0C18TRR790W442 Flashtek light-weight snowshoes for guys women kids, aluminum terrain snow footwear for hiking and heel raise riser for mountain climbing with trekking poles and carrying tote bag

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  • by using getting into your version wide variety.
  • sizes & weight capability: 21 inches snowshoes optimized weight range: 65 – a hundred and fifty five lbs / 30 – 70 kg;25 inches snowshoes optimized weight variety: 110 – 220 lbs / 50 – one hundred kg; 30 inches snowshoes optimized weight variety: 150 – 260 lbs / 70 – a hundred and twenty kg. (load refers to overall weight of person plus some thing they’re sporting together with p. C., equipment, and so forth.)
  • layout & description: status atop the collection, the snowshoes are packed with capabilities to address your favored wintry weather hikes, with the light-weight, smooth-striding layout, consolation of the tpu binding with speedy lock & loosen machine and self assurance of superior aft traction, to take you to the tree line and beyond
  • heel carry riser: on steep climbs, calf muscular tissues tire quickly and traction decreases whilst your foot fits the slope angle. The heel carry riser eases fatigue and ties without delay into advanced aft traction for grip.
  • mild weight substances: flashtek use durable light-weight 6000 series aircraft aluminum frame. Durable uv resistant hdpe decking. Heavy responsibility metallic crampons. Meet max floatation and rapid movement in heavy snow condition.
  • snowshoe tote bag & hiking poles: adjustable hiking poles and a zippered snowshoe tote bag for clean carrying and garage.

product description

our upgraded honeycomb collection snowshoes is back with a new design plus heel elevate device. Ideal curved aluminum head with a systematic upwards angles, very bright below the daylight. It’s more secure for you taking walks or going for walks at the snow. Placed it on, you may be the focus of people!

our speedy ratchet buckles binding to get you in and out of the shoe in seconds. On steep climbs, calf muscular tissues tire speedy and traction decreases when your foot fits the slope perspective. The heel elevate riser eases fatigue and ties without delay into advanced aft traction for grip.

tempered steel toe crampons offer increased traction and grip to the snow, meet max floatation and rapid movement in heavy snow circumstance.

as an amazing partner of snowshoes, our adjustable hiking poles help you to move more speedy and stable on the thick snow, we mainly furnished one pair of snow baskets to ensure you have a very good experience all through trekking.




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7 reviews for 0C18TRR790W442 Flashtek light-weight snowshoes for guys women kids, aluminum terrain snow footwear for hiking and heel raise riser for mountain climbing with trekking poles and carrying tote bag

  1. The Comedian

    I took these snowshoes out within two days of receiving them. We had six feet of new snow in the northern Sierras and I thought it was the perfect time to test these babies. My rescue K9 and I went on a ten-mile round trip and I had no problems with them. I carried a 45-pound pack the entire time. The straps never loosened up, on the three trades over 30 degrees I tried the heal lifts and they worked fine. After the trip, I had some scratches on the frame but no damage. My shoes did develop a small divot where the straps were crossing the shoe top but no serious damage to my shoes. I liked them some much, I recommended them to my son who is on the same Search and REscue team with me and he loves them too.Read more

  2. Ashley Chapman

    Purchased these less than a year ago and I’ve only used them two times traveling less than a a few miles on easy terrain. The rivets connecting the pivot point to the decking gave out while I was snowshoeing in to a yurt. I had to trek back to the main lodge with just my snow boots (not fun) and was lucky that the lodge had a pair they could loan me so my yurt adventure wasn’t totally ruined. These snowshoes are cheaply made. Sadly I would not recommended them.Read more

  3. Amazing

    Have now used them twice. After 1.5 hours use the binding fell apart 10 minutes into our outing. While treking through the snow a strap, bolt and nut came off unbeknownst to me. With the snowshoe flopping loose I thought the binding needed to be tightened. Nope, the whole left side of snowshoe came unfastened from the frame. Very bad quality! Bought 2 pair for me and my wife. Also the poles for both of us keep coming loose not matter how much you screw them down (tighten).We went 2 months without snow so by the time they fell apart my return period had elapsed by 4 days, ugh!Emailed D&E Galleria (seller) about the problem. Their solution was to buy another pair and they would offer me a discount……hmmm, lets see bad quality, bad customer service……sure sounds like a good idea, ughJUNK WITH NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!!!Read more

  4. AJ Schafer

    I bought these to replace a set of Tubbs that I’ve worn out over the last 10 years in anticipation of a trip to Drummond Island in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; There is about 2½’ of snow on the trails. I am wearing a pair of size 13 Sorel Conquests [pictured] and the combo is amazing!These are VERY easy to adjust, size, and dial in on the first attempt! I never had to readjust a strap once in over 3 miles, which I find a common practice with other shoes, and the ratcheting clasps make it a painless breeze.The crampons are grippy on ice; When we went through the parking lot to the trailhead, I intentionally walked over 15′ of black ice to test them without a slip.I weigh 185 lbs and am 5’10. I’m carrying a pack of about 20lbs. I purchased the 25″ in white, and although these shoes kept me more buoyant than others, I found I was sinking more than I like… but that’s an error on my part [@ 205 lbs, I’m right at the max for 25″ on their chart] and may exchange these for the 30s- I’ll finish the trip first then decide.These shoes are very lightweight and yet seem durable enough for hundreds of miles. The only part that could be a little more heavy duty is the kick-up heel support for inclines; It collapsed on me at one point, and I fear with repetition it could weaken the “cam” feature that holds it in place. But the support still proved very helpful on inclines compared to models without! I just wish there was more to it- a little more width and bulk for support perhaps, with a more semi-permanent means to stay put.The poles have two telescoping sections, each with graduated markings [in cm] corresponding to height I believe. I simply adjusted mine so my elbows were at natural angles. Only once did one of the sections collapse… I readjusted it and tightened it further [both sections tighten by turn] and never had another issue.Bottom line: these snowshoes, with all their high-end features, are one of the biggest value-for-the-price items I’ve come across on Amazon.Read more

  5. Biddygoat

    I received my 25″ purple snow shoes and was able to use them 4 times this year. The shipping was very slow, so I missed some great opportunity this year. I would have given a higher rating, if the manufacture sent an actual detailed adjustment and use guide. Once you figure everything out, the shoes are great. I am hoping the plastic bindings stay strong without breaking over repeated use. I am concerned the back heel strap is thinner than the other two straps. The length is also longer than needed and the extra length is difficult to secure beyond the midpoint of the heel. I do a lot of hikes and will plan to wear a pack. The pack and the Kamik boots will certainly add to my snow shoe’s weight. I recommend you think about this when sizing your own selection. I did have difficulties figuring out my poles and they did collapse during very cold trips out in heavy snow in the woods. I have had fun through the initial challenges with these shoes and will review further with more use. If you plan to transport these shoes then put a towel in your vehicle for these to drip onto.Read more

  6. Leroy

    I ordered these (30”) before Christmas and took them out in the snow a few days later.They supported my weight pretty well (I am currently 6’5” 213# l, and kitted out for winter fun I am probably ~225 lb). I sank enough in powder that I questioned my choice to buy the 30” model. Maybe I should have gone larger.The main reservation I have about these is the quality and durability of the bindings and fasteners. In particular, there is just a very thin looking strap that goes behind your heel, and the latch doesn’t look very secure at all. I will be surprised if these last for very much use.They are about 1/3 cheaper than the ll bean set I outgrew, but there is no comparison in terms of quality of design and materials for the bindings and fasteners.Read more

  7. Emily N.

    Doesn’t come with instructions, but very easy to use. So many great YouTube videos and online guides as an intro to snowshoeing. Poles extend in two ways(where is says open and close, twist and pull then repeat same at the bottom of the pole to extend the height beyond 135cm) to accommodate taller snowshoers.Read more

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