0C18TNY4EXL644 Guys’s fashionable graffiti personality sneakers

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  • rubber sole
  • size attention: authentic to size ! Advocate ordering common shoe size, half size up for customer’s with very huge toes.
  • look active and complete of persona with the high-quality fashion of the graffiti fashion sneaker.
  • slip on layout with shoelaces gives a secure healthy and comfort,padding for the duration of tongue and collar for delivered comfort.
  • long lasting rubber outsole provide top rate cushioning and stable comfort healthy so that you are usually geared up for the following session.
  • being extraordinarily flexible, the sneaker may be dressed up or down, taken to the gym or worn for kicking round.

product description


3, 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 9, 9.5, 10, 11, 12, 13


A_red, Black/Blue, Flame Blue, Flame White, Mid-top Blackred, Mid-top Blue, Mid-top White, White, W_all White, Flame Red, Mid-top Red, Spider Red, W_black White, All Black, Black, High Top Red, High Top Woven Black/Grey, High Top Woven Black/Red, High Top Woven White, Black/Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Spider Blue, Mid-top Orange, High Top Black, High Top Beige, Black/Gold, High Top All White, Mid-top Darkblue, W_all Black, High Top Allred, High Top Blue, White/Green

7 reviews for 0C18TNY4EXL644 Guys’s fashionable graffiti personality sneakers

  1. Steve & Kelly Reynolds

    I did not buy these to use, I bought them as a backup pair of cheap trainers/sneakers or tennis shoes for a Disney vacation.As you may know, Disney requires a lot of walking in a hot environment where it is almost guaranteed to rain. So you need some lightweight shoes that are comfortable and you need some backups for when your expensive shoes get wet.That is where these shoes came into play. I always wear the shoes a couple of weeks prior to going to break them in, trust me it is a smart thing to do. I got these dayglow shoes and thought these are light as a feather but really loud! By loud I mean super bright. I almost sent them back but I put them on and tried them out. I was really surprised to find them really comfortable! I really thought they would become uncomfortable because they were so cheap but they just got more comfortable as they broke in. I actually decided to make them my primary shoefor the week! I wore these for 8 days and averaged 15 miles a day in them and loved it!Another odd thing I didn’t expect was all the compliments I received from complete strangers. A few even asked for the information on where to order them from! I thought they were joking with me but one guy actually ordered them while we were in line for a ride!They held up perfectly and kept my feet happy. I am actually going to be ordering another pair in another color that isn’t as bright for maybe a more casual occasion.Give these a try, they are way better than you can imagine especially at the price.Read more

  2. George Lynch

    $36 internet shoes??? I didn’t have high expectations. Then when my mailman crammed them in my mailbox because they were packaged in a bag instead of a box I was really expecting the worse only to open them and be pleasantly surprised. Not only were they in great condition but they fit really well and were pretty comfortable (for a $30 pair of shoes). If they are reasonably long lasting, I will be purchasing them again.Read more

  3. Happy B.

    Green is my favorite color and this was as close as I could get. I also like bright colors so these shoes were it! They are very comfortable and have great support. I wear them 14 hrs a day because I’m an ER Nurse. I have had several compliments every shift from co-workers and patients! I’m proud and glad to be wearing these on my shifts. I recommend these shoes if you want to wear comfort and enjoy walking around!Read more

  4. Jessica R. Cartier

    I can honestly say I am surprised by these shoes. I never buy clothing wear or shoes off the internet with fear of things being too cheaply made or weird sizing, but these shoes… oh man, they are incredibly comfortable. I’m on my feet at least 12 to 13 hour days in a kitchen and they are amazing! Slips on and the fabric is so nice. I read all the reviews and they all said they ran small so I played it safe and got a size bigger. I usually wear a 9.5 in mens so I went 10.5 and they fit perfectly. Not sure how long they will last for wear and tear though, so we will see but even so; My kids want a pair as now! They are cool looking and unique from other shoes you would normally find anywhere else. The price is good, The fit is good, they look good and they are comfy. Highly recommend them!Read more

  5. Deb McNulty

    Gave these to my super picky 74yr old Dad for Fathers Day and he LOVES them!!! He’s a size 13 so it’s hard to find cool shoes for him. He says they’re comfortable too and it’s extra nice to see him smile because they’re “flashy” in a good way. Dads need to sparkle too ❤️He’ll be turning heads at the Soccer Park On Sunday’s.Read more

  6. Nicole Latham

    First of all, Id like to give a shout out to the sender, i bought these shoes Friday Morning, and they showed up Monday (expected delivery date was Thursday) so kudos to the sender!I bought these shoes for my son. I’m not gonna lie when I saw these online I expected them to be poorly made and just a cheap fix until I could find something more durable for him.When this package arrived it was in my mailbox. So my expectations dropped even further seeing they didnt have a box. But when I opened it up, i saw it was wrapped in plastic. I gave them the ‘mom inspection’ and I am happy I made this purchase. The material is more durable then it looks i expected it to be thin but it doesnt feel like it’ll be dainty like most “breathable” shoes. I am also impressed with the sole and insole of the shoe I expected it to just he cheaply made material. But the sole is rubber which really made me happy because son is so hard on shoes.The shoes are a slide on shoe with laces, so kot ypur traditional shoe, so a plus for kids!These shoes fit exactly as i expected. My son is in a mens size 7, so i got him a 7.5 to give him alittle room for that unexpected growth spurt. It fits exactly as I hoped it would.Over all I’d recommend these shoes to anyone and i will be buy more in the future.Read more

  7. Tiffany

    I ended up buying these shoes for my dad before our outdoor family trip that we took to Big Bear. He needed a new pair of sneakers that weren’t too pricey, but would be decent for walking and hiking. I found these and was a little iffy about purchasing them on-line, especially as they weren’t for me, but the moment I opened the box and saw the shoes, I knew that they would be perfect for what he needed them to do.I believe I ordered these in size 11, which was slightly larger than my dad’s normal 10 1/2, but they fit perfectly after he pulled on his thicker socks. The quality is really good for a no-name branded shoe. The rubber soles and faux leather are super sleek and look high-quality. The shoes are a high-top, so they go higher up than the usual pair of athletic shoes. This actually worked out great because it helped keep his feet warm and protected when we went kayaking. The soles have good grip as well – he commented that he might even be taking them with him when he plays badminton. And the fact that these are all black and look stylish, that’s a huge plus!Read more

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