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each hiking enthusiast want a boot which can withstand something even as hold its integrity and fashion—that is why columbia made the newton ridge plus ii suede waterproof boot. It is designed with expert craftsmanship and advanced substances, making it the ultimate associate for rigorous days out on the path. Excessive first-class materials are first and foremost on columbia’s listing of necessities while designing and developing guys’s path and hiking shoes. Those boots integrate sturdiness and comfort seamlessly even as ultimate light-weight and stylish.

columbia’s signature era is what units us aside— it guarantees first-rate safety and prevention. This men’s hiking boot capabilities a suede and leather waterproof exterior to shield from trail to mountain variety; drizzle to downpour. The advanced high traction outsole works difficult to tread grip in every surroundings to prevent slipping, at the same time as the signature light-weight midsole affords lengthy-lasting comfort and superior cushioning for impact absorption and high electricity return. Responsive, supportive cushioning and notable-grippy rubber outsoles are geared and prepared for any distance and terrain: miles over rocks, grass, gravel, and roots. The aggregate of overall performance, sturdiness and style make this columbia newton ridge plus ii suede waterproof boot every guy’s hiking staple.

columbia gives our newton ridge plus ii suede waterproof boot in more than one colors and sizes. To make sure the dimensions you pick out is proper, please utilize our sizing chart.

columbia gives a huge range of out of doors performance shoes, outerwear, sportswear, and add-ons. Columbia merchandise are engineered using the satisfactory technologies and highest high-quality substances, supplying you with innovative products which can be practical but elegant and a super fee.


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Black/Black, Caramel/Blue Shadow, Cordovan/Squash, Curry/Red Jasper, Elk/Mountain Red, Light Brown/Red Velvet, Nori/Light Orange, Shark/Black, Ti Grey Steel/Rocket, Collegiate Navy/Voltage, Sage/Valencia, Twill/Nori, Collegiate Navy/Peatmoss, Hiker Green/Marsala Red, Ti Grey Steel/Blue Jay, Dark Brown/Cyber Purple, Mud/Sanguine, Shark, Mountain Red, Graphite/Royal, Dark Brown/Bright Copper, Collegiate Navy/Rusty, Tobacco, Lagoon, Peat Moss, Rusty, Nori/Dark Banana, Ti Titanium, Cousteau

7 reviews for 0C18SLZC7CG170 Guys’s newton ridge plus ii suede waterproof trekking shoe

  1. John

    I bought these boots for work as they were advertised as waterproof hiking boots. I work as a night watch person on a horse farm, where it is not unusual for me to walk 5 to 10 miles in an 11 hour shift each night five days a week. Initially, I found these boots to be quite comfortable and fit well but after a couple of weeks that was not the case. They broke down so quickly that they became extremely uncomfortable. They are by no means waterproof, I walk through many lanes, turnouts, paddocks and fields and if the grass is the least bit wet from rain or dew my feet are soaked in a matter of minutes. So if you’re looking for a waterproof hiking boot… do yourself a favor and look elsewhereRead more

  2. Gempic

    I found the boots lightweight and comfortable but the problem is they are not waterproof. I walk miles a day as a locator and I need waterproof boots when walking into wet areas. Just the other day, all of a sudden found my toes were wet after walking in tall wet grass. At first I thought my feet got wet from wicking down my wet jeans down into my boots but I soon realized only my toes were wet on both feet so there appears to be a problem where the tongue meets the boots. When I first put them on new I found them to be to tight to use foot pads. I thought I would break them in by wearing them around the house for a few days and they broke in nicely but I still found them to be a bit more tight for my liking around the stitched area around the foot arch. Not worth the money if they are not waterproof.Read more

  3. Honest&TrueToYou

    I had high hopes for these boots. They look cool and kept my feet nice and dry. I never had problems with slipping or water getting into the boot. Everything seemed perfect but then after about 3 weeks multiple issues started happening. The back of the heel was digging into my achilles/heel pretty hard to the point where i don’t even put them on anymore. It is very Whatever type of material they’re using for that is obviously too thin if it only lasted close to a month. Also, the shoe lace tabs near the high ankle are made of thin cheap aluminum and bend very easily. I had to take a pair of pliers several times to bend them back so i could actually fit the shoe lace in. If they made some simple improvements to this boot it would be great. Sadly i will not buy these again.Read more

  4. JGaines

    UPDATED REVIEWSo I’ve had these boots for 9 months now and have to lower the rating to 1 star due to their poor quality. As of today, the rubber on the toe of one boot chipped off and the other boot the toe is coming loose. Comfortable boots but not durable._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________I’m in the military in Afghanistan and my favorite pair of boots, Vasque Sundowner GTX, which are more than 15 years old and were resoled prior to deployment, failed me, the sole came off, I guess I used the wrong cobbler. Anyway, I needed boots for my deployment so I ordered a pair of Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II WP Hiking boots. This is my first pair of Columbia boots and I am extremely satisfied in the short term.First of all, it only took 9 days for them to reach me in AF, thanks Amazon. When I received them and put them on they felt great but I did get a little nervous because after wearing them for a little bit I started to feel a rubbing across the bridge of my toes when I walked. I wear Fox River Dry Maximum socks, which are great, with the boots and they make the boots fit perfectly snug. I wore them the rest of the day and the next morning when I put them on they fit perfectly, the rubbing was gone and they seem to have broken in in only a few hours. It is averaging 110-120 degrees where I am at and the boots are not hot at all.Recap: The boot size and width fit perfectly, the boots “broke in” in a matter of hours, they are not hot and seem durable. I would recommend this boot for size, comfort and style. I will update the review if they do not hold up well and they will be tested since all we have are rocks and dirt to walk on.I gave them a 4 star because I just received them and have no prior experience with Columbia.Read more

  5. jonathan stofer

    With people saying the sizes are inconsistent I was a little apprehensive about buying these boots.. I was surprised. I work in construction so I need a boot that has a tough sole and Can hold up with in dirt or water. These are the best of boat worlds. Comfort and stability. I was working on a downpour one day for ten hours and my toes stayed dry all day. The laces are long which is good to wrap around the ankle. Very good boot.One month update:These boots are water proof still, and dry out quickly in the rain. The hold up really well and the soles are tough. They are well supportive of my feet and even though one of the shoe laces broke, I am quite happy. I would buy them again.Read more

  6. s diaz

    Waited until retiring them to write this review. Split them at the body and sole seam. You’ll see I wore the hell out of the soles, gravel. Wont buy them again ONLY because I just try buy make different purchases. I mean the prices are pretty kool. Anyways purchased 6th of December 2018 they lasted me 10months. Live in NYC work in transportation but in, out and about in all weather. These boots went through snow and rain, lots of rain, power wash my vehicle and long hours up and down a gravel parking yard inspecting vehicles and mud, what I’m trying to say is they are a pretty darn good bang for the money. So yes not heavy and pretty damn confortable. Kept feet warm and dry, very water resistant, not now but back when. Laces original and gromets have held up perfectly! I just purchased a pair of Timberland White Ledge.Hope this review helps.Read more

  7. Chris

    I love these boots. They lasted me 7 months before the soles wore smooth about average for me. No tearing or delamination of the sole. Just bought my 2nd pair and did a 13 mile hike strait out of the box. Every other boot I’ve had in the past has destroyed my feet attempting such a feat. I’ll be buying another pair in 7 months….Read more

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