I felt like I had a flipper on. If you want a flip flop for the water that is actually nice looking, ergonomic, comfortable, and pretty fly – check out the Sanuk H20 Tripper. That’s the shizzle, yo yoRead more

  3. J.T.M. Point Place

    Like the title says not as good as my 1st pair which were the best flip flops I ever owned. So my first pair of Crocs toe strap broke loose from the sole after 10 years and they have been discontinued. I’ve bought four different Crocs flip flops looking for a replacement. Unfortunately none live up to their predecessor So to be fair these are way better than any cheapo $2 flip flops from the big box discount stores. I wear size 12M and I bought size 12 which fit OK. I would concur with the description that if you wear a half size to go down (as in buy 10 if you wear 10-1/2 ). So the reason I give three stars is because these nor any of the four different ones I bought are as good or comfortable as the ones they are replacing. The straps on these are a harder rubber and the back edge sort digs into my skin a bit, not terrible but not good. Also, the way the straps are molded and/or fit causes my heel to fall on the edge of the sole towards the inside, not off the edge but not centered and always feel like they’re coming off.Read more

  4. Api

    These Crocs are nothing like what you’d expect. I’m a female with fairly wide feet who bought these men’s relaxed fit shoes and my foot is almost hanging over the side. Ridiculous. These flip flops are super hard. My feet and especially heels go numb just sitting down and wearing them! My old Crocs used to alleviate the pain in my feet and they were so comfortable that I would wear those around the house as opposed to being barefoot because it just felt better to have my feet in those shoes. On the flip side these shoes are so hard that these are strictly for wearing around the house. They are simply not comfortable enough to wear outside or walk around even for 15 minutes. The only reason why I haven’t returned these shoes is because I already wore them. Do yourself a favor and get something else. I would honestly look for another brand because the shoes they used to have before were amazing and lasted me for more than four years but they don’t make them anymore so I’d be looking elsewhere.Read more

  5. KT

    This arrived fast. This was purchased as a gift. It was very well received too,….given its popular Crocs comfort , new Veil camo print, & a great price point. I can not yet comment on the quality and durability of this particular pair of swift water wave flip flops. But due to the fact they are listed as “shower shoes” it will be interesting to see if they hold up as well as your typical tried and true croc sandal styles. There are some feature differences… comparatively. How the thong strap secures into the bottom of the shoe, and how the inner soul also does not come from one molded design, but rather pieces that are seamed or glued together too. * the seaming on one of the flops appeared not to be flush or fitted as well as the other. So, with that said, it will be interesting to see how long these last. But at this low price point, and being described as shower shoes, I cant really expect too much. SO far…so good …great first impressions. And they made for a very nice gift.Read more

  6. Angela Parisi

    I bought these for my fisherman boyfriend hoping they’d be good on the boat and keep his feet from stinking like they do in the Walmart cheapos. Well he couldn’t wear them long enough to find out because the damn near need to seek medical attention blister that these gave him on one foot, just one foot (btw, I read that review about this exact thing and kept going) rendered these absolute garbage. Apparently the straps are made of plastic, hard rubber and shards of glass. Mix that with walking around a fishing boat and salt water… blisters so deep you can see bone. So I guess if you have fat feet that won’t move around in these, you might be okay. You narrow footed people, beware.Read more

  7. SkyPig

    The strap which goes over the foot is attached differently on these flip flops, and is contact my foot in a much different place than the straps of my other Crocs flips. After wearing them a short amount of time, I started to develop a blister on the side of my foot from one of the straps. This has never happened with any other flip. Your fit may vary, but I’m not as pleased as I want to be.Read more

  8. Brian Kadar

    I was looking for a cheaper pair of sandals to wear around the house. I am either barefoot or in my sandals outside, unless there is snow on the ground. These were a great fit. They are comfortable and clean easy. Let me give you an example – I, like an idiot, continued to spray my cabinets doors while in my sandals. So, I basically got them covered in white primer. I had socks on, but came out to check on the doors, and sprayed some touch ups. No problem. I cleaned them about 2 hours later in hot soap and water. They cleaned up with some elbow grease. The bottoms were peppered with primer, but they came off just fine over a week with contact with the ground. Great sandals, easy to clean material, comfortable, and fit as expected. I would definitely recommend these.Read more

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