0C18SQZ000W736 Hcpet canine footwear water-resistant boots for medium to big dogs with reflective velcro rugged anti-slip sole, pet boots warm paw protector length chart in photographs 4pcs

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  • ❤ 【size referance】: size4: 2. 5″*2. Zero”(l*w) for 30-42 lbs; size5: 2. 7″x2. 2″(l*w) for 40-fifty five lbs; size6: 2. 9″x2. 5″(l*w) for fifty two-sixty five lbs; size7: 3. 1″x2. 7″(l*w) for sixty three-seventy five lbs; size8: 3. 3″x2. Nine”(l*w) for seventy four-88 lbs). Please degree your pets toes earlier than ordering. Then select the proper length to shop for.
  • ❤ 【protection adjustable】: light-weight and handy, extensive break up seam top beginning, clean to place on / off, adjustable reflective velcro straps to make sure a good suit and also preserve canine secure at night.
  • ❤ 【comfort】: soft and breathable to paws, so permits the boots for use interior or exterior, warm and bloodless in moist and dry situations.
  • ❤ 【excessive exceptional】: our footwear have a sturdy rubber backside, water-proof cloth, excessive excellent cloth, sturdy, non-slip, put on-resistant, smooth and hand washer-friendly.
  • ❤ 【stylish】: canine boots are embroidered with lovely puppy paws, stylish and sturdy, this pair of pet shoes will permit your canine stands out some of the puppies.
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why do puppy puppies need to put on boots? Do you adore path walking with your canine? Dogs do not always look before they bounce, which is why we made these dog footwear. Perfectly crafted to offer your dog the closing safety even as not sacrificing mobility. This set of hcpet bendy pet boots will act as an amazing associate for them. Protect those paws no matter the season. Perhaps you live in a cold climate and your canine’s toes get freezing cold after they go outdoor? ★our hcpet canine shoes shield your canine’s paws from the freezing climate. ★hot summer season: guard the dog’s paws from being burnt in hot summer time. ★in residence: prevent puppies from scratching carpets or timber flooring. ★tough ground: difficult and anti-slip sole can provides stability and traction, make your dog stroll without difficulty on the tough ground. ★every day on foot: defend the dog’s paws towards hurt from stones, asphalt, grass and many others. Even as strolling. ★rainny day: these boots can hold the dog’s paws clean and dry on rainy days. ★night time on foot: those boots have velcro straps, tough to slide off, additionally make your dog secure at night time. For cleaning, the dog shoe are hand washable and dried obviously in the air. For garage please maintain the dog boots in a dry, darkish, and comparatively cool region. Warm be aware: breathable fabric isn’t a hundred% water-proof, please put on the footwear someplace dry. The way to measure your dog’s paws length: 1. Area the paw on a bit of paper and press down at the pinnacle, mimicking how the paw spreads whilst the canine is taking walks. 2. Mark the left and right sides at the paper and measure the gap among the marks. Three. The width of the paw need to be smaller than the boot size chart. ★ kindly interest: don’t worry whilst you puppy canine might enjoy some discomfort the first time he wears the pet shoes. You may help him with some easy training. Package deal inludes: one set dog boots: 4pcs


4, 5, 6, 7


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8 reviews for 0C18SQZ000W736 Hcpet canine footwear water-resistant boots for medium to big dogs with reflective velcro rugged anti-slip sole, pet boots warm paw protector length chart in photographs 4pcs

  1. Tech Maven

    These dog shoes seem to be well-constructed but the terrible design makes the product worthless. The sole is nice and rugged, but there’s so little material above the sole before the strap that there’s no bend above the sole. This makes the dog’s toes point straight out while in them, forcing the dog to walk on his toe nails. The material itself is not that stiff, but the straps being so close to the sole is what prevents the bend behind the sole. They’re so stiff, preventing toe bend, that the shoes can actually spin in place on my dog’s foot such that the soles end up on top of his toes.Read more

  2. Shawn

    Bought these shoes for my sons dog out in Washington state. Kilo is a Sheppard mixed with another large breed dog which I can’t remember right now, but I would say he is medium/large. He’s definitely not a smaller dog. We did the measurements based off the instructions on the ordering site and ordered the size 5.My son sent me a video of kilo first wearing the shoes. I don’t know when I laughed so hard. While the boots fit him perfectly, at first he struggled to walk normally without a high step, ‘marching’ type walk. LolHe has since gotten used to his shoes and loves them and wears them without any trouble. They seem to be holding up really well too and he has had them for 2 months now and wears them regularly. It can get very cold up there so I’m glad he has the shoes to protect his paws from the frigid temps.Read more

  3. H365

    These are adorable, and my dog can and will actually walk in them. The first time we tried them outside she happily ran in them, but lost two in the process. No subsequent losses, but It’s a little hard to tell if they are on perfectly- one had dislodged at the end of a walk and couldn’t have been comfortable half on and half off the sole. I expect they will be useful as the salting season continues. My dog doesn’t mind the snow, but does suffer from paw salt burn, so I only subject her to boots when that is a risk. The video is the first try-on, with her high-stepping initial gait.Read more

  4. Deb

    I have only used these boots with my dog on 2 ocassions so far. They seem to be of good quality. They kept my dog’s paws dry and warm. The sizing seems accurate. They fit snuggly on my dog’s feet, but you do have to watch that they don’t come off. My dog was simply walking when a boot came off. I don’t know if I didn’t get it on tight enough because that is the only time a boot has come off. However, my dog can easily get the boots off if I leave her alone or don’t watch her.Read more

  5. Kim Teklenburg

    They worked well for keeping the dogs paws from freezing during winter when it got to be in the double digits below zero. They also help when it is raining to keep her paws dry and mud free. She just does not like wearing them as it is not very often that we put them on her.Read more

  6. Kathryn H. Bryan

    These were not very easy to get on my dog even though she is patient and having the separate velcro wrap didn’t work for us. They came off and I must return them and try a different style.Read more

  7. Emily F.

    These boots are amazing. My dog has paw allergies and we often hike on rocky terrain and beaches that have oysters. The rubber bottoms keep his feet completely protected, and he sounds like a horse when he runs (which is hilarious) they fit really well, one fell off once and it was because I just didn’t tighten it enough. The back feet can twist sometimes but I’ve noticed it’s only when he does a sharp turn or is jumping a lot. We also get a ton of compliments and smiles when they see our big boy in bootiesRead more

  8. Amazon User

    Our dog didnt take too long to get used to there shoes. Easy to put on. Sizing chart was accurate.The only issue we had was when she was running and making hard turns. Somehow one shoe would flip upside down from the force of her turn.Read more

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