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  • handy and portable for on-the-move use or throughout hiking and camping tours
  • one hundred% natural maple syrup
  • us grade a darkish with robust flavor
  • view our web website online for certifications and recipe ideas
  • use as a sweet addition to enhance any meal or snacking experience
  • components: pure natural maple syrup

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character maple syrup electricity gels

with it’s only component being natural organic maple syrup pure gas is easy on touchy stomachs. It has a thin consistency so it is straightforward to swallow and it tastes high-quality!

carbohydrates in natural maple syrup come from a aggregate of fructose and glucose, which permits for higher oxidation fee. Pure maple syrup has a glycemic index of fifty four. That level allows prevent “hitting the wall” at some point of exercises and races.

pure maple syrup is one in every of 6 anti-inflammatory foods you ought to be ingesting. “scientists have recognized greater than sixty seven specific plant compounds, or polyphenols, nine of that are specific to pure maple syrup, couple that with all the hint minerals which can be obviously found in actual maple syrup, and you’ve got a dietary power supply that is all herbal.

  • zinc . 3mg/ pouch
  • potassium 90mg/ pouch
  • manganese . 9 mg/ pouch
  • riboflavin (b2) . 51mg/pouch
  • over 60 recognized antioxidants
  • apply it to the move

    these are amazing whilst you are worried approximately all of the greater chemicals from artificial sweeteners, however you continue to need to dine out. With a small profile, these are super to hold for your vehicle, pocket, or handbag when you need them. You can use them to feature a hint of herbal sweetness to something that is ideal but might be wonderful with a hint of maple. Pass in advance, be the envy within the eating place along with your very own maple glazed burger.

    use it at the campsite

    a lot of us have camped out handiest to find a mess in our % in which one of the jugs didn’t seal tight. Now you could have your camp cakes with maple syrup and no longer need to worry approximately the bottle earlier than or after.

    use it on your coffee

    espresso doesn’t sweeten itself. Who wouldn’t need an genuine maple latte rather than a maple flavored latte? No artificial flavor = no synthetic taste!

    use it while your worn-out

    in case you need a touch more energy, whether or not it is to get you through the next mile or thru the personnel meeting, we’re right here for you. With the natural combination of sucrose and fructose, it’ll energize you with out the unexpected drop on the give up.

    at the restaurant

    at the trail

    on your espresso

    on your work out

    product description

    now in a handy single serve bundle. This grade a organic darkish syrup has a superbly balanced taste that is best as a topping for pancakes, waffles, french toast, ice cream or as a glaze for meat. Taken into consideration table grade syrup, its no longer too strong and no longer too susceptible, providing simply the proper quantity of that natural maple taste. Considering it’s far licensed organic you can be confident that no chemical compounds or insecticides are used on or around the timber and tree protection and fitness are taken into consideration through imposing tapping guidelines for the producer and their timber. The anderson own family’s ninety s of revel in, the imsis of purity and the usdas organic certificates will make certain you’re getting a great product.


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