0C18SXGGMZK295 Fiddle ficus plant meals improves leaves and branches timber and house plants treatment with the aid of aquatic arts

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  • feed your ficus: includes micronutrients for fiddle leaf fig trees. These indoor flowers want nutrients, further to mild and water to sell healthy increase and save you brown spots on leaves
  • long-lasting: dilute one teaspoon of liquid fertilizer with 2 cups of water. An 8oz bottle should last 6 months to 1 year per ficus tree
  • three-1-2 npk fig tree fertilizer ratio: this is the best ratio for healthy boom in your ficus. Our herbal components is safe to apply every watering with no hazard of burning your plant whilst used well
  • uncooked nutrients: nitrogen (n) promotes increase of recent leaves, phosphorus (p) is a root stimulator, assisting in root boom and may heal root rot, and potassium (okay) helps your fickle ficus grow healthful
  • in particular formulated for ficus: may be used to feed: ficus lyrata, ficus audrey, ficus religiosa, ficus elastica, ficus benjamina (weeping fig), alli, olympian or kadota fig tree, and benghalensis
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nitrogen promotes brilliant inexperienced leaves. Mess around leaf figs are recognised for their beautiful foliage, and our fertilizer will assist them shine.

phosphorus stimulates wholesome root growth and enables heal root rot. Root rot can be as a result of over-watering or a lack of air float around plant roots; our fertilizer can repair preceding mistakes.

potassium allows make flowers grow fast. Potted ficus plants want additional nutrients similarly to sunlight and water to promote wholesome boom.

effective ratio for all ficus vegetation. Can be used on rubber flora, weeping fig, creeping fig, and many extra.

product description

mess around leaf figs are a famous and commonplace houseplant. They’re prized for his or her lovely darkish inexperienced foliage, and might make an decorative decoration in your own home, workplace, or patio lawn. Aquatic arts fiddle leaf fig meals is the first-rate preference to help your fiddle leaf fig grow huge and wholesome! Potted vegetation require extra nutrients to be introduced to their soil to assist them thrive. Whilst there are numerous other products in the marketplace, our pure gentle components and 3-1-2 npk ratio make this fig leaf fertilizer a high choice to assist your plant develop massive and tall. There are 3 key elements in the fitness of your home plant: 1. Light: mess around leaf figs will thrive in vibrant daylight, when you have a south going through window or display screen on your workplace or residing area, this is the excellent place in your ficus tree. 2. Water: you ought to water your fiddle leaf with approximately 2 cups of water every week. While the pinnacle 1-three inches of soil experience dry it’s time to water. In case you water too frequently, the potting soil becomes saturated which could bring about root rot and bacterial infections on your plant. Planting your ficus in a pot with a drainage hole is also key. You may additionally region the planter pot inside a ornamental container. 3. Food: your mess around leaf fig needs vitamins to sell wholesome and hardy boom. Our mess around fig tree fertilizer is formulated with a three-1-2 npk ratio which is ideal for mess around leaf figs and different ficus plants. When nicely diluted our fertilizer is mild enough for use whenever you water, without a risk of burning. How to use: upload 1 teaspoon of our fiddle leaf fig fertilizer to two cups of water, and water your ficus plant approximately once per week for most beneficial growth. Liquid fertilizer disperses quickly, correcting dietary deficiencies plenty quicker than granular fertilizers.


8 oz, 16 oz

8 reviews for 0C18SXGGMZK295 Fiddle ficus plant meals improves leaves and branches timber and house plants treatment with the aid of aquatic arts

  1. Shane

    I’ve used this product before and it was clear , blue tinted. This shipment is milky , but I didn’t think anything of it. One dose killed my mature healthy plant. Devastated.Read more

  2. Aileen

    I guess this could be a good product if you use it properly.I water my 5ft fiddle leaf fig tree once a week and it has been healthy. I wanted to boost it a little bit to grow bigger before autumn so I bought the 3-1-2 fertilizer which is said to be the best ratio formula for fiddle leaf fig trees. The product directions say that “this formula is gentle enough to use with every watering for most fiddle leaf fig trees.” So I started to use it with my routine watering. After the first usage of this fertilizer, my tree looked great. The leaves became shiny green and the whole plant looked healthy and energetic. But after the second usage, my tree started to get drooping leaves and look unhealthy (see picture). Then I realized that I might’ve over-fertilized it. I feel sorry for my fiddle-leaf-fig tree. Hopefully, she can recover from this.So start with a smaller dose for good results.Read more

  3. Sean

    I have BLACK thumbs. I have killed air plants and succulents. This product is amazing. I can’t believe how my fiddle faddle whatever it’s called is flourishing. Thank you!!!Read more

  4. Max

    This is my new 7 ft tall fig adoptee I’m nursing back to health. I just received the fertilizer today, I will be updating biweekly on the status of both my fiddles. I also mixed in some of this fertilizer into some fiddle propagation I had recently started. So far just after a few hours after watering the leafs perked up.May 26 2029 Update:So only after a few weeks my fiddle leaf propagations are already beginning to sprout roots. With all my other FLF propagations without using this fertilizer it would’ve took in over a month to show what it showing in just a few weeks. My 7 foot tree is also doing well. I decided to fertilize it about once a month but so far after the first fertilization the leaves look super shiny and healthier.Read more

  5. Kamil

    Works well but there are cheaper alternatives thall do the same. Also it went from $8.95when I bought it a few weeks ago to $14+…wthRead more

  6. Ariel

    I purchased a fiddle leaf fig and a rubber tree about two years ago. Both plants are indoors in a room with a north facing window with limited light. What light they do get is often filtered through fog. Regardless of regular watering and fertilization during the growing season, both plants seemed to have stunted growth, putting out new leaves at an achingly slow rate. I started to think that neither plant would be able to flourish in a room with such limited light, but then I heard about fertilizer specifically designed for ficuses and decided to give this a try.Both plants are still in the same room with limited light. After the first use the rubber tree had two new leaves. After the second use the fiddle leaf put out eight new leaves. The leaves look healthy and grow quickly. I dilute this into every other watering and will continue to do so until I have the large, leafy trees I desire.Read more

  7. Frampton3

    I have a rubber tree that was dropping leaves. I moved it to a sunnier spot in my house and was watering it more frequently and misting the leaves daily, and the leaves stopped dropping but it wasn’t producing any new growth. I bought this fertilizer and within a week a new leaf had grown. Now a couple weeks after starting to use this and I have my 3rd new leaf unfurling today. I use it whenever I water the plant, which is about once a week, depending on soil dryness. I used to be convinced I had a black thumb, even though I try so hard to keep plants alive. This fertilizer is changing that reputation!Update: I have also been using this on a fiddle leaf fig that I was about to give up on. It has dropped almost all of its leaves and I thought it was beyond hope. After one application of this fertilizer there hasn’t been any more leaves drop and now I have 2 new baby leaves growing in! I wish I would’ve tried this sooner!Read more

  8. Cruisin`Susan

    I’m happy to have found something to help my ficus tree that I’ve had for nearly 20 years. So far, I’ve given the tree 1 dose and it appears to be loosing less leaves than before. Very pleased with the fast shipping of this product too.Read more

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